Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 20, 2011

Happy Thankful Thursday Sweet Peas,

So what is going on your corner 
of the world???
Some good things....I hope!

Been a good week thus far, so anticipating the same
 for the rest of the week.  Once again I will sort of tell
 you what I have been up to via my thankfuls.............

I am thankful
that we got a text message from Dee and Jerry
and they are at their next destination.  So was
very happy to know that!!  When they return
I will tell you where they went...............

I am thankful
for what a glorious and cool day it was today.
It was a great day to be out.........and I was.....
First, I went to bible study,  then shopping for
 stuff I still needed for reception and then some
grocery stuff too.

I am thankful
for all the sweet ladies that are in the bible study and how
they all go out of their way to make me feel welcome and
apart of things.

I am thankful
for wonderful memories,  this Fall table vignette
you see above..... holds lots of treasured memories
for me and hubby.

I am thankful
that we had the priviledge of living in Germany when we were
 just barely over a year married.  This Thomas Kincaide
picture so reminds me of Germany.  We lived their 40
years ago,  and it was an absolutely wonderful and 
fascinating experience for us both.

I am thankful
for this sort of beat up hummel music box,
my hubby brought me way back then.  Course,
it wasn't beat up when he brought it to me,
  but it has had a lot of wear and tear since.
  It plays our theme song from the first movie
 we saw together as a blind date.  

I am thankful
for this Hummel with the bunnies as well.
Another gift from hubby when we were living
over there.  I drag all of these out every
year in the fall,  cause they match the colors,
and they bring up great memories right
before our Anniversary in November.
So guess that is what prompted a lot
of this post!!  lol


I am thankful
for a fun day out shopping.  I really do have
such fun cause I don't go out shopping by
myself as much as I used to,  so I have to
say I  am enjoying my own company!!  lol

I am thankful
for the Thomas Kincaide, and what a gifted
 artist he is,  I simply adore all his work, and
also a book by him called "Simple Life" for
the prose is as beautiful as the paintings.
I especially like this picture that hangs in
my hallway, actually it is a puzzle that was
done years ago by our bible study kids,
who each did a lil bit and we didn't have the
heart to just stuff it back in the box,  so found
a nice frame at Good Will and framed it.
The bible study started with hubby just trying
to teach my son,  then his friend David joined
them,  and then it just mushroomed from
there, so most of them are my sons age, and
 now married having or have families of their own.
Those were so good times!!
Something about this time of year makes
me so nostalgic.........don't really know why!!

I am thankful
I have been able to get so much done this
week as the big event is approaching quickly,
so the more done now,  the less stress next
week,  and the more I can enjoy it.

I am thankful
for the really fun time we had with Scott and Megan
last Saturday,  we visited, had dinner and played
a game called Apples to Apples.  

I am thankful
that I found the things I needed to make a cute, yet
inexpensive door decoration, that I saw online for the 
reception.  I will be sure to take a picture of it once it is up!
Probably want put it up till the night before.

I am thankful
I was able to get a hair appt. for tomorrow,  which
was amazing since I have not been to her in such
a long time.  Another thing out of the way,  as I am
trying to clear the deck as much as possible for
next week,  cause you know, you always think you
have everything done then many things spring up
at the end that you forget about.  Am sure hoping
not many!!  lol

I am thankful
(Just had to throw this in too) for friends that are
so sweet to pray for us when we need it.  We had
a distressing relational situation happen this week, 
 and I called or wrote a number of my friends and asked
 them to please pray for us and the upcoming event.
What a treasure that is...................

Well girlies,  I am a tired woman, been busy
all week,  and out all day,  so I am gonna go 
chill out for a bit!!

Oh yea,  have to tell you about a really great
movie we watched last night called" Not
easily broken".  It is a story about a family
that got their priorities out of wack,  and
all that really is a great
movie,  we highly recommend it,  another
movie from Netflix.

Thanks for your visit,  and I 
hope you have a lovely weekend, 
 with family and/or friends and
 furry friends.  lol
Love hearing from you ..............

Love, Hugs, and
Nostalgic Blessings to you!



Walking on Sunshine... said...

That was a beautiful list Nellie! Didn't know you lived in Germany. My dad was from Germany. And I love the Hummel. My mother has quite a few but my aunt had a huge collection. Got my hair done this week also. That always makes me so happy because I do not like the gray at all. But the gray seems to be winning this war! Hope you have a great weekend. I'm really hoping to get to the rest of our windows this weekend with hubby home. We have tilt out windows but whenever I tilt them the whole window comes out!!! And I can't figure out how to put them back in. So hubby and I work as a team. He tilts the windows, I clean and he puts them back for me. And of course the windows didn't get done last year with hubby gone, except for the four front windows that I was able to do from the inside and then go out on the porch and do the outside. Have a good day!

Rebecca said...

Your autumn vignette is sweet. Thanks for sharing the significance of the "parts" of it.

I can hear your excitement about the reception. Can't wait for pictures and the report.

Meanwhile, my God direct your steps and bless your planning.


Heather's Journey said...

Love Fall! Great reminders of God's provision.

Sister Susie said...

#1. Yea! I know they are glad to be enjoying another place!
#2. Yes, the weather is perfect! If it could only stay like this all year!!
#3. I know what you mean! It happens to me on Wednesday at my Bible group! I have 2 groups that want me to go out to lunch with them! So, I go one week with one group and go with the other group the next week!
#4. I was just thinking of that the other day when I looked by my t.v. and saw so many of the things I have received over the years. I have a row of different bird statues that one of my kindergartners gave me each year for about seven years. He even came by to give me one each year when he went into middle school!
#5. I so much appreciate Melitta who is from Germany. I love to hear when a German friend comes in speaking in German to her. She has always switched right away to English in respect to those around her. I told her I love to hear her speaking German. It has such different accents in its speech patterns.
#6. I still have my jewelry box which looks like one of Germany's country cottages that Jim gave to me when I was in 11th grade. He had given me a little coocoo clock, but it got knocked off the wall and broke :-( I couldn't fix it!
#7. What a joyful figurine! The bunnies are so cute; as happy as the little boy.
#8. I don't usually go shopping by myself unless it is for things I have to get. I don't like to look at things I can't have (at the moment anyway! ha!)
#9. I thank you, Nellie, for helping me mount my Kincaide plates in the house. I in the past had collected quite a few!
#10. I'm so glad you have been able to do so too. As we all know, it surely is better to not, what is that word, procrastinate! I tend to do that when it comes to some things, but I wouldn't on anything that is as important as a day like this.
#11. It is so important to enjoy our loved ones. Alice got me out the other day to go eat and we went by Bealls so I could get me a sipper cup to drink water throughout the day!
#12. I can hardly wait to see it!
#13. I got mine done this morning! I will go to her to do my hair next Saturday at 9 for the reception.
#14. Thank you, Nellie, for asking me to pray for such an important need and concern! I didn't realize how such a fright could grab hold of me!
Sam is doing great!
I love you all so very much,

Jennifer said...

Hi Nellie -

I am so thankful, as well, for friends that will pray for us. I could use a bit of extra prayer myself this weekend. I really can't elaborate much but, if you think of me, I would covet your prayers. Thanks friend.

BECKY said...

So much good stuff!! God is sooo loving to tend to all of our needs, and some of our wants!! Love your thankful heart...always!

Love ya!!

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..