Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mock chicken Salad and Pasta salad recipe

Happy Tuesday Sweet Peas...........

Hope you are having a good week, so far!!

Mine has been good and busy!!  lol  But a fun busy................
Am getting prepared for my daughter's birthday celebration
this coming Saturday,  then decided since she and Jerry
were already coming over tonight.... that I would just make
her an early more casual birthday dinner,  since it is just the
 night before her birthday and we want see her till Saturday.  

So I have been planning 2 tables and 2 meals, 2
 desserts, and shopping for gifts,  and making her a card,
  so it is all time consuming stuff,  but stuff that I love to do, 
 so it is energizing and fun to me,  I love thinking about and
 finding ways to make people feel special.  I think everyone
should feel special on their day,  and have to say we tend
to drag our birthday celebrations out for a week or almost
a week!!  lol

I actually did a simple woman's daybook yesterday morning,
and did the whole entire thing and  when I went to post a
picture at the bottom somehow lost the entire post,  and 
because I had too many other fish to fry thought..... oh well, 
guess I'll try again tomorrow!!  lol
A bit frustrating for sure, course, if that is the worst thing
I have to deal with... I am a blessed woman indeed!

Some of you wanted the
Mock  Chick-Fil-A, Chicken salad recipe
so thought I would post it today.
It really is good......................

I got the recipe at Food.com

*Denotes comments by lil ol'  me!!

2 large cooked chicken breasts (about 2 cups)
*(I typically, use rotisserie chicken,  but had a friend
 who had her husband grill the chicken and then made it 
into chicken salad, she said it was really good!)

1/3 cup of celery (about 2 stalks)

1/2 teaspoon of sugar (optional)
*(I didn't use that myself.)

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
*(I usually just do it to taste, with the salt
and pepper)

1/3 cup sweet pickle relish

1/2-2/3 cup mayonnaise (depends on how wet you
like your salad) * I try to make it heart healthy by
using Hellmans lite Mayonnaise

Toasted bread (wholewheat or thick texas toast are 
really good)  *We used toasted Arnolds Oatnut bread.


1. Pull apart the chicken into large chunks and either
cut it into small diced pieces or process in a mini
food processor. *(I actually leave mine in chunks,
small, not huge chunks)

2.  Place chicken in a large bowl and add all the 
remaining ingredients (except bread)

3.  Mix well.

4.  Toast your bread of choice and place salad in
between toasted bread and serve.

5.  You can also serve it in a lettuce cup with 
crackers for a little variety.

Hope you enjoy it!!

I will definitely be making it again really soon.

I made a wonderful pasta salad yesterday, for
dinner tonight,  that way it had more time to
season through,  if you think you might like
to try it click here.  For some reason you
will have to scroll down past the first post, and
 then you will see yummy pasta salad recipe.

 It is a really great dish for summer weather. 

Well Sweet Friends,  have  a lovely evening!

Thanks for stopping by...........

Love, Hugs and 
Mid Summer Blessings..............

Oh Yea..........I almost forgot!!

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Rebecca said...

Sounds delicious, Nellie. I'm going over to check out the pasta salad!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

I have a similar chicken salad receipe that is yummy but I am going to try yours. I need to go back and look at the pasta salad. Now I am getting hungry....LOL

Sounds like you have been a busy bee. So glad you enjoy what you do, you are a very thoughtful person.

I have a busy week a head with working and then my dil Sara and grandkids are arriving tonight and my son will be here Thursday night, They are staying until Sunday so that will keep me plenty busy.

Have a great week!
Blessings & Love

Sister Susie said...

Don't you just hate when you lose your entire post!! I've done that several times!! It makes me so "mad" I just get up, leave, and come back later when I have "cooled" off, ha!

Delicious recipe! I'm just now watching the cooking station and the rush they are put under to complete their recipes!

DeeAnna's birthday is tomorrow! I have her card for her birthday when I come Saturday!

Love to you all,