Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - November 15, 2012.

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Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.
Psalm 29:2

Hello There Sweet Friends,

Sorry I am late again,  am gonna have
to start calling this Thankful Friday
if this keeps up!!  lol

How has your week been going??
Well,  I hope.....

Mine has been going pretty well until yesterday.
Off the ibuprophen,  so back to square one with]
my back,  but..................

I am thankful
that I am feeling so much better today emotionally.  
Had a lot of crazy things happen, to do with this tooth
 that had the root canal,  the Dr. said something wierd 
in a written report he sent to my regular Dentist and to 
me., so was concerned about how that sounded, and 
what it meant and I thought the temporary filling was 
falling out, and because of the temp filling... my teeth 
are hitting wrong at times, and gives me a jolt when it
  happens, thankfully it doesn't last, but am concerned
 I might crack the tooth it is hitting on,  and then my back
 was really hurting again, and I was tired, and pretty much
 just felt like I am falling apart here, and it was just a 
cloudy icky rainy day on top of it all,  and it was just
 getting the best of me, so I came home kicked back
 in the recliner and had a long talk with the Lord about
 it,then took a nap and woke up feeling much better,
and after a good nights sleep, more prayer with hubby
 and talking with the Dr. this morning I am feeling
 way way better. 
Not looking for sympathy....just keeping it real
and to let you know that we all have struggles,
it's just what do we do with our struggles.........

I am thankful
I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon.,
and hopeful that will take care of my physical

I am thankful
that my root canal is over and went well,  no pain
 at all,  and it is really a blessing that we have Drs.
. who can do things like that to save our toofers!!  lol

I am thankful
for all my Drs. that take good care of me,  they 
really are a blessing even tho, sometimes we don't
always see it that way.  lol

I am thankful
for running and clean water from our faucets.
This week there was a break in the line somewhere
so the water was off a while and was all rusty and
ukky looking afterwards, so a great reminder of the
blessing we have all the time that we can so easily
take for granted.

I am thankful
that we have this laptop I am typing on right now,
and that hubby was able to move it to the kitchen,
so I can be part of the blogosphere again!!  lol
and that I was able to do my TT post.

I am thankful
that we got our new lights put up this past week, 
 and  are really enjoying them, but also getting
used to them.  I am very wierd about getting new
things.................there is a side of me that likes 
them but another side that isn't sure, because 
it is such a change,  but then once I really get
used to it..............I really love it!

Am I the only one or are you like that too??

I am thankful
that we got some furniture moved from one
room to another,  swapped a couple of things
around,  something I have been wanting to do
for awhile now.

I am thankful
for  our kids who are willing and offer to give a
helping hand to their parents when need be, and 
also for my sister-in-law, and neighbors that are
willing to help at times. I am just not able to lift and
 move things like I used to.......well  I can, but it comes
 with a heavy price of pain,  that I have learned is just
too high and  I am no longer willing to pay!!  lol 
 and sometimes the help is just lending a hand on
 holidays so I don;t have to do it all...................
So these things are a all special blessings.

I am thankful
I have gotten quite a bit of Christmas shopping
done already.  Need to get out there and try to
finish up more before Thanksgiving.

I am thankful
that with all I have had going on, that Thanksgiving
will be a bit easier this year,  as the kids are all
 coming for brunch instead of dinner this year.   So
think hubby and maybe my SIL, will  just go out
to Cracker Barrel for dinner later.  That will be a
 first,  but we are really fine with that,  might even
 take in a movie if we can find a decent one to
 go to.....................and hey another first!  Some-
times you feel like all your firsts are behind 
you.................but no sirree..............every once
in awhile you get another one!!  lol

I am thankful
to hear that the White House has decided
to back Israel in there response to Hamas.
That was a wise move that was certainly
unexpected from this Administration.

I believe it could surely be the hand of the
 Lord directing the kings heart... as it says
  in Proverbs 21:1
We need to keep those prayers going
for our Governmental officials.

Well, that is my list .................
hope you have a great list
 of your own.

Sorry - no pictures again, 
 hopefully by next week
 I will be sitting

Have a Super Duper Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and
 Good Health Blessings to you!


Terra said...

Kicking back in your recliner and with prayer sounds like just the right prescription for you.

Sister Susie said...

#1. I'm so thankful you are feeling better now! I have been a little in the same boat with this "deluge!"
#2. I hope it isn't the damp cold that is making your back worse. This is the first year I have ever had the damp cold cause such an ache in my knees. I have even awakened in the middle of the night with them throbbing. I guess it goes with me getting older!
#3. Yea! It really is great when such things in our lives can be corrected. Thank the LORD for peole who assist in our lives this way!
#4. Ditto.
#5. Praise the LORD the break wasn't inside! I am now paranoid that my sinks, toilets, washer, tubs may have a break like my hot water heater did!
#6. I thank your hubby for getting mine going again on the wireless!
#7. Many times the light is despensed differently though we may not conscienciously realize it. Shadows are different as well as how the light may be dispensed.
#8. Mine will be being moved next week (when they come to replace the flooring!)
#9. I am so appreciative of this too. (Thank you for the use of your wet vac!)
#10. Aren't you the smarty! I need to find out what things are wanted.
#11. Isn't it wonderful that those firsts are enjoyable!
#12. I was wondering! I hadn't seen Obama speak about it in a press conference. The LORD is definitely moving in this world. I think that is why Satan is stirring up the world powers that be. He knows his time is short.
Love to you all, Susan.

Rebecca said...

Bless your heart! You've really been through it in the health department lately!

Yes, we've been to KS and back. I wrote a few other posts about it prior to the Mississippi River one...
It was good to see our oldest daughter and her little family...and then on the way home we stopped in to spend an overnight with my M.I.L.

So VERY good to be home now! I am thanking the Lord for "traveling mercies" in addition to all His others :)