Friday, November 29, 2019

Thankful Thursday November 28, 2019, and Son's Fall Birthday Table

Enter his gates with thanksgiving 
and his courts with praise;
 give thanks to him and
 praise his name.
Psalm 100:4 NIV

Greetings and Belated 
Happy Thanksgiving to all You
Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a Wonderful
Thanksgiving and time with
your family/and or friends.

Ours was as good as it could
be this side of Heaven.......
The whole family got to be
together this what
a delight and pleasure and
fun time we had.

Pictures today are from my
Son's birthday table this year.

So, on with my Thankfuls......

Thankful that my hubby had an
 opportunity to talk to and hopefully
help guide a teenage boy who is
having a difficult time.
What a sweet young man he is too!

Thankful that due to an accidental
situation with the microwave that
my daughter had.....her doggie
started frantically barking and let
her know something was on fire
inside the microwave,  and it had
already burned the cabinet a bit
underneath once they took the
microwave out,  so it was on it's
way to being a house fire.
So praise the Lord for Bentley!!

Thankful for a nice time at a friends
birthday party, and a chance to get
to know a few other people a lil 
bit better.

Thankful to have had the opportunity
to help a lil old lady that was using a
scooter in the grocery store several
times,  but also noticed a number of
other people helping her as well.
How lovely and Refreshing to see
that in our negative culture today.

Thankful to have had another one
of our Students who was ordained
as a Pastor a few months back,
preach this morning since our Sr.
Pastor is still away.  Yeah....
another younger person moving
into leadership. Awesome!

Thankful for Spinach dip....we had
it at our friends the other night, and
I decided to make some as my family
really likes it, and I haven't made it
in a long time.  It was delicious when
I finished making it and will be even

better after it has been in the fridge
awhile........ummm can't wait to get
Note:  Turned out to be a great 
snack for all of us for 3 days,
and it was really delicious.

Thankful to hear that an 82 yr. old
lady (who was a body builder) was
able to protect herself against a
man who broke in her house.  She
hit him over the head with a table
and then beat the stuffings out of
him.....He messed with the wrong
lil old lady.  lol  and the police
arrested him as well....a win win.

Thankful that my daughter and
son-in-love and Bentley made it
here safe and sound.

Thankful that we had a great 3
 days with them and the family.
Such a blessed time.

Thankful for the fun of cooking
Thanksgiving dinner together with
my daughter and getting it done
 quickly and earlier than expected
 so we could just have a relaxing 
evening. I always make dishes we
can make ahead and just pop in
the oven the day of whatever the
holiday is...........

Thankful for a really yummy
dinner on Thanksgiving with
all my favorite foods and I think
theirs too.  Cause I save certain
dishes only for certain holidays,
so we are always excited about
and looking forward to enjoying

Love that the napkins had 2 different sides

Thankful for a loving God
who blesses us way more than
 we deserve, a sweet hubby of 
49 years, 4 wonderful kids, a
 precious granddaughter 2 fun
 grand dogs, other family and
I am a very blessed woman
for sure!!

Well, this is all for the
 Thanksgiving edition!!  lol

Thanks for stopping by.....

Keep your light shining brightly.

Love, Hugs and
End of November Blessings,


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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and have so many blessings and things to be thankful for in your life. It is the best thing to see others helping those that need it in our society. Gives us hope that there is still Christian values in peoples hearts. OMG yay for Bentley to save the day. Dogs are so intuitive to things. I hope he got a nice big treat on Thanksgiving for saving the day. Have a great rest of this long weekend.

  2. #1. I'm praying for this young man to listen with his heart to what was shared with him!
    #2. Praise Almighty GOD for His direction of protection against a worse situation! Good boy, Bentley!!!
    #3. I pray the LORD's leading upon them!
    #4. Isn't it great the blessings that flow when helping others!
    #5. Yes indeed! It is a blessing to see others the LORD leads to step into service!
    #6. I like it if not too much mayo is added! Your 24 hour salad was delicious!
    #7. WOW! Great for her! I bet the 'criminal' was surprised!!
    #8. Yes! I surely enjoyed seeing them! Bentley was a blast, ha!
    #9. I'm so glad they had more time to spend with you!!!
    #10. It's wonderful to have others assist in a great way (and fun too!)
    #11. It was delicious! I could have eaten more, but didn't want to overdo it, ha!
    #12. Isn't it great, the blessings the LORD gives us in one another! Praise His Name!
    Love you all, Susan

  3. Glad to hear you had a wonderful week! And how lucky for your daughter that her dog warned her about the fire! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!


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