Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - September 26, 2013

Scenes from Fall of 2012

I will give thanks to the LORD 
because of his righteousness
 and will sing praise to the name
 of the LORD Most High.
Psalm 7:17

Evening Sweet Peas,

Hope you week has been full of fun

 stuff like decorating for Fall and 
making good Fall food..............

That has sort of been my week,  as far as 
 decorating goes,  I have been making food just
 not Fall food yet,  still too hot for us.
Got to have some cold weather for those 
wonderful soups and stews.  ummm, I can
hardly wait.

We mowed the lawn last night and it wasn't
hot at all and there was a nice breeze blowing,
so Fall is in the air............yeahhhhhhhhhhh!
Think we might be getting some cooler nights
this weekend,  only 68 and 69 degrees,  but
hey, we are thrilled................sure beats 90+

Have to say it has been a good week, 
gotten to talk to my sweet Dee a number of
 times this week, and so getting a kick out
 of hearing about  their new adventures.


I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry are loving their new life 
in North Carolina,...........  so happy for them.

I am thankful
that we had both our cars serviced last Saturday, 
and I needed new brakes,  and they did them for free,
since we haven't had the van a year yet, and it was
not covered under warranty.  Just a gift!

I am thankful
for the service this Toyota dealership has..........
we have never seen anything like it........we feel
 like we have stepped back 40 years in time when
 we go there. Remember what real service was like
when you were a kid and in your early twenties. 
Well, this is the closest thing we have seen to any-
thing like that. Everyone smiles and greets you, 
 they listen intently to what you say,  they do a great 
job with any work,  they are all so courteous and 
helpful, they wash your car as part of the service,
 they have all these immenities while you wait:
 a snack bar, car store, TV, wifi and a free small
 movie theatre with free popcorn popped in 
coconut oil, no less.  We got to watch the
" Fantastic Four,"  the whole movie.........
couldn't believe it!~  and we were able to get 
some touch up pain we have needed to get
 as well, from their lil car store.
 Can you tell we were

If you live in the Orlando area and want to
check this dealership out for either service
or buying a car,  we bought both of our cars
there and they were used but came with
warranties, never even heard of that before.
Anyway, they are Toyota Autonation in 
Winter Park, Florida,  and no I don't get
any compensation for saying it,  I learned
about them thru AAA, but just think they
deserve a Shout out cause they are truly
a first class business.

Oh, and that is a good movie by the way.
I think it was the silver surfer one.....

I am thankful
once again for our sweet young neighbors
next door.  Saturday evening he came over
and gave us this cute lil Tyke baby swing
for Brooklyn.  We think it will work nicely
in our big sycamore tree out front.  Can't
wait to try it,  I am sure she is gonna love

I am thankful
for the ambiance and nostalgia that
decorating our home for Fall brings........
Pumpkin and sweet potato pie, pumpkin butter,
 fall festivals, the fair,  the smell of pumpkin and 
cinnamon candles,Scott and Megan's birthdays, 
our anniversary,  starting our Christmas shopping,
Thanksgiving and being able to do some outside
 projects without dying from the heat...just to name 
a few.  Hubby and I are both loving it,  and I am not 
even finished yet,  but he got us a pumpkin pie last 
night to celebrate.  We really do love this time of
 the year.  Just waiting on some refreshing 
weather now.

I am thankful
that someone who knows I make cards asked
me to make an Anniversary card for them.
Allways a blessing to have someone appreciate
your creative work.

I am thankful
for all the Fall home tours I have been seeing
this week in blogland.  They have been a lot
of fun,  and I have some great ideas. Thanks
to all of you who have participated in that.
Great and Fun Inspiration!  Know it was a lot
 of work for you getting it ready so quickly,
fun work,  but work.............
There are sure a lot of really talented and
creative ladies out here in blogland, and
we all appreciate you.

I am thankful
that one of my friends that has an etsy shop
has had an outstanding season selling her
adorable pumpkins.  God has really blessed.

I am thankful
for the creativity and inspiration that the
Lord gives to me for things that I love to
do, like decorating, card making, table-

 scapes and even cooking and baking,

colored pencil

I am thankful
I finally got a new blog background put on 
yesterday and that hubby was able to help me
 with the header.  I can do the other part, still 
learning  about the header........I learn it and
then by the next quarter when I put a new one
on I have forgotten again.  lol

I am thankful
for the adorable personality that is starting
to take root in our lil darlings life.  She is so
 funny anymore,  but also very content and easy 
for the most part.  She really just makes us laugh
 so much, and we love to laugh........that is a very
 healthy thing to do............and she really helps
us with that!!   lol

I get to watch her for a few hours again

colored pencil

I am thankful
for all my blogging buddies,  it is so nice to
 have folks come by and viist and  leave nice
comments and also share their lives with me.
Such a blessing.  Also a very fun thing to go
visit and leave comments and share my life
with you too.  So it is a very sweet and
reciprocal arrangement.  Thanks for being
you and for blogging.  You are appreciated.

Well..........there you have it for another
week in the life of cozy place.  Seems
like there is something I am forgetting,
if it comes to me, I will come back and
put it in.....................

Hope you have a really terrific
Friday and Weekend.

Always great to hear from you.

Love,  Hugs,  and

Nostalgic Fall Blessings to you,



  1. Love this post, so much to be thankful for and it is so nice to write it all down. Hope you have a super week. Hugs, Marty

  2. #1. I am so excited that they are enjoying themselves!
    #2. I'm thinking I may have to have mine done soon too. They haven't mentioned it yet as they do checks along with the oil changes and such service.
    #3. Deland Nissan has always been like this. They always make you feel so welcome! My truck comes back cleaner than it went in, ha!
    #4. Neighbors are such a blessing! Since George passed away, Lillian's brother, Tom, is mowing my yard now!
    #5. I love it all too other than the shorted days, ha!
    #6. Are you going to do a website for your cards?
    #7. When I do a change, the cats go crazy! Katy still walks around the stationary bike yowling at it. I'm glad she doesn't do that at night! Since it's just me, I enjoy seeing other people's changes for the season.
    #8. Wonderful. I think things would be better if we could go back to personal "stores" than all of these big conglomerates that we have to shop at today!
    #9. Since I have retired, I surely enjoy my Bible study and prayer time with the LORD, doing computer copies for our Bible class at church, doing personal birthday cards (putting little gifts inside) for the ladies on our Bible class list, enjoying full time with all of my animals, lunch out with friends...
    #10. I accidently removed what I had on my blog. I need to try again to replace it!
    #11. The joy of children! I so loved the kids I worked with throughout 34 years! How much more so when they are your own!
    #12. Thank you, Nellie for getting me started over three years ago!
    Love you, Susan

  3. I love your vignettes. I can tell you take great pains in arranging you welcoming home.
    Guess where I'm going this weekend! :D
    I'll take pictures.
    Enjoy a beautiful weekend Nellie.

  4. It is always fun to see what is going on in your world. I am glad you daughter is happy in her new home. It would be so much harder on you if she was miserable.

    My daughter said it was much more comfortable in Florida yesterday...she loves to leave early in the morning in cool air rather than melting!

    Those babies grow up so fast...I'm sure you will be seeing lots of changes now. Wonderful and yet you kind of want to slow things down!

    We finally feel like fall a bit here (at least for a couple of days). I've actually had jeans on the last 2 that. We are going back into the 80's tomorrow, so back to summer!

  5. Hi Nellie,

    I enjoyed seeing your fall decorations from last year. I finally got a few things out myself and did a little decorating. I just love this time of year. Enjoy the rest of your week.


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