Friday, November 8, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - November 7, 2013 - Happy Anniversary to Us!! lol

This was us on 11-7-1970

Happy Thankful Thursday 
Sweet Peas,

Late again, but I have a very
good reason as you will read.

So....How are ya these days???

I am doing well, have been trying to catch up
on my rest, and am feeling some what better,
but keep waking up about 3:30 or so with
night sweats and being awake for hours, 
 which is just so much fun, and makes me 
sleep deprived, of course,  but other than 
that things are going well..................

So on with Thankful Thursday.......

I am thankful
for 43 years of marriage to my sweet 
hubby and friend.  I am the only one
in my family to be married to the same 
person, and the only one to ever be
 married this long. That is such thrilling 
thing for me, as it is a heritage I definitely
 want to pass on to my children 
and grandchildren.

I am thankful
for the wonderful man I am married
to........he has learned over the years
that earning a living is not all there is
to being a man, even tho, that is a big
facet of it,  and he does a great job of
 that,  he also knows it is important to
 love God first, His wife and family
next, then others,  and to be a 
sweet servant leader.  He does an
amazing job of all of these.

# 3
I am thankful
that because of all of the above he
has a wife and children and now 
grandchild who respects and adores
him.  It really is hard for it to get 
much better than that...........

I am thankful
that even tho we have had our up and 
downs just like all married couples that
we can honestly say we have had more
ups than downs.............and we know
without any doubt it is because of our
relationships with the Lord.

I am thankful
for our 2 great and beautiful children,
2 in-love children, and our lil darling grand-
daughter that God has blessed our union with.
(and our lil grand daughter dog Rosie) lol

Our Son Scott and his wife Megan

Our daughter DeeAnna and her 
Hubby Jerry

Our lil darling from Scott and Megan

and Rosie, our grand daughter dog,
 doesn't she look like her Mom!! lol

I am thankful
for something fun we have planned to 
celebrate our Anniversary and will tell you
 about it in a later post, after we have
done it and have some pictures.

I am thankful
that we are going out to dinner tonight
at Carrabbas to celebrate as well.  

Note: That was the plan, but we wound 
up getting take out from Road House grill 
because I was having stomach issues.....
But we enjoyed it and that is all that
matters really...........
There will be another night for Carrabbas!
but it was a lil disappointing at first, as we
were both really looking forward to it.

Life is what happens when we are 
making our

I am thankful
for a lovely and sweet Anniversary
card we got from DeeAnna and Jerry
today, and a very Sweet E-card
from Susan my Sister-in-love,
and of course, last but not least,
the sweet and loving card from
my better half.

Here we are a few Christmas's ago!
Time to take some new

I am thankful
for a fun phone conversation with my
daughter today, and so happy that they 
are enjoying their lives so much.
Course, we talk to each other almost
daily except on weekends. But this
was just a particularly fun one.....

I am thankful
for coat hangers, just imagine having
to fold every piece of clothing you
have..........uh uh.........that would
be no fun at all.............can you tell
 I have just been doing laundry!  lol
My hangers got all gnarled up and was
a bit aggravating but then I thought
even tho, I would sure hate to not

I am thankful
for a new series we are doing on dealing
with Conflict, hoping that this will be
the material for our new class in January.
and of course, you always have a situation
that comes up so you get to practice.  lol

 I am thankful
that we have refreshed and more 
knowledge on what our real goal should be,
and how to go about it. Learning things
based on God's word makes such a remark-
able difference in how we approach life.
It's All Good..........

Well, there you have it another 
week in the life of Cozy Place....

Thanks for being a blog friend,
I so appreciate you 
and your comments.

Love, Hugs and
 Happy Anniversary Blessings, 
whenever your Anniversary is.....



Terra said...

Congratulations on 43 years of marriage; we are almost twinsies with you two, and we will celebrate 42 years of marriage later this month.
I like your thanks list.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh such a lovely post. Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you have many, many more. Hugs, Marty

Rebecca said...

Belated congratulations on your 43rd! Hope you're feeling WAY better real soon :)

Sister Susie Says said...

#1. Praise our LORD for His blessings on you and Jim!
#2. When GOD is put first, He blesses all else that comes to you!
#3. What joy beams from his face (and yours) when your sweet granddaughter is in your hands of love!
#4. I think that is what "growing in the LORD" means to us all!
#5. And because of you, what a blessed aunt I am too!
#6. I can hardly wait for your post!!!
#7. I do hope you are feeling better!
#8. LOL! You do know how much I love you, (Jim's better half, ha!) Jim is great, so everyone knows how great you are!
#9. How wonderful that is, almost like having her here.
#10. I'm about to do the same thing! My empty hangers are in one of my sinks just waiting to be used! Since my dryer is gone, I hang them on the hangers in the laundry room to dry.
#11. There is so much growing in the LORD that we have need to do as we continue in this life.
#12. It surely must be great to have a "helpmate" to share and care with on this path of life.
The LORD has been so good to me!
Love you all, Susan

Sue said...

Wishing many blessings on your 43rd anniversary, Nellie. I just savored every word of your thankful Thursday. You have such a beautiful family and a very thankful heart!
Thank you for sharing.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Beautiful family and I love your wedding picture!!!

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary, Nellie! This was such a sweet post. You two are so cute, then and now! We only have about a year and a half on you -- married June 1969. It does seem to be kind of an oddity in today's world to be married this long to the same person. I find it so interesting that our closest friends have all been married this long or longer and they are all married to the originals! Glad you had a good celebration!

Mary Clewley said...

Awe, Nellie! I am so glad I stopped by for a visit. What a beautiful post to start me out this Monday morning. Happy Belated Anniversary! You guys look way too young to have been married 43 way!!! I love the pictures of your family...what a beautiful grandbaby. Your grand furbaby is pretty cute too!
What a great legacy to pass on to your be married for so many years and still have fun and plan dates and celebrate each other.
I pray that you are feeling better. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

Walking on Sunshine said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved all the photos you shared with us. Hope you enjoyed your special day together!