Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Manna - Retelling a story from Beth Moore

Happy Monday to you Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a most enjoyable weekend.

The highlight of our weekend was celebrating my
daughter's Dee's birthday on Saturday, cause we all had
 such a great time!  Food was good, but the fellowship
was even better................
  Will probably post her birthday table on Tabletop
Tuesday or Tablescape Thursday this week,
So come back......if you would like to see it!!

I got the scare of my life this morning.............
I took our lil Chijuajua Grandaughter dog,  Rosie out to go
 potty this morning, and as soon as I opened the door she
took off running towards the side of the house so I started
running after her and scolding her to come back,  and all
of the sudden this huge and I mean huge Rottweiler ran out
of the woods by our shed barking, and surprised me so,
 I  sort of screamed from the shock, and he started
 barking in an even more threatening way.  He was just
 4-5 feet away from us, Rosie was a lil ways away from me
out in the open, I at least was by the grill, so I was terrified
the big dog was going to attack Rosie cause she is such a
peanut, then she runs at him, and as she did, I quickly
 scooped her up, ran as quickly as I could to the screened
 porch, and the dog ran back into the woods, so I ran in
on into the house. Then once we got in the house, I was
looking out the window to see where he went, and then
 here comes a big German Shepherd out of the woods
 in the same place and then the Rottweiler came right
 behind him.  I am so thankful they did not both run
out barking at us, at the same time!!

I have to say it took about 10 mins. to calm down,
but I soooo praise the Lord for his protection, and
making that dog run away from us.  Cause it was truly
 scary.................certainly got my adrenalin pumping is
all I can say,  and took my breathe away as well,
 but not in the nice way I usually mean that!!  lol

So anyway,  on with the Beth Moore Story......

I wanted to retell a story that Beth Moore told on the

 "Life Today Show" on Thursday, 8-18-11 while it is fresh
 in my mind.  It was such a poignant story and was so
 touched by it myself,  just thought everyone might like to
 hear it,  just hoping I can do it justice! 
 Cause I am not going to give all the previous details that
 she did,  but the major gist of it.

Beth and her husband Keith were in Angola, Africa, 
on a mission trip,  and they were staying in what she 
described and I would call,
 just your very basic necessities,  and a bathroom
with a swinging door, and no privacy.
For a number of reasons she decided to go down to
 the front desk, one of which was to use the restroom, so
 she could have some privacy.  As soon as she got into
 the restroom and thought "Oh, Praise the Lord, some
 privacy",  they had a Black Out, and it was pitch dark,
can't even see your hand in front of your face, dark.

  She said that happens all the time in rural Africa, and you
 just have to wait it out,  and you never know how long it 
will take for the power to come back on.  So she begins
 to feel her way around in the bathroom,  runs into the sink,
  then feels her way over to the light switch and tried it just in 
case, it might just be that room,  but No go,  then she feels
 her way over to the door and thinks as soon as she is
 out of there she will have some light.

Much to her chagrin as she open the door to go out
 it is the same utter she is in  the
 hallway,  but can still see nothing,  but she can hear whispering,
 but since she was in Africa she did not understand the language,
 and was beginning to feel fearful as to why they were whispering,
 then she hears heavy footsteps that sounded like a man coming 
her way...................she is now terrified and shaking as the steps
keep coming closer and closer,  so she is thinking I need to say
something, so she says something like I 'm here, I 'm here and
kept repeating it a few times,  and as the footsteps kept getting
closer and closer and she was getting more panicked, out of
the darkness, she heard her husband say, "Babe, it's me, I'm
coming to get you, just stay right there, I'm coming to get you!!
 and she said that was the Sweetest voice I had ever heard,
and I could not wait to get my hands on my man,  so I was
 stretching out my arms hoping to feel him in the darkness,
 and then he came and she said I clung onto him like there
 was no tomorrow, and then she said....................

That is what we need to do when we are in a dark place
spiritually, we should say to the Lord in our desperation........
 I'm here, I'm here..... please come and get me,

Then......we would feel His comforting presence because
if we look for other ways to comfort ourselves we will
miss out on the comfort of Christ!  I was so struck by
 that last sentence..............................

Makes you wonder how many times we miss out on
His comfort just because we don't think to cry out to HIM.

This of course, was my paraphrase of what I heard
on TV and don't know if it will carry the same impact 
as when I heard it, Beth is so descriptive and always
 better hearing about something, than reading it too.
  There is a possiblility you might be able to hear it too, 
 if you go to "Life Today Show" and click on watch 
Beth Moore,  and look for the August 17, 20ll show.
  I was gonna post it on my blog last week,  but could 
not get it to play the last part for some reason, which
is where this story was.....
 and I tried it a number of times, but no go,
 so just decided to write about it.
It could have something to do with the streaming on
our computer possibly.

Anyway,  Hope you have a
 Monday full of Manna.

Thanks for stopping by.............

and to all you Mom's who sent your Chickies back
to School today......put your feet up,  have a nice cup
of coffee or tea,  and read a magazine or book you enjoy
enjoy your day of silence.................
and if you were like is a bitter/sweet day,
you might shed a few tears cause you hate to see them
 go back school, yet you are looking forward to having
 a schedule again!!

Hope all the Chickies have a 
Wonderful New School Year!!

Blessings to All...................

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Rebecca said...

Glad you had such a happy celebration of your daughter's b'day, Nellie!

Sister Susie said...

Are those the same two dogs you say rest on your front lawn sometimes? You should report them. There is a leash law. Being aggressive would make it a warning flag the animal control would approach the owners about. Take pictures of them when they are on your lawn, to show that their owners are not being responsible. If the dogs continue to show up and are aggressive you should have some mace (the kind that dispences in a stream, not a mist)with you for emergency. Do you know the owners?

I surely enjoy DeeAnna's birthday party. The fish was delicious!! I can't wait for everyone to see your table setting. It was beautiful! I won't mention the beauty of it so all has to wait to see your post!!!

I love you all very much,

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love dogs, but when one I don't know is coming at me and barking...I am really scared to death. I don't blame you for being terrified and I'm so glad both you and the granddog are just fine.

I really enjoyed the shared a wonderful message.

Cinderella Moments said...

Oh my! I would have been terrified. I was out for a walk with my little Yorkie Lizzie(all 2 lbs of her) and this boxer charged us barking. I'm usually so scared of dogs, but the mommy instincts kicked in. I grabbed Lizzie and put her up high as far behind my back as I could and put myself in front of the boxer ready to fight. The boxer got to us and must have been so surprised with how little Lizzie was that he just sniffed and calmed down. Don't mess with my baby!! I guess I'm not as scared after all.
I love the story with the power outage. I don't think I could have handled the shared bathroom! LOL!
I'm glad you like the cottage.
I'll be back tomorrow!

CAS said...

This is such a sweet story.
:) CAS

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness, Nellie, don't things like that with dogs just scare you to death? That barking and and growling just does me in. I am so happy that you and Rosie are OK.

I loved the story about the lady in the bathroom in the black out. Very true how we do need to ask when we need help.

Sounds like Dee's birthday was great, as always. Susan mentioned it was great fun on my blog.

We just got home last night, I am beat! Am heading to bed just wanted to stop in and say Hi!

Love to you and Jimmy! B

Jess said...

Oh my, what a wonderful example of GOD's tender care and provision!
You did a great job describing Beth's experience and sharing it with us. I'm grateful that you and Rosie were safe as well.

Blessings to Y'All! ((HUGS))