Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thankful Thursday August 20, 2015, tablescape playing with green #2

When Jesus spoke again to the people,
 he said, "I am the light of the world.
 Whoever follows me 
will never walk in darkness,
 but will have the light of life."
John 8:12

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are you today??

Hope it has been a good week for 
you, know for some of you it is a 
bitter/sweet week, glad to be
 getting back on a schedule but
 not happy to lose your lil darlings
 back to school again.
At least that was typically how I
 felt............I loved having my
 kids around, at least 98% of the 
time anyway~lol   
I also felt like my kids got along
better when they were home 
together all summer, and not 
spending so much time around 
their friends.

My...... it has been a quick week
 here, can't believe it is already
 Thursday.  I have been doing all
week but can't tell you what I 
have accomplished........
Oh, two posts at least!!  lol
and watched lil darling and
made some chicken and dump-
lings but tried to make them
where they tasted more like
Chicken Gnocchi soup from
Olive Garden.  Came pretty
close I think,  but missed my
nice fluffy dumplings tho!
Guess you can't have every-
thing!!  lol

These pictures are a follow up to 
 Tablescape playing with green....
from earlier this week. This is 
when I did the table for hubby
 and I....and one morning for

See Post #1 here if you'd like
or scroll down passed this 

Well better hush and get on
with it ...............

I am thankful

for a really great new movie that
just came out this Spring called 
"Do You Believe?"
It is very inspiring and thought
provoking, want to see it again
as it is one of those movies that
you are sorry when it's over!
We rented it on Amazon!

With colored Pencil affect

for Duke Energy Power Company
who had to come out on Sat. to
fix a blow fuse.  We were only
without power for 2 1/2 hrs.
They are always so efficient,
and we were so happy to have
our A/C back on as it was a
hot day!  So to all of you who
work for a Power Co. (or your
spouses or family do) we truly
appreciate your service to all
of us Americans.

for the couple we team teach
 and minister with in the Young
 Marrieds Class. We are almost 
always on the same page about 
everything, which makes things 
so easy for all of us. They are
truly great folks, and we are
becoming better and better
friends all the time, as we
have only known them since
we began this ministry.

Same picture as the one above but with
a Water color affect from photosketcher

that we decided to get a new
way to house lil darlings toys.
We used to just put everything
in her pack and play, but think
I have found the perfect
 solution and it should arrive
 some time this week........
Very excited about that, as it
will also look great with our
new bedroom decor, and sure
make the one corner of our
bedroom look much better too.

for a good time with Scott
Megan and the baby on Sunday
In spite of poor Megan having a
bad headache and not feeling
real great...........

that Dee and Jerry got home
safely from a weekend getaway
to the the beach, to celebrate
her birthday, which was Monday.
and they had a good time and
got a lil sunshine, which they
are starving

for my precious daughter!
 Since it was her birthday on
Monday think I should give a lil
Thanks for her. she is such 
blessing to me and everyone who
 knows her and she has turned
 out to be my best friend. (When
they are teenagers you can never
imagine that happening!!  lol)
So what a joy that is.......
She is beautiful inside and out,
and has a great head on her
shoulders, and is very thoughtful
and caring towards her parents,
and I am sure her patients that 
come thru the mammography
 clinic probably love her too, as
 she is very cheerful and wel-
coming.  I love watching her
 talk with people when we are
 out shopping or somewhere,
she is so gracious and kind to
people.........that's my girl!!
Just can't help but..........
Love love love her!!

for a fairly new dark chocolate 
candy bar by Ghiradelli called
Cherry Tango!  If you like dark
chocolate you will love this one.
Oh my.....sooo good!
and remember it's heart
healthy too!!

that we were able to find the right
 color bins for our new toy organizer.
I had bought 2 colors but needed a
 third and they no longer had it online, 
so I was concerned they were dis-
continuing them,  but I called our
 Target on Tuesday and they had them,
 so hubby was sweet to run by and get
 them on his way home. He had already
checked another Target and they didn't
have the color I I was
very happy to find them and happy
hubby was willing to go get them!!
He is such a sweetie......

with posterized affect

for the gift of prayer.  It doesn't
matter what mood I am in, whether,
sad, fearful, discouraged, angry or
happy, whatever the  emotion.  
always feel better once I am able
 to talk it over with the Lord.
He is always there to listen, and
hear our prayers, and nice to know
he is working on things even if it
doesn't seem like it right away.

This was my breakfast one morning......
lemon bundt cake with lemon greek yogurt
 and whipped cream.  Yum! and coffee, of course!
Can you tell I like lemon!!!!

for some really tasty
 Lemon Poppy seed scones
 my hubby found at Target's bakery.
He got them on Tues. night and
they are almost gone,  I am having
a very hard time staying away

Unlike the gluten free ones I made,
 but did turn out okay, in the end.
  If you'd like to read about
it click here

for a new olive oil dispenser I got
back when I was in Asheville.  Dee
had one just like I had wanted, that
had the lil cover for the spout but
couldn't find anywhere, so when
we were at Home Goods, where
she found hers,  they had another
one which came home with me.
Hadn't had much reason to use
it up until this week, but have
really used it a lot this week,
so guess that is what reminded
me about

Isn't it makes
for a nice drizzle when you
are needing it......

Well, that's it for today folks,

So glad you could stop in.

Have a Fun and Fabulous

Love, Hugs and
Mid August, Back to School

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Cassidy Adams said...

I always get such a blessing when I stop by on Thankful Thursday:) You are such and encouragement when I see how you are so thankful for each & everything. I've been to that Home Goods in Asheville:) It's such a small world, isn't it? I hope you are doing well, Nellie!

Cassidy Adams said...
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Mimi Mama said...

Nellie, I love your Thankful Thursday posts so much. They're a highlight of my blog reading week. Will you share this one at Five Star Frugal this week? Love, Mimi xxx

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very sweet post. We all have so much to be thankful for. Love your green tablescape...calming and that cake looks yummy, even for breakfast. I am doing well. Thanks for your visit. Have a lovely weekend. xo

Sister Susie Says said...

#1. I've been watching the old westerns on t.v. I had forgotten how much GOD and the Bible was in so many of them (Rifleman, etc.)
#2. We don't know how truly blessed we are until the blessing is removed!
#3. I pray more will come into the church and learn as well as fellowship with GOD's people. I surely have been missing church. I'll be glad when Dr. Steen gives me to okay to get out again (after the surgery.)
#4. I had a corner basket I kept the cats' toys in, but they just keep taking them out and scattering them. It surely would be nice if they would pick them up and put them back on command, lol!
#5. I pray she's feeling better now.
#6. I had called Jerry and her phones to wish her a Happy Birthday, but they had a message (like you get on mine) no voice box set up.
#7. Ditto, Amen, GOD bless her!
#8. I still have some in the fridge. It's been there awhile!!!
#9. You are too, for what the two of you have done for me.
#10. Yes, and throughout the night I found myself praying for the Sheriff Deputy that is in critical condition from being shop for doing his duty.
#11. I have been craving sweet. I need to get some fresh pineapple again! That knocks out my sweet tooth!
#12. If we could only come up with the simple ideas others do!!!
Love you all, Susan

Carol said...

Your Thankful Thursday is always such a wonderful reminder to truly enjoy and feel blessed with the simple things that surround us. I'm sorry I don't always respond, but just know that I do read your posts quite often!

vickie morgan said...

Thankful Thursday ..I love your post and your beautiful centerpieces. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

Cinderella Moments said...

I'm always glad to come by your blog to see what you're up to! I go to Homegoods once a week. They always have interesting stuff. The only bad thing is that it's so crowded since so many people are now living here in North Texas. It's a shock to the system. Dallas has gotten way too big! Have a great week!

Carol said...

Since you discovered me and then I discovered you, I look forward to seeing your gratitude list each week. For years, I kept a journal and wrote a minimum of 5 things I was grateful for, even on days that were not good. There is always something to be grateful for! Thank you Nellie.