Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Scenes from Cozy Place - Fall of 2019

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Don't die from shock.....
I know it has been awhile since I posted
 on a Tuesday,  but figured I had better
 get with it and show you my Fall 
pictures or it's gonna be Christmas
before we know it.  lol

Hope this finds you having a good
week....and I would imagine you
are starting to prepare for Thanks-
giving, am I right??

I am happy to report it has been
a much better week for me since
last Thursday,  and I am in the
process of preparing for thanks-
giving!  Have most of my food
shopping done now, other than
the last minute things....so quite
happy about that....

Thought I would show you a few
shots from my family room. Our sofa 
table, in the corner of the family room,
which will soon be sporting our
Christmas tree...........lol

This tabletop is actually nearer to
the dining room..........oh well.......

This is on our serving cart and
it is in the family room right
nest to the sofa.
This shows the top shelf

Colored Pencil Affect

This is the bottom shelf

Saved the best for last..............lol

Lil Darling did this arrangement
and thought it was pretty cute....
so I decided to leave it as it was,  
other than moving the big orange 
flower over a tad and moving it
to a new location.
When I showed it to her Mom and
 told her she did it ....she said No,
I didn't....and I was like yes, you did,
So guess she didn't recognize it after 
a week and.....in the new place.
Kids are too funny!!

Well,  hope you have a lovely day.

Love, hugs,
and Great Fall Weather to you.


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  1. Your house looks cozy and sweet for Thanksgiving. Glad all your shopping is done. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful fall decorating! I can hardly wait to see it! Love you, Susan

  3. Beautiful fall decorating Nellie. Thank you for sharing it at Create, Bake, grow & Gather this week.
    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.


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