Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Outdoor projects we have done since February and some photo affects

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a nice weekend
 and Monday......
Have any of you been enjoying
the summer home open houses??
If not, and you are interested
Marty over at a Stroll Thru life
is having one all this week, and
I have sure enjoyed checking it
 out daily, such fun to see how
others feather their nest, and
also collect some great ideas.

Click here if you would like
to see Marty's Summer
 home tour.

Have been taking pics for a
while now to do a post on our
home and garden yard outside.
Several times in the last years
a few people have wondered
what our house looks like out
side.  So since we have been
so busy out here in the last
few months, thought I would
show you what we have been
up to....................

First, thing this year we had to put in a new
 mail box as ours was old and starting to look 
rather unsightly, and a new Pittisporum bush, 
as old man Winter, killed our pretty red 
hot hibiscus that has, well had the cutest lil 
red blooms.
As you can see we painted the mailbox post
 to match the house. Always a good idea,
 don't you think............I would still like 
to put a decorative shelf bracket under-
neath to make it prettier and to keep
 it from sagging........

Then we had our whole house and walkway
 pressured cleaned, and the house painted for
 the first time ever, as we always do it, so that
 was a very nice treat. We only had the top
 half done, which is cedar and just across the
 front of the house and the edging around the
 whole house, and the main reason we had it 
all done was cause our chimney needed doing
very badly, you can't see it from the front of
the house, but it was in dire need of painting.
 DeeAnna and I don't like hubby to get on the
 roof since he takes blood thinners, so painters
to the rescue, and so glad he was on board
with it.
We actually painted the house the same color
as it was before, butnow it just looks a lot
 cleaner, fresher and richer. Our house used
 to be brown, for our first 20+ yrs, 
and I was so over brown.........bleh!
so I am going thru my Blue period now!!  
and still loving it!  lol

With a photsketcher water color affect.

This is a swatch of the paint on our porch floor and the
walkway area,  we had it done about 12 yrs. or more ago,
so once it was all pressure cleaned we were able to seal
 it finally.......with a clear kote sealer to protect it. 

 Our desire was to get 2 coats on,  but that never 
happened cause we went into a rainy spell, and then 
we went to Asheville in March and came back to more
 rain, so guess we kinda gave up, but it does look nicer 
and hopefully will be protected a bit longer................
But who knows maybe later in the year!!

Then just recently we put on new lights.  We got a great
deal on them, but they were bronze and we didn't like
the way they looked,  so we found out we could take the
glass out,  so we did that and hubby spray painted them
almond color.  One thing we love about the new lights
is they are easy to clean because they are open on the
bottom.  We have tons of spiders around here and they
love to make a mess in our lights,  with the old ones we
would have to take them apart to clean them which did
not happen often, as it was a real pain........

In this picture the old lights were still up........
I like the look of the bike on the porch and it is a great
place to store it as well.............lol
In this pic our bush the burgundy one on the right
looks pretty sad and that is because another thing
we did in early Spring was cute them back a lot,
so what you see is them growing back in,  looks
way better now.  The lower plants along the
walkway are white lantana grown by none other
than my son Scott...............they look really
pretty when they are blooming with lots of
white flowers. and butterflies like them too.

Here is a pic with the new light. and for 
spring I put some white flowers in my lil
basket and my Home sign that says........
"A house is built of walls and beams, but 
A Home is made with love and dreams."
Got it at Cracker Barrel a few years back
while on vacation.

You can't see them well but I have hot pink
 knock out roses on the left hand corner and 
a baby pink on around that same corner, and in 
the middle where you see the wreath, I have a
 gardenia bush, that was blooming away, should 
have gotten a close up shot.  I meant to just
forgot......oh well.......
So you can see my outdoor decorating theme
is white............... 

Just took this pic today when I took the flags
 out that I put in for Memorial Day.  Got this
wreath at Michaels about 3 yrs. ago for $2.00,
yep, you heard me right..........I rarely buy a
wreath cause I make my own,  but it was really
quite pretty and the price was certainly right.....lol

Here she is gussied up for Memorial Day.

Gotta do something about those light bulbs.....
they just look wierd............lol

 with photo sketcher cartoon affect

and the next to the last thing I have been up 
to was playing with photo sketcher.  Love 
these affects and would love to see if I could
 blow one of these up and frame it.  I think
my fav is the cartoon affect!  But think they
are both really neat.............

with photo sketcher water color affect

and the last thing we did just last week and
wasn't in the plans, but since we had a limb
break off and had to call a tree man,  he had
to trim our tree up.  So very glad I got these
pics before that........as it looks a bit pitiful
right now,  but he said it should grow back
some within 6 mos. so hope he is right, but
would rather have trimmed it up so as to
hopefully keep it off our house in case of
a storm.

Well, there you have it....... 
Our Cozy Place Home

So happy you stopped by and hope

 you will say Hi..... and tell me what
 you have been up to outside your
 home and in your yard.......

We have been working in the back 

yard too, so come back Thursday and
 you can see what we have done out 
there. Still have plenty more to do, 
 but haven't been able to get out 
there for a month or so now, which
 is a bummer, cause we were making
 such progress,  but that is life...lol
Lord Willing, maybe we can get 
back out there soon.

Hope you have a really great week,

Love, Hugs, and

Happy Home Blessings,

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Rebecca said...

Really nice, Nellie! I like the way white "pops" against your blue background! I must say, though, when I hear "Florida", I have a different picture that comes to mind..... Funny how we have these preconceived ideas, isn't it?

Sister Susie Says said...

I need to put some new numbers on my mailbox. The old ones can hardly be read anymore!

My coral colored hibiscus is in full bloom! The other trees haven't started blooming yet!

My driveway is starting to crack all over. (I hope the house's foundation isn't doing the same! :-O

I think I need to remove the outside light off the garage. I don't need it and Xena keeps getting wrapped around it!

I need to put some new dirt by the garage and put some grass pallets over it. That may help the the driveway to not start cracking there!

Oh for the day when there is no more toil and strife, ha!
Love you all, Susan

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Oh Nellie, I do love the spring touches you've added...the bike is super cute! Love your new light too!
Thanks so much for shairng at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

thepaintedapron.com said...

I love all your fun photos effects Nellie!

Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai said...

So pretty! It all looks so fresh and lovely. LOVE the bike! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - we're looking forward to what you have to share next week. :)

Life With Lorelai