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Welcome to Thankful Thursday - November 21, 2013

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Morning Sweet Friends,

and I do mean is only 5:49 a.m.
woke up feeling hungry, so had a bowl of cereal
and was wide awake, so decided to come work
on finishing my Thankful Thursday post.

 Told you I think Fridays were gonna be my
 norm for

This is my first post for this week,  but you will
see why when you read my list.  So guess I 
shall just get on with it....................

I am thankful
for a safe and uneventful drive up to Ashville,
 N.C. and back.  We got home about 9:45 p.m.
Wed. night, and made very good time since we
left there right a noon.  We only stopped twice
once in S.C. and not until we got past Jackson-
ville,  Florida for din din...............

I am thankful
for the beautiful and Wonderful Fall scenery.
We have been up in those areas many times, 
but never in the it was  truly
 delightful and and greatly enjoyable drive 
and visit to N.C.

I am thankful
that we got to watch our lil darling today, and
that we weren't exhausted.  I sort of expected
that we would be really tired today,  but we
both felt great, and had an awesome time with 
Brooklyn today.  She just gets more fun all the
 time,  and I suspect she missed us just as much
 as we missed her.  She had us laughing most of
 the day,  and is really working on that walking, 
 she is standing alone at times and of course,
 pulling up on things.  She is much more stable
 and doing so much more since the last time we 
watched her 2 weeks ago,  and she has perfected
her crawling and is quite fast now, altho,  she
doesn't really prefer it.

I am thankful
that sweet young woman Jennifer, we took
 in a month or so ago, is doing very well and that
her healing is miraculous.   It has just been just
over 4 weeks now and she is doing pretty much
 every thing she normally does and she even put
 up her Christmas tree,  all by herself.  lol
She is finally able to lie down in her bed and sleep
 for the first time since this all started.  She has
had to sleep in a recliner all this time, bless her
heart.................and she looked wonderful today.
Her healing time was suppose to be 8-10 weeks.
She does still have to be careful with some
 things, but is doing amazingly well for this 
period of time.

I am thankful
for a lovely painting she brought us today
for our Anniversary.  It is a french painting
that she customized just for us.  It is a painting
 of the Notre Dame Cathedral and Paris backdrop. 
 She gave it color because the original artist only 
used black and gray colors,  so she noticed I had a
 lot of french accents in my work/computer room,
 as well as the colors,  so she made it colors she
 thought would go in here.  It is wonderful, and
can't wait to find just the right spot for it.
Hopefully, we will be working on our computer/
work room sometime in the New Year!

I am thankful
our kitty, Molly did fine while we were away, 
since she had been staying in at night.  I made 
her a lil den in one of our chairs (out on the porch)
for her to get in just in case it turned cold, which
it did for a few nights, but only in the 50's.

I am thankful
for my sweet SIL Susan,  who always takes such 
good care of Molly while we are away,  It is such a
 blessing and peace of mind knowing she is caring
 for her, cause she always goes above and beyond.
Thanks again Susan!

I am thankful
to know that DeeAnna has been safe and sound
the last few nights.........cause with Jerry being
gone she has to go walk the dog at night by 
herself,  and it seems like a very safe area, but I
sleep much better knowing she is back in the apt.
safe and sound.  Her hubby will be home tonight.

I am thankful
I will be able to unpack my suitcases tomorrow,
(meaning Friday) and start working on food and
 table for Sunday's birthday celebration for Megan. 
 I started to play a lil with the table today for ideas
 for her table and our Thanksgiving table while our
lil darling was sleeping...............

I am thankful
that Rosie was doing much better today, she
was a lil mopey yesterday,  but back to normal
today........Dee said she does go in the guest
bedroom where we stayed and sniff around

I am thankful
for some really cute clothes we found at Dillard's
 for the baby while we were in away.  If you are
not a Dillard's shopper,  just let me tell you they
have the best sales on children's clothing,  so if
you have never checked them out,  you really
should...................I found that out years ago when
Dee was little,  when they have a sale it is really
a sale...............

I am thankful
for all the fun we continued to have with Dee
this week as well. did I mention that hubby was 
working in the daytime remotely, so she and I 
really had a blast doing simple things...........
we made some cookie and
brownies in a jar gifts for a baby shower she is
 doing for her best friend., we went to the party
 store to look for decorations for above said 
shower. It was our first time to do the cookies
in a jar things but it was fun,  and we were
 pleased with the results........
We collected more leaves, as we were out
walking the dog, just so hard not too, cause
they are all so unique and beautiful, but I didn't 
dry them this time,  we made beef stroganoff
together, we shopped at her grocery store which
is called Ingles,  what a great grocery store,  it
is huge,  and I found some gluten free pretzels,
and a few other gluten free things, and we made
 those rolo pretzel candies,  so we loved those,  
and we made some gluten free choc. chip cookies
for us to eat................and she and hubby fed
their starbucks I even
got in on the action when I found out they
had decaf coffee and cold ones. Have you ever
 had their caramel iced lattes??  
My My they are pretty good I have to say.........
We also tried a few new restaurants, one was
"Tupelo Honeys",  Dee said people rave about
that place,  but none of us were impressed, in
fact, we didn't like our food at all,  well, Jerry
did ...cause he got a burger......we sorta wished
we had gotten burgers too!   lol
 We also watched some HTGV, and we walked 
around at night in the town square with the dogs, 
Rosie and her friends dog, and Dee took pics with 
her ipad,  (have to wait for her to send them till
 Jerry gets home, cause she is not sure how to do it) 
 unfortunately, she takes after her Mom with that, 
course, think she isn't quite as technically challenged
 as I am, thank goodness). We also went shopping at 
the mall and was able to get Megan's gifts for her
 birthday,  and she did my hair early, so it was nice
 to get a few things done early, to make it easier
 for when I got home... since I knew I was gonna
have to hit the ground running with all that is
happening and Thanksgiving coming up too.
It was just so nice as always to get away and
to see some new scenery, and to spend time 
with visiting and doing things with her, and it
was also restful and comfortable.  She is really
a great hostess, and thought of everything to
make the time great............
Seemed like we were really gone a long time. 
 Eleven days, all together, but 2 of them were
 travel time mostly.............It takes 81/2 hrs.
to get there but of course, if you stop it takes
longer...........and who doesn't stop!   lol

I am thankful
that my SIL Susan's friend who had breast
cancer,  had good results on some tests
that she had made today, as we think they
were looking for primary or secondary 
cancer in other areas of her body,  and
praise the Lord,  found nothing cancerous.

Well,  here's my list from Cozy Place...
Remember.....God is good all the time.....

So glad you could stop by..........
and hope you will leave a comment
to say you did...........

Hope you have a lovely weekend,  and
a good week next week preparing for
Food and Family wise and Heartwise!
Cause we truly have so much
 to be thankful for!

Love,  Hugs,
and  Thanksgiving Blessings 
to you all,



  1. Many Blessings to you and your Family , Nellie and may you have a most wonderful Thanksgiving full of laughter and joy.


  2. #1. I'm so thankful for your safe return!
    #2. I remember I used to think that about here when we visited from Key West, ha! But the pictures I have seen of a true Fall is just beautiful. I know it had to be gorgeous in person!
    #3. It's so amazing to see the learning she does when you haven't seen her. That's how it is when I see her!
    #4. Praise the LORD for His blessings on Jennifer!
    #5. I can hardly wait to see it!
    #6. Molly did well. She was usually out in the yard sunning herself in your lawn chair or her "special" spot on the edge of the woods. When she saw me she would come quickly to the door meowing, ha!
    #7. You are surely welcome. She means a lot to me too!
    #8. Yea! I know you as well as DeeAnna will be overjoyed to see Jerry!
    #9. That's Right! I had forgotten! I've been so busy this week, I hadn't checked my calendar that far ahead!
    #10. She really misses you since she did spend so much time with you when they lived here.
    #11. She is such a little "doll." I wonder if they realize the fun moms and grandmoms have dressing them!
    #12. You and DeeAnna had quite a busy fun time together! I love the lattes Boston Coffee House has. (I like more milk in my coffee anyway, ha!)
    #13. Yes, praise the LORD. She has surgery on Dec. 10th to have the lymph nodes removed on the side she had the cancer. Please remember her in your prayers!
    Love to you and yours, Susan


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