Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 13, 2011

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how are you??? 
I am doing well, missing my online 
buddiesbut it has been another busy 
but fun week.

I will tell you about it again, same way as last week,
 as I go thru my thankful list.  Hope you don't mind,
just trying to accomplish as much now as I can,
so I am not stressed out at the end.

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry got off this morning for their
destination Wedding,  they left about 5:30 a.m.,
and  I got an email when she was in the Miami
airport waiting to depart again.  They are so
excited,  about the Wedding,  the place they are
 staying and the whole adventure.  We are gonna
 get a text when they get to their destination.
  The wedding is tomorrow around 4:30,  that is
 island time from what we understand. It is
don't worry, be happy territory,  so they are 
never in a
Lots of people told them, don't wait till you are
starving to go to dinner,  cause you probably
want get your food for an hour or so.

I am thankful
that we got to spend a few days with her before
she left.  It was great having her here in her old
room one last time as a single girl.
Hard to wrap my mind around the fact,  she
will come home a married woman, but very
exciting all at the same time.

I am thankful
for cameras and video cameras especially,
so that we will at least get to watch the big event
on tape.  We plan to view it at the reception,
so if you feel impressed,  please pray that
guy does a great job with the video, and that
they can get it before they leave there.

I am thankful
we got Dee all moved in to their new apt.
even tho it was raining the whole day.
Scott and Megan helped too.  My job is
usually to take care of Rosie, cause when 
my son lived in Gainesville, he had a neighbor
that was moving,  and she had a very small
dog,  a yorkie I think it was,  and  the lil dog got
 under the guy's feet while he was carrying  some-
thing heavy and couldn't see her,  and he stepped
on her and and killed her instantly.  He must have
felt horrible.  So every since we heard that story
we are very careful with Rosie.  So I pretty much
carry her around the whole time and my arms
have been sore for days. 
She is in perfect condition tho!!  lol

I am thankful 
that by Sunday they already had  most of their boxes
 emptied, and the place looking pretty homey, and 
we just moved them on Saturday. They have a 2 Bedroom,
2 bath condo with a loft as well.  It has very high ceilings,
and is very modern looking.  Think she is gonna let me
take some pics for yall when she gets it finished.
 They left their bed and bathroom to do for when they
 get back,  so they can both enjoy decorating it,  and the
 newness of it all.  She was gonna wait and do everything
when they got back,  but I think they will be so glad they
 didn't cause this way it will be very nice not to come
 home to a big mess.

I am thankful
that she set up appts. for just she and I to go and
get a pedicure and manicure together yesterday,
her treat,  to thank me for all the wedding plans I
made before. Then we went to lunch at Panera. 
 That was my first time to go there,  so I enjoyed
 that very much,  then hung out at their new place
and watched HGTV. I really needed a down day 
and some special time alone with her,  so that
 was such a blessing to me.
Then hubby came at 6 p.m. and we all went to
 dinner together at Longhorn steakhouse.  
Everything was delicious,  and we had a nice
time,  then it was time to bid them Farewell....
and go home.

I am thankful
for God's peace and joy about this situation
of them going away,  altho I would be lying
if I didn't say I am a lil sad to not be there,  but in
 my heart, I know this is the best for them,  and that 
the wedding only last a few hours,  the marriage
is much more important,  and I think they are really
 so much more prepared than before..............
so definitely thrilledl about that!!

I am thankful
we found some new blinds for our porch
that we have needed,  but are not always
easy to find, as the old ones wouldn't roll
up or down anymore!

I am thankful
that I found the candy I needed for some
lil cute favor boxes I am doing for the

I am thankful
Rosie is staying with us while the newlyweds are 
honeymooning....she is always as happy to be here
 as we are to have her here.

I am thankful
that they are having a nice long honeymoon, as
ours was very short,  and we always told our kids
2 things not to scrimp on.....the honeymoon,  and
pictures.  They will be a week in one place and
4 days in another.  So they should have a ball.

I am thankful
that we just heard from Dee and they have 
made it to their destination safe and sound.
God is good!!

I am thankful
we will get to spend some time with Scott
and Megan having fun this weekend.

If this list seems a lil weighted
 towards DeeAnna and Jerry, that has 
truly been my week, 
 so.........just telling it like it is!!  lol

Thanks so much for coming by to visit,
always love hearing from you. In a few
 weeks things will be back to normal.  
Wanted to show you my white living room
 this week, but just didn't have time to edit
 the pics, so maybe next week..............

You have a fantastic weekend full of lots
of Fall Fun.

Love, Hugs,
and Sunny Fall Blessings,


NanaNor's said...

Dear Nellie, What a wonderful heart of gratitude! Congrat's on your girls marriage. Your relationship is going to be so rich with her now, even more than before. I love all your photos, especially #6, the one with the three candles and all the leaves etc(I may have to borrow this idea). I wish you had a photo of their pup though. God is so good to us, all the time, even in the midst of trials.
Sending love your way today.

Jennifer said...

So exciting - all the wedding news! I pray it is wonderful for both of them...and that the photographer does a fantastic job capturing it all!! Such a special time.

My kiddos are moving into an apartment this weekend - lets hope all goes just as smoothly...and they are just as quick getting it all unpacked!

Sweet blessing to you my friend.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Congrats on what I am sure was a beautiful wedding. You are so right about it lasting just a few minutes but their lives together will last forever and you'll be part of all that.

I am grateful my new desks are here and in place.. Wood blinds and cornice I built are up:)
just good to get things accomplished after feeling so puny for 3 weeks. I even vacummed today.. I am BLESSED and as always grateful to have you as my friend that I can share my gratitude with, knowing you understand and smile when I too make my list..

many many blessings to you my sweet friend

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Loved reading all about your daughter and the plans and EVERYTHING! You do have a lot to be thankful for and even though it's hard not to be with her as she does get married, you're there in your heart and like you said, the marriage is more important and you will share that with both of them over the coming years. I'm excited for you and hope you will share pictures!!! Enjoy! I'll be thinking of you today!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

I have been missing you! I am so happy to hear that you had time to spend with your daughter. I can't wait to hear about the wedding. Sometimes weddings are so over the top that the true reason for a marriage is missed.
Hope you are well and enjoying this fall weather. It is flying by so fast.
Have a great weekend!


Sister Susie said...

Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait for their pictures of joy!
Love you all,

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Just checking in to see how the wedding went!!! And to ask you to stop by my blog tomorrow, okay? Thanks!

LDH said...

Hello Nellie! SO nice stopping by to meet you and visit you sweet place here. I have enjoyed perusing several of your posts :)

Kindly, Lorraine

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Nellie, just coming by from Walking on Sunshine's blog and wanted to say Hi. I've enjoyed looking at your lovely blog. Congrats to your daughter on her wedding! Enjoy your weekend! ~Cheryl

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

Oh this is so great. I know that i love you Nellie, when I see that you love the kids enough to understand why they needed to do it this way. This is the beginning of loving and supporting them in the way they choose to do things. Believe me, they will love you and Jimmy all the more for not making their decision difficult. Many parents would. You have shown great love and wisdom here, my friend. And as you essentially said, the wedding is short the marriage is the main thing. Too many forget that. Hope the reception is fantastic and I know it will be with you at the helm!

BECKY said...

This is all so exciting! I'm so delighted that God is right in the middle of it all working through every last detail! And what a joy to hear you give Him the glory!! That's my sweet friend!! Always encouraging and inspiring!

Love ya!
Talk to ya soon!

Beth said...

Congratulations to Dee and Jerry! I'm happy for all of you and look forward to wedding/reception pics!
Blessings, Beth