Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 27, 20ll

This is same vignette but with new flowers pretty yellow
 and orange Mums with a few Sunflowers left over!

Take delight in the LORD
 and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

Evening Sweet Peas,

How in the world are you???

 I am busy..... getting ready still. 
Have done as much as I can early, 
 so seems like everything is running
 along pretty well, and sure hope it
 stays that way.  lol

I am gonna give you a snap shot of
my week again, thru my thankfuls.......

I am thankful
for faithful friends of many years, and my new bloggy 
friends who have prayed for us during this exciting time,
as well as the time during hubbies lay off.  You guys
are all wonderful and so appreciated.
We are feeling those prayers for the reception and so 
please don't quit,  not until after the 29th!!  lol
I am sure that is why things are going so well.....

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry got home safe and sound
and had a wonderful honeymoon in St. Lucia,
where they got married, and in Puerto Rico.

I am thankful
that their Wedding Video came out so nicely,
as well,  as the pictures.  They really had a very
good photographer.  Hopefully,  next week I
might be able to show you some of them.

I am thankful
to be able to enjoy hearing about them
feathering their new nest,  they are just so
excited,  and it thrills a Mom and Dad's
heart,  and we can't wait to see what they
have done to the new apartment since
we were there last,  but this is their last
week off,  so we want to give them
 their space!!  

I am thankful
that I found all the roses I needed today
to make the floral arrangements.  I was
concerned about that,  and only had to
go to 2 Publix stores!!
 Ask and ye shall receive....................

I am thankful
that I did not take a fall today when I was
out.  The floor was uneven in the dollar store
and my flip flop type sandal caught the edge
of the floor and it tripped me pretty hard,
but praise the Lord I did not fall or even
hurt my toesies!!  lol

I am thankful
that I found some battery operated twinkle
lights at Target today for just #1.99 each.
I wanted to either put candles along the
edges of the screened porch or put some
light in a faux tree we have out there.
Hubby was not in favor of the candles,
he would like to avoid burning the house
down!  lol   Personally,  I  thought it would be 
fine,  but after  almost 41 years of marriage I
have learned to listen to my hubby.  So this
was another answer to prayer.

I am thankful
that our friend Becky from over at Junk to Joy
offered to come and help me tomorrow,  if
need be..............I am not a good delegator,
so will have to see what I have left tomorrow,
and if I can delegate something!!  lol
and am thankful and  thrilled she and hubby are
 going to come to the reception as well.

I am thankful
that next week I can relax a little and not work
so much every day......but I am so glad I have
been able to do that,  cause I think the end
is gonna be more pressure free,  at least,
I am
and I love these times cause it tends to make
you get things done that needed doing anyway

I am thankful
for leftover chicken and dumplings, chili I had
frozen,  and steamed shrimp and potato salad
from Publix,  cause haven't been doing a lot
of cooking this week,  cause we have been
trying to work in the yard in the evening,  and
I have been out there some mornings.

I am thankful
for "OFF" mosquito repellent, for if it was not for
OFF,  we would not have been able to work out
there,  they are horrendous and voraciously
hungry for humans and animals it seems!! 
and I am not kidding or exaggerating either.

I am thankful
for a sweet card I got from another bloggy
friend,  Janet over at Janet and Marvins life.
It came in the snail mail today,  and was so
sweet and encouraging.  Such a blessing!!

Well,  that is my list,  and as 
you can see, I have been rather 
one track................
but that has been my week,
and it is a great track!!  lol

Hope you have a Wonderful
 Wonderful Weekend!!

Love,  Hugs, and 
 Happy Celebration Blessings,


  1. Oh Nellie, that's such a sweet list. And I'm so happy Becky is coming over tomorrow to help you! Would love to be there myself!!! I'm excited for you as you get everything together. Now, tell Becky to put a camera in her hands as she helps you and take lots of pictures!!! Enjoy the next few days and take a few minutes to step back and take it all in!!!

  2. Wow! Busy times for you. Pray that everything goes well and no hassles at the last minute. Tomorrow we leave for a trip. Not even packed yet. I can do it in the morning. Hubby is going to get an oil change in the car first and I can be getting ready while he is doing that. So I am thankful for a week off from work. It will give my back a break!


  3. I'm having a ball "rejoicing with those who rejoice"! I'm thankful with you for all the good things in your life, Nellie.

  4. #1. I have lifted prayers every day for this joyous celebration you have so diligently prepared for Saturday!
    #2. I'm so overjoyed that they could have such a honeymoon that will always have everlasting memories!
    #3. I can hardly wait to see them!!!
    #4. I bet it is just as much a honeymoon to be home in their own familiar territory with the joy of the newness of their home!
    #5. I always go back to Publix! I have tried finding things at other stores and find I should have just gone to Publix, lol!
    #6. You know, I find myself doing the same thing here lately! For me, I just need to pick up my feet, ha! I find I'm sliding my feet more than used to!
    #7. I love candles. But, I can understand not using them when there will be so many people coming and going where the candles would be.
    #8. Yes you are a good delegator! You tell me what to do all of the time, ha, ha, ha, lol!
    #9. You said it! Now you will have a joyful time seeing all that you have accomplished and relax while you rest in its completeness!
    #10. Left overs are great! I just finished Bonnie's "Pumpkin in the Oven" recipe. I think the pumpkin I bought might have been a bit too big, but I got it done (2 1/2 hours later!) Delicious!!! I'll be eating on it for days!
    #11. I know what you mean! Those little pests are all in my house! I think they must attach themselves to the dogs when I let the dogs back into the house from their "potty" breaks!
    #12. I just love hearing from Janet and Bonnie! Thank you so much Nellie for bringing these blessed ladies into my life!
    Love to you and all of your planning,


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