Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Manna - Stories of God's Goodness #1

Good Monday Morning to You
Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a delightful weekend.

Have to say our weekend was pretty delightful.....and 
even wrote about it but it was gonna make the post way
 too long,  so cut and pasted it for tomorrow..............

So stay tuned till tomorrow!!!

I wrote this last Tuesday,  July 26th, 2011.....

I just came from visiting Rebecca over at Life and Godliness,
and she shared a story that reminded me of a story of my own,
so decided to write about it for this Monday's Post.
If you would like to visit Rebecca too,  Click Here!

So here it is.....................

and remember this was in the days before cell phones,
and I have to say I am glad it was, and you will see
why as you read on.................

Years ago when my son Scott was about 5 yrs. old,
 and we didn't have my daughter, DeeAnna yet.....
 probably about 26 years ago......but I remember it like
 yesterday,  because it was such a neat experience.

Two of my friends and I volunteered to do the decorations
 for a Mother/daughter banquet for our church. So since we
 knew of this wholesale florist, that was open to the public,
and it was fairly close by,  about 30 mins .away from where
 we lived,  we had decided it would be fun thing to go there
 and see what they had, and maybe just get some fresh ideas.

So, we were all in agreement and very excited about
going there,  so we decided on a good day for all of us
to go, and we set off in my friends car,  and as we were
 driving  there and talking Ann said to us,  "don't let me 
forget to get some gas before we head home",  and we
 all agreed,  and went back to talking,  then we arrived at
 the wholesale florist,  looked around,  ohh'd and ahhh'd
got some great ideas, got some great things to work with,
 and had a delightfully marvelous time, as we all love seeing 
 and creating pretty things as well as decorating!
So we paid for our goodies, then headed for home.

As we were driving and talking in all of our excitement,
about our great finds,  we were planning  how we would 
do this and that and the other,  then all of the sudden,
 Ann said uh oh.... 
I think  I ran out of gas, as she was
 pulling over to the shoulder of the interstate highway, 
 right before an exit.  

Now we were all in shock and couldn't believe we had 
forgotten all about the gas, but mainly, we were all now 
worried because we all had young children that would be
 coming home from school,  and we were cutting it very 
close as it was...................

Ann, who was a  brand new believer said, guess, I will
 just get the gas can and walk up to that gas station, we 
all knew it that wasn't too far,  probably about a mile, but
 we also, intuitively knew it would take quite awhile to go
 and come.............. then the thought came to me, 
Why don't you pray first.........
so I said to my friends, let's pray first,
so we bowed our heads and I said something like "Lord, 
 you know we need to be home in time for our kids,  please
 help us",  and as we raised our heads from praying, a car that
 was going up the exit, starting backing down into the grass
 coming backwards towards us....  we never even had time
 to say anything to each other, it happened so quickly.

 The car backed up next to us, and a man rolled down his
 window,  as did my friend Vicki, who was sitting in the
 front passenger side, and the man said, 
" You outta gas?? "
and we all said " yes".........
So he said, " I will push you up the exit to the gas station,"
and we said " Oh, thank you so much",  with great amazement,
never thought of anything like that... and so he lined his car up
 with hers and away we went up the exit to the gas station,  but
when we got there,  Ann had looked at the gas pumps, and
 said, Oh,  No............ they don't have diesel !! 

By this time,  the man had disengaged from her car
and was now beside us again,  and guess he saw our
faces,  and said "What's wrong???"
we all said in unison, " they don't have diesel  and
her car takes diesel", 
 So he said, " I will push you across the street."
Now I have to admit this was getting funnier and
 more unbelieveable to us, by the minute, this being 
pushed all over the place in this manner........

So once again, he pushed her car to a station that was
 catty corner to the first station,  and as we reached the 
pumps, we saw that thankfully, 
they had diesel.
and the man again, disengaged his car and pulled up
 along side of us, and  guess he saw we were smiling,
 then simply said, " gotta go".................
and we hardly had time to thank him, and off he went.

Ann, got out of the car, put the gas in,  then got back in 
the car,  but when she tried to start the car...... would not start...................
so my friend Vicki,  laid her hand on the dashboard, 
 and said "Lord,  Please start the car, you know we
have to be home for our kids", 
and it started right we headed
for home,  and believe it or not..................
we were all home in time to get our kids!!

We can't explain it, but we know it was miraculous!

and it was sure a huge faith builder for all of us but, 
especially for our new christian friend, cause she
said I would have just walked on up to the gas 
station and got the gas, and been really late
 getting home.

Makes me think of that verse in James 4:2, that says
 you have not, because you don't ask God................
and there is more to the verse as well, but that is the
gist of it!!

and I wonder how many times things would turn out
so much better.... if we would just ask him to Help us!!

Oh and here is a part of the story I forgot about,

Then later that evening when Ann told her hubby
 the story,  he said not only was it amazing all that
happened to us, but it is amazing that the car 
started at all.............
because if you let a diesel go dry,  you would have
to do something special to the engine to get it to
restart and it might never start again!

So that was even further confirmation of our

and I have wondered many times if the driver
of that car might have been an angel sent
from the Lord to help us!  Especially since
he already seemed to know we were
 out of Gas!!!

Well,  Sweet Folks,
Tell me what you think of my
 true story........
and of God's goodness............

Have a Miraculous Monday!!

I am linking up to Richella
over at Imparting grace
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stories of God's amazing 
everyday graces just click here.

Love, Hugs
and Angelic Blessings to you,


Rebecca said...

Why should I say, "That's an amazing story?" Isn't it SO like our Heavenly Father? Thanks for letting us in on the joy of it -- and have a blessed week, Nellie. God can be counted on. He is an "EVER PRESENT" Help.

Poetic Soul said...

Great story, thank you for sharing and lifting us today

Bonnie said...

Nellie this is a great story and definitely a miracle! Love that. One time I was taking my Jenny (age 13) and going to Utah with some friends for Eduction Week at BYU. The woman we were driving with started to have car trouble out in the middle of nowhere. We were about 50 miles from any town. She pulled her van over to the side of the road and opened the hood. When it died completely we were all concerned. In the van were her elderly parents and lots of kids, it was a 12 passenger van. It was very hot out as it was in August in the desert. Not a good situation for sure.

She bowed her head to pray and then studying the engineer for a minute or two reached up and wiggled a wire of some kind. She then jumped in the van and the car started right up. Her faith saved the day and I know we were all praying silently along with her.

The Lord never ceases to amaze and reaffirm His love and promises to us. "Ask and Ye shall receive."

Love you sweet friend! I am glad to be back amongst all of my bloggy girls. ♥ B

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

What a story. I really love it when things turn out that way. Some things can only be explained by saying that someone else was in charge.

I love the new look around here!

Sister Susie said...

That surely does bring the miracles of GOD to mind! I didn't think about it until you mentioned yours!! I was about 15 when mom and dad went out in the boat beach combing in the Florida Keys. It was Saturday morning. Noon came, no mom and dad. "Okay, LORD, dad must be skin diving for fish." Afternoon came, no mom and dad. "LORD, if they have motor trouble, please fix it for them!" Evening came, no mom and dad! "LORD, I don't want to be by myself!" It was like the Bible verse popped right into my mind, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." It was 9:00 p.m. when dad backed the boat on the trailer into the yard! I was so overjoyed to see them I was in tears! What had happened? The tide had gone out and left their boat high and dry! They had to wait for it to come back in! Of course we had no cell phones in the 60's. I can say it had this 15 year old girl doing a whole lot of talking to my LORD! I have never ceased in talking His Ear off since, ha!
Love to you all,

Richella said...

Oh, my goodness. . . now that IS a story of God's grace imparted to you! What a faith-building experience. I wonder sometimes just how many times God intervenes on our behalf. May we all learn to pay attention and thank Him for His goodness!

Thanks for linking up to my party! Blessings, new friend!