Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spring/Summer vignette in Living room

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how was your weekend
 and your Monday???

Getting ready for Father's Day??

That was part of my day today, thinking and praying
about what can I do for our guys table, so finally came
up with some good ideas, I think.  Already made a sign
for above the table, and collected some things up for
their centerpiece,  and pinned him down about what he 
wants to eat on Sunday, so that is half the process. lol

Had a long chit chat with my girl from Asheville yester
day, twice actually,  so that was nice. They are pretty
settled in at this point, but have some small things
that they are still working on.

I am waiting for a young man from our church that
we have known and be involved with for years to
 come and do a wind mitigation test on our roof,
since he is all grown up and the Father of 4, and
is a home inspecter now.  Just for your info, our
Home owner Ins. Co. told us if you have a wind
mitigation test you could say up to $4-500.00 on
your Insurance per year,  so since we have that
problem with our roof and all a few months ago
we decided it might be a good idea to have it
tested just as another verification.  Course, that
may only be in Florida,  don't know for sure.

Thought I would share a Spring Vignette you haven't
seen yet, will probably be my Summer one too!   lol
Accept I will have to change my letters cube that
you see below...........lol

I Do Love Spring
and I really really don't want to see her go, but she 
will arrive on Father's Day, like it or not, and
 because of my Hot Flashes Own Personal Summers,
 I have come to not like Summer so much, unless I can
be in Air conditioning at all times!!  lol

Will probably see less of my birdies too,  maybe,  if I 
decide to decorate the family room with a
Summer Coastal look............
which I probably will.  lol

This vignette started off like this,  until
I decorated the family room for Spring...

Then I decided I needed this pitcher and faux greener
in the family room as it was perfect for some shelves
in there,  so had to find some new items....

So decided on this mason jar and flowers.
since they matched the picture.  Didn't have a
blue mason jar so put some blue tissue paper
inside.  Just happened to have those same pink
Gerbera daisies (faux ones of course) and some
hydrangeas and greenery.  

Just stuck the flowers in and arranged my 
boggle cubes into a lil sign.  Didn't have any
E's or U's left,  so just had to go with LOV..........

with colored pencil affect

Tickled Pink you could stop by...........


Hope you have a Fabulous Day!!

Love,  Hugs and
 last of Spring Blessings to you!



Cassidy Adams said...

Hi Nellie! Love you tablescapes:) I am with you, it is so hot in NC right now...I hate to go outside! But Cam is loving the water so outside we will go:) Hope you have a blessed week!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Nellie, summer is coming but here it seems like we never had any winter or much of spring either. I know everyone in other parts of the country think that would be wonderful, but all of our plants are withering and they are asking neighbors to rat on each other if they see water being wasted. It's a mess and so hot right now. I love your idea of putting the blue tissue inside your jar. I really couldn't tell it wasn't really blue glass. Your arrangement and the picture match perfectly and are so pretty..Happy Thursday..Judy

Sister Susie Says said...

Pretty decorations! I love the birdies! Love you, Susan

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

I love spring too Nellie and birds in nests! Sweet vignette...hope you and yours have a wonderful Father's Day!

Walking on Sunshine said...

I do love spring also! The summer months are a bit too hot for me. Enjoyed your decorating as always!!! Hope you were able to save some money on your insurance rates with the inspection. Thanks for joining Foodie Friends Friday!

Hope you're doing okay! I'm sure you saw the photos by now of Olivia's wedding. We had such a wonderful time! But it was bittersweet with my dear sister-in-law passing that same day also. Such a mix of emotions! My brother is having a very hard time, so if you could remember him in your prayers that would be great. Michael is getting ready to head to college in August. He'll be going to Liberty University and Olivia and her hubby will be coming back up to PA soon. So life goes on and is busy, busy!