Friday, September 13, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - Sept. 12, 2013

 Enter his gates with thanksgiving
 and his courts with praise; 
give thanks to him and praise his name.
Psalms 100:4

Morning Sweet Friends,

Well, I'm late again............we were
 having fun last night so this just had
 to wait.  I did get to work on it some,
 but had to wait and finish this morning.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

So..........with that thought in mind,
 I will begin...

I am thankful
for all the one on one time we have gotten 
to have with DeeAnna the last few weeks,
as Jerry has been in Asheville working.
Unexpected but very welcomed and helpful.

I am thankful
that she made it safely to Asheville this evening. 
We took her to the airport around 5:30 and it was
 only an hour and 20 min.flt. from here.  She went 
up to spend the weekend with Jerry and they are
both driving back on Sunday to finish up with the
 movers and the closing.
Just a week left now............

I am thankful
that Scott, Megan and the baby are feeling
much better,  as they were all sick or starting to
come down with the flu or a virus on Sunday.

I am thankful
we were able to reschedule our family get 
together for next Wed. at their house and it
worked out well that we couldn't do it Sunday
cause now Jerry will be able to come too.

colored pencil affect

I am thankful
for all the time we are getting to keep Rosie,
so hopefully it will keep us from missing her
so much, since we have had her quite a long
time, so maybe that will keep us until they
 come at Thanksgiving!  lol

I am thankful
my Sil Susan got a good recommendation from
someone to a good person who can repair her
springs on her garage door.  Always such a hard
thing trying to decide who to use, and wanting to
make sure it will be someone who will do a good job.
Word of mouth advertising always seems to be best!

I am thankful
for a lovely dinner at Road House Grill tonight.
The food  and service was wonderful............and
 a nice cap off of the day............that was spent
 with Dee.

I am thankful
that we decided to do a lil adventuring in the
historic district of the town where the airport is. 
We were looking for the area where they have
these beautiful old homes,  but never found it.
We have heard about a place called Riverwalk
but never knew where it was, but accidentally
 came across it in our adventuring.  So that was 
fun. They have these long porch type swings 
under pavilions along the lake,  so we stopped
 and sat a spell,  it was so cool and breezy we
 couldn't believe it!  Great place for walking too!
Really lovely for an almost 100 degree day,  I 
have to was only about 6pm. too!
Just a nice unexpected surprise!
Think we will definitely go back again soon.....
when it is just the 2 of us.  We had Rosie with 
us, but she enjoyed it too.

posterized affect

I am thankful
that maybe soon we will begin working on our
computer/work room.  I have a new futon cover
 I bought early this year and I bought some table-
cloths recently (that I was gonna use to cover my
 dining room chairs, but don't think I am really 
gonna like it), so think I am gonna be making
 curtains out of them I am getting
 eager to get started.............rrrrrrmmm,  
rrrrrrrrmmm, hear my engine raring
 to go!!  lol

I am thankful
for pretty orange monarch butterflies.
I have seen quite a number of them lately
as my lantana is blooming,  and they are
a fav of butterflies.  Just pretty creatures.

I am thankful
for Flower food,  you know those lil packets
of white stuff you get when you buy fresh
flowers.  You put it in the water and it keeps
your flowers fresh for longer.  I usually change
the water once a week and add more flower
food and my flowers keep looking good for
over 3 weeks most of the time.  Love that,
cause I love having fresh flowers.

I am thankful 
for a  smart and brave lil 12 yr. old and a wonderful
 lady that was a 911 dispatcher for 2 lil girls who were
 in the home when someone broke in,  the dispatcher
 helped to keep them calm and told them to go into a 
closet and to keep quiet and hide there, and to not
hang up the phone.   They are both safe and sound
and the men were apprehended,  another great
ending to what could have been a tragedy.
Praise the Lord!

Watch it here if you'd like -
Warning -  It will make you cry:

Well, that's it for this week......

Glad you came by.............
Always nice to hear from you!

Have a Super Duper Weekend,

 Love, Hugs and  
Special Family Blessings,


Sister Susie Says said...

Well let me start again! I got through #6 and my computer froze up on me (dumping everything, of course!) I think the blogger had something to do with it because the comment section is different.
#1. I know DeeAnna cherishes the time she has spent with you too. I still cherish the times I had with mom and dad.
#2. Praise the LORD for giving her a safe flight. I'll pray for them to have a safe journey back.
#3. Thank you, LORD. It's bad enough when one is sick, but when everyone in the house is sick...
#4. I am so glad that we are able to all meet together, Jerry too!
#5. I know you are going to miss her, I will too. That's 9 things I really missed when on my trip, my animals!
#6. Praise the LORD! I thank Lillian for recommending them! I guess I just had to wait upon the LORD to guide me to someone!
#7. It's great to eat out with friends, but so much more so with family! Bob Evans has a great Wildfire Chicken salad!
#8. Aren't the homes beautiful! The homes in Louisiana were beautiful like that (with the swings, verandas, etc.)
#9. That sewing machine has a loud motor, lol! Today I got a board to hang on the wall that is half magnetic and half cork, I think I'm going to put it where the picture is in the den. I can put my state magnets on it and the small pictures I have taped on the wall.
#10. I wonder if the butterflies would drink the nectar like the hummingbirds do?
#11. I did that with the mums I got. They lasted almost 3 weeks!
#12. Thank the LORD for His protection! What a small closet! I remember a time when we never had to lock our doors, much less having anyone coming into our house!

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm glad you get to spend quality time with those you love. How bad that Scott,Megan and sweet baby girl are doing better.A sick baby is always worrisome. I hope you have a great send off prepared for DeeAnna and Jerry. Have an incredible week.