Thursday, August 17, 2023

Thankful Thursday August 17, 2023, and Simple Summer table photos


proclaiming aloud your praise and telling of all your wonderful deeds.

Psalm 26:7 NIV

Greetings and 

Happy Back to School week,

 at least that is what it is here in our

 Florida county for most of the schools. 

Happy you came by to visit today!

 Can you believe we are halfway 

thru August already?? 

  That just blows me away!! 

This year is just zooming by......

Do you feel that way too?? 

Pictures today are from a late Summer table from the past, just in case you need a lil inspiration to celebrate end of Summer and

 "Back to School".

On with my Thankfuls..............


Thankful that lil darling is off to a good school year, she liked her new classroom and teacher (we already know) and made a new friend that she gets to sit by.  Got her schooling done in less than 3 hrs,  course, a lot of it is review right now.  She also got to play for a few hrs. with her lil neighborhood friends, and that is always a hit.


Thankful when I found out that all 3 of her teachers all go to our church, and they are all great ladies that we love!


Thankful for a good day at church anthen lunch out at a Mexican restaurant, we haven't been to in years.  It was okay, but the salsa was too hot for me and the food not bad, but some of the other place are better, so doubt we will go there again, anytime soon anyway!!


Thankful for candy bars hubby saw on the buy one get one free rack,  I cannot tell you how long it has been since I had a "Zero" candy bar. It was so yummy!!  lol


Thankful for some "Black Raspberry Linzer cookies" we got today too.  We love Linzer cookies and these were awesome!  From our local Publix Bakery. 


Thankful our friend got out of the rehab facility today and got home safely.  They were suppose to transport her, but didn't set it up, so hubby had to transport her, and she can't bend her leg at all.  So that must have been rather difficult, to say the least. I know she and he are happy she is home.


Thankful that the series "When callthe heart" started it's season.  We absolutely love this series and have been watching it for years now.

We get it on Hallmark Movies, in case you are interested in watching it.


 Thankful for the sweet lil friends that lil darling has made in our neighborhood.  On Sunday they came by and we weren't home, but they left an envelope with a note card in it, I would guess and a cute lil bracelet they made that had a daisy and a BFF tag on it.  She is gonna be thrilled.

So sweet!


Thankful for what we feel was a wise decision our Daughter and hubby made, and how we can all see how the Lord directed it thru many hard circumstances that happened this year.  So it all makes sense now!


Thankful that I got started on a neat Gramma book, my Daughter gave me for my birthday this year.  It's for me, to write about my life growing up.

Some of the questions are quite thought provoking, so having to spend some time thinking about them.


Thankful we have decided to try and use paint pens on our master bath tile, I have seen on some peoples where they have used them, so we have ordered a couple, and hope it comes out nicely. The grout has really been bugging me for awhile now, and replacing the grout is almost as expensive as just taking the old tile out and putting more in, but don't really want to go through all that, but could do that if this doesn't turn out well.


Thankful for our Daughter, her birthday is today. She is one sweet,  gracious, giving, encouraging,  and Beautiful person, that loves her family and friends.  Praying she has a delightful day to match her delightful personality.  Love you sweetie.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place

this week.

Have a super duper rest of the

week and weekend

Love, Hugs and mid August



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  1. #1. Praise our LORD for watching over her!
    #2. Praise the LORD! They know of her accepting the LORD and being baptized!
    #3. Yes! The LORD has surely blessed our church!
    #4. I'm enjoying the new granola bars with almonds!
    #5. I'll have to try those!
    #6. It's always great to be in your own home! I pray the LORD's healing upon her.
    #7. Praise the LORD for great series to watch on TV.
    #8. How thrilled she will be!!!
    #9. Thank the LORD GOD for His blessings on His children!
    #10. What a great idea!
    #11. What an idea!!!
    #12. A Very Happy Birthday to her!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Love the blues and greens of the table, and so many blessings to celebrate! A delightful post!


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