Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Dee

(Roses for you, special delivery from Life Beautiful magazine)

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you are doing well.

Today I wanted to dedicate my
post to saying
Happy Birthday to Our 
Sweet Daughter, DeeAnna

Here are a few recent pics of her.
We were actually trying to get pics
of the bows on Rosie's ears,  but
captured these shots of her as well.

I love this shot!!  you need to click
on it to get the best affect,
these below are much better!!
and the include her other side
 kick, better known as her
 fiancee, Jerry

they were both good, so couldn't
just pick one!!  lol

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl,

We love you...........
 and are very proud of you !!

May your day be Special in
every way,  just like You!

Daddy and I wish you
 a Beautiful Life
Full of God's Amazing Grace!

See Ya Saturday............
Love and Blessings,


Sister Susie said...

I wished DeeAnna a Happy Birthday on Facebook! I almost said "Happy __th Birthday, but caught myself, ha! Some ladies don't like their age being told, lol!

Great pictures!
I love you all very much!

Patti said...

Happy birthday to DeeAnna!! Wishing her a day filled to overflowing with love and joy. Hope it's the beginning of a fabulous year.

By the way, great photos. She's a beauty...and they are a beautiful couple.


Jennifer said...

Happiest Birthday wishes!! Your daughter is so pretty - just love that hair!!

Beth said...

Dee is just beautiful! Her little dog is cute too as is her fiancee!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Happy Belated birthday to Dee. I did not realize that she shared a birthday with my 5 year old granddaughter Morgan.

She is a beautiful and I enjoyed seeing her financee and her puppy.

The flower photos are beautiful I love the first one the best.

Blessings to you

Anonymous said...

Guess what? Not only do our baby girls share a birthday, they have similar names...Deanna and Dana. Wow! Your daughter is lovely and she has a nice looking fiance. They make a beautiful couple. Happy belated birthday to Deanna.
Til next time...God bless all of you.