Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Family room furniture rearrange.............

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

So how are things with you, since our last 
bloggy visit???  Have you started your
Fall decorating yet?

I haven't started yet, but doing the room rearrangement
was the first step,  next time you see this room it will all
 be done up for Fall.  I am just now starting to get the itch
to do it,  but think I am gonna watch till after Dee and 
Jerry's departure probably.  
That will be good theraphy for me!  lol 

 Do you find decorating to be like theraphy?
I really do..........think it is because it just pulls me right
out of the doldrums to create something pretty and
refreshing, and is such a fun challenge trying to figure
out where to put everything.....and it is like playing,
and you know how I feel about that........and if you
don't know I will tell you........I think everyone needs
to play every so often,  cause sometimes we just
take life too seriously. Like the old saying goes
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
Or Jill a dull girl...............lol

So we don't want any dull people around here!!  lol

So anyway,  I will show you my new room
rearrangement.  Actually the Before pics are
 my fav way to have the room, but I like a 
change.........and this is the one room, I can
 rearrange all by myself, cause they have these
slider like things under the sofa and chair, so
I can just push them wherever I want them.
 love the freedom of that.......~ Pure Bliss~
so it gets moved around quite often.

so here are the before pictures.

Shot from the kitchen area

For those who might not know,  you can click on any
picture it will enlarge them all for a better look.

Shot from the dining room area

again from dining room area

Shot from the french doors that go out to porch

Shot from the breakfast bar area, which is in front 
of the kitchen.

These next shots are all
After Pictures

Remember my $5.99 pillow I told you about a few weeks ago.
Well here she is........................

Notice the sofa is now on the opposite side of the room
near the french doors.

and you can see I put the Love pillow smack dab in the middle,
right where LOVE should always be......right!

Decided to light all the candles for ya,  but 
you can hardly see the ones on the mantle
unfortunately.  They really are there!!  lol

Moved this table against the wall behind the
sofa..........and changed the accessories some. 
 Remember they were all white before.

If you look closely at the before pictures I
had a corner wire shelf in this spot before.
which made the hat box sit higher.

Just changed a couple of things on the tray.

This shot is from the dining room.

This makes a great area now for Brooklyn 
and her walker,  she has a straight shot now
 so easier to keep her from running into stuff...
That was a nice bonus! lol

One last shot from the kitchen.  Nice change and 
no $$ involved..........works for me!!

Are you like Me.......
Does Fall make you nostalgic??? 

It makes me think of the fair, fall festivals,
 football games, pumpkin butter, pumpkin
 pie, caramel apples,  my son's birthday, our
 anniversary and last but not least,  fun times 
with my family. It is a delightful season 
of the year.

So what does it make you 
think of??

Love, Hugs and 
Fall Anticipation Blessings,


Sister Susie Says said...

Wow! Nellie, you have been busy! It all looks gorgeous! I know you got your exercise in for the day, lol! It's amazing how the sliders make such an easy job of moving large pieces of furniture!

I enjoyed eating my Black Bean Soup today. I was going to make my cookies tomorrow, but forgot my Bible class study starts, so I'll have to start in the afternoon! I love the recipes!
Love you, Susan

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

You have a lovely home! I love fall and while it certainly doesn't feel like fall here right now...I did put out my fall things over the weekend. I was ready even if the weather isn't! I will switch it again a bit to add Halloween things in a few weeks. Fall to me is crisp weather, jeans and boots, apples and gorgeous leaves!

Walking on Sunshine said...

That's a lot of work! It looks really pretty. And yes, fall is my favorite season. I already did some decorating last week and took photos to send to hubby. He's really missing it this year. I also sent him a few of our favorite scented candles, the little votive ones, in his latest box for him to enjoy a little of fall in Afghanistan. Enjoy your Thursday!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Everything looks sooo pretty! "Nellie's Cozy Place", yep, the name fits! Such a warm and cozy home...