Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White Wednesday - Finally...pics of my white room

Hello Sweet Friends,

So what are you up to these days???

You already know what I'm up to ..........lol
Have a whole lot on my to do list,  and it seems to just
keep growing and growing......................lol.
But have gotten a lot more done the last few days!!

Have to tell you I am a bit perplexed and insensed.....
because we have been looking for a new set of flatware,
and Oh My Goodness...........you can not find anything
that is made in the USA.  Most of it is made in China,
found Oneida's is either from Indonesia, Viet Nam, 
 and mostly China, and at Market Store, not the whole
name, as I can't recall it right now,  they had some
made mostly in china and some from India, but did not
 say what it was made of.
Most of the flatware now is made with only Chromium
and no nickel,  which gives it the shine and the weight
from what I read.  Did find a few sets with Chromium
 and nickel but didn't like them, I had read several reviews
 on theWalmart site about the Better Homes and Gardens
flatware and had purchased a set I liked but once
I got it home realized, it was only made of Chromium 
and was made in China. Had forgotten to research
before I went looking the first time,  but after looking
in 8 stores, I haven't found anything I like as well as
that one,  and if we do find one we like it is made
with only chromiun and from china as well,  so guess
I am just gonna have to go with it.  No wonder there
is so much unemployment in our country,  this out
sourcing is just ridiculous.
 Will step off my soap box now!  lol

and on with White Wednesday!!

Will just show you my etagere shelf for today,  
and hopefully do the rest next week..........
We have had this shelving for over 34 years, and
I still love it today as much as the day I bought it.
When you walk in our front door it is practically 
the first thing you see..................

This is the bottom shelf on the left.
This adorable lil pumpkin you see here and that was in my
header picture was made by Becky over at Junk to Joy!
Made with plaster of paris,  and embellished with all the
cutest of Becky's creativity.  Just love it!

Picture taken from above.  Just in case you don't know,
you can click on any pic to enlarge it!!

Here's an even better picture of it,  love the leaf too!

This is done in a gradient map affect!

2nd shelf,  love this blue print pitcher,  on of my fav
finds from some years back,  and love this lil demitasse
cup,  I put a candle in it.................

More of my favs.....white creamers

Done with a posterized affect!

The whole shelf and nothing but the shelf!!  lol

Decided it needs some texture and happened to come up
on this lovely burlappy ribbon at Michael's and thought
it fit the bill nicely.  This pic loaded out of sequence,  it
was suppose to do the normal pic first.  Anyway,  it
looks great Posterized!

Here is what it looks like normally.  

and here,  great ribbon,  I really liked it,  so I went back
and got more,  as you will see next week.

This is the 3rd shelf on first side.
This is a seasoned birdhouse I got many moons
ago at a yard sale,  and it had an ugly finish on it,
so I sprayed it white,  and it gave it a great rustic
type finish.  It used to be embellished with pastel
dried flowers and ribbon,  but decided to take it
off last year,  for a change.  The birdie and nest
 was a gift from Becky as well.

Notice the lighting is different,  this is the real color
of the wall behind it.  One pic was taking with
flash the other no flash!

Liked the texture of the wire basket with the candle
That was a gift form my SIL Susan.

This is the top shelf on the right side.

Roses from my bouquet at Scott and Megans wedding.

Another pumpkin from Miss Becky,  this was from
last year,  love it too!

Gradient map affect,  I am really liking this affect!!

This is from the bottom shelves on the right side

A lil bit blurry,  like the reflection from the glass shelf.

White and pale pink potpourri, and some letter from an
old boggle game with the truth,  cause
Jesus does love you!!

Well,  hope you enjoyed some scenes from my new
white room, guess you can say I am not really Shabby Chic,
 I am more Modern Chic. More to come next Wednesday
 hopefully, have to say I have really been
 enjoying the new look.
Cause I really Love White!!!!

Hope you are having a joyful day,
  I am..........
heard from son today, and  my girl 
and her new hubby,  they are home,
 and coming over tonight,  
can hardly wait to see them. 
 She said it was like a dream........
so sounds like it must have been
 a very good time.............
can't wait to hear the details.

Thanks for stopping in....................
Always makes my day more Fun,
 when I hear from you!!

Oh yea, and I am linking up to
 Faded charm Cottage.
If you want to see lots more
Wonderful Whites just click here!

Hugs, Luvs,
and White Room Blessings,


  1. Hi Nellie, Loved seeing your white pieces-all so elegant and perfect together-especially Becky's pieces(boy does she have some talent and you are blessed to receive them). I'm just now settling back in from being away so had to stop by and say hello. Glad everything is well with you dear.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Don't you just love decorating with whites?
    Your shelves look great!
    The pumpkin from Becky is very sweet.
    good job!!!!

  3. It looks really nice! And I knew that was Becky's pumpkin the minute I saw it! She does such pretty work! Glad your daughter is home and you get to finally see her tonight! Hope the plans are continuing to come along nicely! Enjoy your visit!

  4. YAY for the homecoming of the honeymooners!! I just have to hear all about it!!

    Love the white room gal! You do such a lovely job with your vignettes!! {such joy to see my creations in amongst them, too!} :o)

    Hopefully we can connect in the next day or so! Felt like I was getting sick last night, but apparently fought it off!! Woohoo!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Holler if you need some help!!
    Love you,

  5. WOW! Nellie, I didn't know you had so many things that are white! My favorite is the little bird next to the bird house!
    Love to you,

  6. OMGosh, I ♥ all your pretty "whites". That pumpkin is just the cutest. I think I would leave it out year round Ÿ

  7. Just LOVE those white pumpkins!! Everything looks so nice - I really like the way you group things together on your shelves. Hope everything comes together - with all that you have going on!!

    Enjoy every day:)

  8. Oh my...your shelf is stunning and everything is placed perfectly! How beautiful!


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