Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simple Pleasures Thursday

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a nice

I have decided to link up to Dayle
for "Simple Pleasures" Thursday.

One of my typical simple pleasures that
 I usually eat for breakfast every spring 
and summer, but I had forgotten about this
 year,until just this past week, is waffles
 with bananas, strawberries or peaches 
and whip cream. 

along with a great cup of coffee!

I use low fat frozen multigrain waffles
or freshly made belgian waffles at times,
 light or no fat whipped cream.

As you can see I mixed bananas and
 strawberries this time, and I also 
like to add pecans or walnuts as well.

It is a very nice heart healthy 
breakfast or snack.

I have been eating cereal with fruit 
until now..........

Are you hungry yet???

I was.... but I'm not now.........
cause I ate every last

I'm sorry this was cruel and unusual
 punishment, but if you have never tried 
it, hope you decide to try them, and they
 become one of your simple pleasures too!

Thanks for coming by..........
 love hearing from you!

Will be linking up to Dayle over
at a little of this and that too,
If you want to check out more
simple pleasures,

Blessings, Hugs,
and fruited waffle Love,

Bye Now!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my yummy for the tummy. I'll be preparing this for breakfast soon. I can just taste it...hmmm.

Til next time...
God bless you.

Sister Susie said...

They are good waffles! I've had blueberries on my too! It's a quick breakfast!
Love to you all,

Rebecca said...

Great idea. It's been a long time since I've heated up the waffle iron! They look delicious.

BECKY said...

Looks fabulous, Nellie! And I'm quite sure it was delish!!! Thanks for sharing with us! May have to make these this weekend!!
Love ya!

Christine said...

All you need is some Rapsberries and I would call it heaven on a plate.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh yum! That looks like dessert. My 12 year old would definitely love this but I don't have a waffle machine and stopped buying packaged products. For some reason, he just doesn't think my whole wheat pancakes are quite as good as waffles, but I bet if I gave him a bit of whipped cream he would be a happy camper. Have a great day! Tammy

Barb said...

Hi Nellie,
Your breakfast is as delightful to the eye as I'm sure it is to the taste buds. I think I'll dream about it tonight. Delicious!!
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Sarah (Nikki) said...

looks total yum.....a true simple pleasure!

Kathleen said...

Looks totally delicious to me!

Karen said...

Looks so delicious! What a great way to begin the day. Joining you at Simple Pleasures.

Debbie said...

YES! That was cruel and unusual punishment.
I now want some waffles.
WITH fruit.
And I want some whipped cream too.
If my pants don't fit after a few days, I'm blaming Nellie. LOL

Dayle said...

Here it is almost midnight and suddenly I have a craving for waffles that look just like the pictures. :) I am definitely going to be trying this wonderful breakfast.

marie said...

Oh my - what a yummy "Simple Pleasure"!!

Anonymous said...

Had the waffles before church this morning...delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Til next time...
God bless you.