Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heart tips Tuesday - and Gluten free and heart healthy products

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good week so far.

Mine has been good,  busy yesterday, on the phone a lot in 
the morning, some of the time with Dee,  and then a trip to
 the chiropractor in the afternoon and then over to Scott
 and Megan's to watch the baby so they could go out for his
 36th Birthday...................

Wow, that is making us feel old!  lol

We didn't do a dinner for him at this time this year, at 
the last minute on Sunday we just went out to dinner with 
them,  think he may have been giving his Mom a break
 since he knew all that has gone on these last few weeks.  
Think we are gonna do one big celebration dinner when 
Dee comes Thanksgiving week for he, Megan and our 
Anniversary.  Dee will have to leave Thanksgiving
morning,  but she will be here for about 4 days,
 so that will be nice.

It was a lil less busy today,  was doing fun stuff like
 making cards and catching up on some laundry,  and 
had a nice long quiet time today too, a much needed
 blessing for sure.......

Well, guess I had better tell you about these products 
you see in the pictures! lol

Got the Rice thins and the Say cheese crackers
at Wally Word.  They are both good,  but we favor
the Say cheese crackers for sure.

This jovial pasta I bought at Fresh market,  it is made
 from brown rice,  and we actually think it tastes better.

These products are also heart healthy as well 
as gluten free...........so 2 birds with one stone,
I like that!!

Also got these products above from Wally World too,
  but haven't tried the cookie mix yet,  but did make the
bread,  and I liked it better than any I have tried so far......
need to get some more, but some walmarts carry it
 and some don't.  Wish I could just get it sliced thinner
like most breads.  I looked at Bed Bath and Beyond
hoping they might have a thing you stick in the bread
to make it slice evenly,  but they didn't have one.
Maybe I will find one somewhere,  or if any of you
know what I am talking about and have found one
please let me know where you got it...........
would so appreciate that!

Also,  Becky from Time washed told me that she
eats a lot of things on rice cakes,  so I have tried
that and it is pretty good.  I have put peanut butter
and pumpkin butter on one,  and laughing cow
cream cheese and cucumbers on another,  and
 then laughing cow with cinnamon and honey 
with nuts on top.
All a great switch out...........for bread!,
 yet is quite tasty still..................

Once I try the cookie mix I will try and remember
to let you know how it turned out.

Thanks for stopping in............

Always good to hear from you!

Hugs and Heart Healthy 
 Gluten Free Blessings,



Terra said...

You are having success with your gluten free diet and thanks for sharing tips. It sounds like you have been very busy.

Sister Susie Says said...

Hi there! After about four tries, I finally got through the blog ads that kept popping up on my computer!

The "Say Cheese" crackers sounds good, as does the "Rice Thins!" I bet Chicken salad would taste good on them!

I can't believe Scott is 36 years old!!! You just expect them to never age as we do, ha! Alice, Brenda, and I went to Gram's Kitchen on Monday. They had a special on prime rib dinners for $8.99! I couldn't believe the size of that steak!

I can hardly wait to see DeeAnna at Thanksgiving!!!

It's funny to find myself a "Prime Timer" HA! I'll be going to "our" Thanksgiving Dinner! I'm taking corn and Coca Cola Salad (the recipe you gave us years ago.) You know the Jell-O salad with cranberries, cream cheese, and walnuts! It makes me hungry to eat it now, LOL!

I love to get the breads at Publix. They can slice the bread super thin! I love the cheese flavored rice cakes too! Again, chicken salad goes good with these too!

Thank you for the shopping tips! I love you all so much! Susan

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Nellie,
It looks like you are finding a lot of choices for your gluten free diet. I have had those cracker and love them. Love the name of the pasta. Cute.