Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Modern Romantic Fall Tablescape

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are things going at your house???
Getting ready for Thanksgiving, I'd bet,
if I were a betting woman!!  lol

That and more has been going on here.
I have also planned and finished a nice
birthday dinner for my daughter-in-love,
Megan this passed Sunday.  Was gonna
do a post about Asheville today, now that 
I have the photos, but decided someone
 might still be looking for ideas for a fun,
 easy and suitable for Thanksgiving table,
  so  thought I would share Megan's table
 with you instead.

Will be working on make ahead Vegetable
gravy, a recipe I got from Yahoo some 
years back,  cause I really disliked that last
 minute rush to get the gravy done after the 
Turkey cooked. Although,  I am not making 
a Turkey,  we are having a great chicken 
recipe that is a family favorite and much
 easier than a Turkey,  but I am making
stuffing to go with it, so hence the gravy.
Also will be working on my Thanksgiving
table too probably.  Have all the grocery
shopping done, unless there is something
I forgot.......which I probably did,  but 
don't mind those quick trips to the store
as they are much easier.

DeeAnna has been here at our house since
Sunday afternoon when she came with Scott
and Megan,  she spent the night at their house,
and has and will be working thru Wednesday,
and she leaves to go home on Thursday
morning before noon.  So we have gotten
to see her last night and tonight,  and then
Thursday morning before she goes back.
We are thrilled they are gonna be able to
be here for Christmas for a few days and
can bring Rosie since they are driving down.

Well,  better hush and get to downloading all 
these tablescape pictures...........lol

Made a lil sign and glittered it,  but it doesn't show
in the pitcture.  Hung it from the chandelier.Did it with 
print shop, and it could be a
 Happy Thanksgiving Sign as well............

Found this gold and cream Chevron Paper in one of those
lil shops underneath Dee's apartment,  it was called the
Baggie Goose, I believe,  it was a florist and gift shop.

They had a gorgeous table set with it,  I will show it to you,
when I do the photos from Asheville,  probably next week.

Since the paper had such a modern look to it,  thought what else
can I do to make it look modern,  and I remembered I already
had these glass cylinder vases filled and ready and on a tray on
my dining table,  so just pulled them off the tray and lined them
up,   then added some mercury glass gold votives in between.

a look down the table.

I used lace and satin ribbons and some pine cone
Christmas ornaments and a cylinder filled with nuts,

another cylinder filled with samll faux apples

and a cylinder filled with preserved leaves,
I have had these leaves forever!  lol

 Here is the birthday girls place setting.  I used sleek and modern
silverware with clear goblets since I was using the clear glass
cylinders.........but think my new brown glasses would have
gone well too,  but thought they might be better if I was doing
a guy table............so went with the clear stemware.

Here are some of the last leaves we picked up in Asheville,
but didn't preserve these,  so some of them were starting
to lose their color,  so decided to glitter them with gold.
I just sprayed some hair spray on them and then sprinkled
on some fine glitter.   

A look down the table from the opposite side.

I used stick on, 3 dimensional scrapbook pine
cone imbellishments on some of the votive candles.
and afterwards they come right off, with no sticky
residue or anything.  A nice bonus!
This pic has a posterized affect just for fun.

I used  some real pine cones on this side

and some fall candy of course!!  lol

an overview from the top

The parties over, so playing as usual,  just put all the leftovers
in the mix to enjoy the centerpiece for a few days before I change
it up for Thanksgiving.  I had wanted to glitter more leaves and
do this before her dinner.............but ran out of time.

 These are all after shots.................

Sharing with Susan over at 
Between Naps on the Porch
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Well, Sweet Folks, 
 Hope you have a Wonderful,
Grateful, Fun Filled, Loving and Joyful
 and lots of good food too!!

colored pencil affect

 Love,  Hugs and Blessings 
Abundant to You and Yours
This Thanksgiving!



Sister Susie Says said...

I'm so "tickled pink" that Jerry, DeeAnna, and ROSIE are coming for Christmas! It was so wonderful to see DeeAnna at Megan's birthday celebration!

Megan's Happy Birthday sign is definitely a sentimental keepsake! It was really pretty!

Your table setting was as beautiful as ever. I am always anxious to see what new ideas you have designed!

I think the prettiest cylinder is the one with the nuts. I like how the colors went with the Chevron paper!

The fall leaf with the yellow and brown is so delicate. I wonder if the same tree's leaves have different colors of fall or just one, like this yellow and brown.

The green out the window is really a good background for you table shot. It sets the table off!

I have a really pretty porcelain turkey about 8" x 8" if you would like to have it. I'll send you a picture by e-mail.

Love you all, Susan

JP said...

Beautiful, Nellie and I really love your glittered leaves. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!