Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fallercized Family Room Table Tops for 2013

Afternoon Sweet Friends,

So how in the world are you?
Enjoying Fall,  I hope............

We are enjoying it inside at least,  it turned off hot
again,  we have been in the upper 80's since last 
 week, and we are sooooooo looking forward to that
 first cold snap, which will mean no more lawn mowing
 for awhile.....and that will be whoo hooo time!  lol

We had a great weekend.......picked Dee up on Friday
nite later than expected, cause the plane was late, 
then we went to dinner and heard all about there new
life in Asheville, then came home and stayed up till
2 in the morning talking.............such fun!  Course,
we paid for it later!  lol

Saturday she was gone all day and evening with her 
friend Heather (the real reason she was here).This 
was a very special blessing to Heather I am sure.
While she was gone hubby and I enjoyed a nice
breakfast and later we cleaned our porch, still gotta
 finish it tho, cause we had some stains that wouldn't 
come up so hoping to try something else to see if 
they will,  before we put everything back in place.

Sunday she spent the first part of the day going
out to breakfast with Scott, Megan and Brooklyn,
  then later they and Susan all came over in the
 afternoon and we had dinner together and 
visited some more and played with the baby.

Monday morning,  Dee and I had about 4 hours
 to visit,  then Megan and Brooklyn came and 
we all went out to lunch together before taking
 Dee to the airport at 3:30. We had a great time, 
 we did however, miss Jerry and Rosie and so
did she.............but happy to report she is back
home safe and sound and enjoying her new
life again...................
We are looking forward to taking a trip there in
the next few months, Lord willing..........

Guess I will hush and get on with showing you
my Fall decorations in the Family Room.

These next 7 pictures are of the Sofa Table.

I found these pretty leaves at the dollar tree, 
they are like doilies really,  but  really
like how they look.

colored pencil affect

The next 4 pictures are of the coffee table.

colored pencil

The next 2 pictures are of a round table

Think I am gonna put this plate with the pumpkin on 
something to elevate it a little bit and think it will look better.
Don't you agree................

This is another lil side table by the sofa.

This is Joe Bear all dressed up for Fall.
Brooklyn finds him in her walker travels and 
likes to ride him around with her.

Printed a leave with Happy Fall on it to attach to my pillow
to give it a more balanced look since I was one pillow short
 on the sofa.

Here you can see 3 of the tabletops and how they 
fit in the room.  The round table and chairs are
just to the left of the sofa side table, just in case
you were wondering!!  lol

So glad you could come by for a Fall visit..............
Wish I could email you some apple cider or 
something yummy to make it more enjoyable.!!  lol


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Have a great rest of the week, and 
see ya Thursday!

Hugs and Blessings,


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Beautiful vignette and gorgeous pictures. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

PS So glad you got the tablecloths. I am going to use some of the black and white check ones for curtains in a redo of the guest room. Mine will definitley be after Christmas, maybe some time come spring, who know. Can't wait to see yours. Hugs, Marty

Sue said...

Enjoyed your fall decorations Nellie, I have been so busy, I haven't had time to decorate! Maybe soon. Thanks for sharing.

BECKY said...

Hey Sweetie!
Love your Fall decor!! Hmmm...time for some of that cool weather now, huh? And time for me to come over and enjoy some time with you too!

So glad your visit went well. What a blessing!

Today is Ran's birthday, so we are celebrating tonight. Yesterday was our 34th anniversary! Maddy is in PC with my sis til Saturday.

Whatcha doing Friday? I'll give you a call tomorrow. Maybe we can get together!?

Hugs and love,

Rebecca said...

I'm always SO amazed at your ability to assemble and rearrange your decorations so frequently! Isn't it fun to decorate around autumn's themes? Those leaf/doilies are really nice, Nellie!

Sister Susie Says said...

What a joy it was to see DeeAnna, knowing it will be awhile before I'll see her (and Jerry) again.

I really like the new leaves you have for decoration! The pumpkin and stand makes a nice (tall) accessary to your display of fall goodies!

I'm so lucky> we didn't share cider today, but did coffee! I surely enjoyed my visit with you and pretty Brooklyn!

Awaiting your Thankful Thursday, Susan - Love you!

Jody and Stan said...

Love all your beautiful vignettes! New Follower!


Laura Turner said...

You made some very nice changes that gave a great feel of fall to your home--so warm and inviting! Thank you for sharing with Inspired Sunday at Sunday View.