Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Father's Day Table 2015

Morning Sweet Friends,

So how you been??  and
 What cha' been up to??

I am fine and things have been
so much better with our kitty, 
Molly. You would never know
 she had been sick. She is starting
to eat again, not just lick the water
 off her food, and she even ran a lil
 to get out the door this morning,
and responds to us, when I come
out the door, she gets up and 
comes over to me now.
So...if you were one who prayed
 for her,  then thank you from the
 bottom of our heart!  Cause she
has truly made a miraculous

This week I have just been doing
lil projects that have been nagging
and subconsciously bugging me for
a while and it has been so great
to get them done...........lol
Such a sense of freedom and
accomplishment,  I have to say.
(Will tell you about them in my
Thankful Thursday post)

Well, guess I had better get on
with showing you our Father's 
Day table for hubby and my
son. It was hard to come up
with something that fit both
of our guys,  but happened
to see a sign online some-
where That said some "Super
Hero's" don't wear capes,
they are just called Dad,
so I took that and added a
bit to it,  and used a font that
look like Carpentry.

Since both our guys are handy 
thought this was fitting, so made
the sign first.............made it red
and tan cause I knew these napkins
had a manly look, sort of like a flannel
shirt, so I could use those and my tan
 Hubby really liked the sign!!

Then I decided to raid the garage to
see what I could find.

Found the tool box first, but never 
thought to look inside until I was
 actually putting the centerpiece 
together, and wow, what a nice 
surprise, everything in it went so 
well.  So just took that tray out
and added it to the table.

After finding the tool box.....
 I just started gathering up the tools
 or hardware that had red, blue, or
 black and that were
clean looking...........

I purchased the needle nose pliers
 and the box cutters at walmart
 (thought that would be okay since 
we didn't have any TSA agents 
coming for dinner. lol)
and added them to the plates to
complete the theme and figured
 they would be like favors for the 
guys afterwards. They were very
 inexpensive, but thought 
they made a great addition. 

Looked at 3 different stores to find
 Dad's Root beer, but to No avail, so
thought Lord what can I do??  and the 
thought came to just make my own
sign and put it on red hefty cups. So
 looked up a pic of the label for 
Dad's Root beer 
and made it like that.....

I believe the Lord loves when we
celebrate, cause over the years
he has given me so many ideas
and has just made it easy to find
things I need, at a great price 
and I remember years back when
 we were a very small church, two
 of my friends and I used to do the
 table decorations when we had
 fellowship dinners, and we would 
 all bring our decorations from home, 
and we were always able to find
 what we needed to go with it, and
 were always amazed how everything
just fit together so perfectly and 
would come out so nicely...........
We never doubted that God had
his hand in that!!

Was going to look for candy of some
 kind, and just happened to pass a 
display with packages of these small
 Kit Kat bars in Wally world, and
 thought these would be perfect, and
 as perfect as they were, they melted,
 as we started noticing some problems
 with our Air conditioning just about
 the time we sat down for din din.
So no one got to eat them but me,
that was how I discovered the
 melting. Oh well, can't have every
thing!!  lol

My Dad's Sign Says:

Since 1977 (for hubby)
and 2013 (for Scott)
Only put it on their cup, and
just used clear packaging tape,
since it just seemed fitting.
You know like Duct tape, the
handy man's secret weapon!!  lol

This is from the opposite end of 
the table, where the window is,
you can see in the next picture.

This is from the other end 
which faces the living room.

Got the blue candles at 
Wally World too,
for a buck a piece........

An Overview

With posterized affect.  Had to do at
least one affect, ya know!!


So........ here is our Manly
 "Tim the Tool Man " Table!!  lol
Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for coming by......

and hope to see ya again soon.

Love, Hugs, and
Last Day of June Blessings,


  1. Hi Nellie, this is so fun and creative. Great idea!

  2. That is so cute and creatively clever, Nellie! I'm sure both guys really enjoyed their special day.

  3. Hi Nellie!
    Such a good guy theme!! So clever! I know Jim and Scott had a great time! And I know how you love to bless your family and friends!! :o)
    Things are nutty here, and Randy's aunt and sister fly in Friday for the weekend. I relapsed with whatever virus that was, but am almost all better. Just too much going on I guess!

    Hope to catch up soon. Going on a trip with Maddy soon though, so not sure when we can have some time!

    I'll be in touch!
    Hugs and Love to You!
    Praying for all that concerns you, my friend!

  4. Haha, what a cute idea! Very creative! I'm sure he loved it!

  5. Terrific table! There are some wonderful ideas here that I just might tuck away for another Father's Day. Thanks for sharing.


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