Monday, April 2, 2012

Metamorphosis Monday - Back Porch Redo

(This is the before picture, but when it was new)

Happy Monday Morning to you,

Hope you are well and happy today!

I have been sick over the weekend,  some sort of virus I guess.
Started with a burny throat on Friday and the some coughing
thrown in on Saturday and just tiredness,  but felt some better
 by the time I went to bed, so thought I had about kicked it
cause I did everything I knew to do that my ward it off!
Unfortunately,  I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I was
run over by a Mack Truck, along with a fever.  So I did
 nothing but rest all day.  I am so thankful I had one Alleve
D left that I could take,  cause I had a horrible headache,
and body aches, so that at least made me feel some better.
Then hubby got me some more after church just in case,
and it was good he did cause I needed feeling
some better this morning but not quite on the mend yet.
Fever broke finally during the night so that is hopeful!!

Back in February I was talking about redoing my porch and
 some of you said they would like to see it,  so had some time
on Sat. while Mr. Cozy Place was working on something,
 to work on that post,  so here it is.....

To see the before pictures, just click here........
these were taken when it was newly redone in May of 2009,
  believe me it was very faded from our strong Florida sun
when I redid it again.  I actually bought the rugs when we had
Dee and Jerry's reception in Oct., cause we needed them and I
 liked them and they were good colors for Fall and a great price
 at Walmart, so they were perfect I thought, then we never wound
 up using them for the reception. Thought about returning them, cause
 I wasn't sure if  I was gonna like them for Spring and Summer,
 but decided just to use some bright yellow and blue to brighten it
 up a bit.  Not quite as bright... but I am enjoying the subtlety and
 different colors.
Not a lot of changes really...............but we were both happy
with the outcome!!

This is coming onto the porch from inside the house.

These plants are just  to the right of the doors,  I am doing
this kind of like a 360 degree video,  only it's not
a video!!  lol

The table with my new arrangement I showed you awhile back.
Camera angle from the door. Last time you saw it I think it was in
 a white pitcher in a tablescape.  Swiped this blue pitcher from my
 bedroom,  and replaced it with a white one in there.

 I really like
 to move things room to room and get a whole new look. It is
a very good decorating technique,  cause putting things in a new
 room with different accessories makes it like a brand new item.
and who wouldn't enjoy that,  it is free decorating..........

 Here is an upclose look of the arrangment.  I just
love hydrangeas and tulips.

My fav side of the arrangement, and did you notice the
 tablecloth is different.  I have to change it once or twice
 a week,  as I can't keep my Molly off this table.  She loves
 laying up there. Funny cause she never even tries to get
on any other table,  thank goodness!

Angle from other end of porch.  I really need to make some new cushions,
 cause I have sunbrella fabric that would match this,  just need to get busy.
But I don't really want to........I really have to be in the mood for
 sewing................which I am not!!  lol
But after sitting out there on Sat. on those hard chairs playing cards,
 It might just get me motivated,  I hope!!  lol
and it would sure be so much more colorful.

Just a lil more over,  you can see the watering can
by the door,  and the rug in front of the screen door
 going to the yard.

I put this here this I could find something better,
cause it looked too bare.

Then Scott and Megan gave me this lovely plant for my birthday,
 so it was perfect here,  so swapped the watering can with the bunny,
 and put the watering can by the plants over by the french doors.
Can you tell this was taken at night??  See the light shadows.

This is looking passed the screen door to the other end of the
porch.  Remember I was painting my swing some months back,
well here it is all white.  The stand was already white but the
swing itself was still oak stained.  Like it much better white.
Bought blue pillow cases and just put the other pillows inside.

Here's my Gerbera daisy plant replacement.
Remember???? and one of my new candle cups
I will tell you about below.

 Got 2 of these adorable candle cups for 88 cents
 each at Michaels,  thought they were so pretty.
 Not the greatest picture unfortunately.
Hope you can tell they have daisies etched on them.

Added some old throw pillows and a bear,  with a ribbon
that matched for some color.

Believe it or not this  elephant ear plant is older than my son
and he is 34,  we brought it from Ft. Lauderdale when we
moved here 32 yrs. ago,  it has been in the house, in the 
yard, and it's final resting place it seems will be here on the
porch.  The bird house I swiped from the bedroom and
 bought a cut birdcage to put in it's place.
Gonna get a new pot for that plant soon too, it is time!!

This is just a close up of the rugs.

These pcs. are to the left of the french doors
where we come out of the house.

I love this little bakers rack,  I have had it for years
and got it at old time pottery at a great price, and
it is still hanging in there.
Put kitties dishes on the bottom shelf,  and thank
the Lord the ants have not found them. I used to
have to put it on the table to keep them out of it.
As Molly likes to be outside most of the time in
the spring and summer,  unless it rains!!
She hates rain but mostly the thunder and lightening.
She is my best weatherman, cause she will be at the
 door wanting in about 20-30 mins. before it ever rains.

Found this cute lil bottle at Michaels,  it was only
88 cents too,  this and  the other daisy candle cup
added a lil splash of color.

 This was given to me by my dad years ago.
 It was made by an artist in KeyWest,  and unfortunately,
got broken in transit, notice the palm leaves,  but I kept
it because it looks very much like the house we lived in
down there before I got married,  accept it was a 2
story house,  so it is of sentimental value.

Took this when I took a picture of my new plant.
Just a different tablecloth, so gives it a little different
look.  The thing on the arm of the chair was a cloth
package that the pillow cases came in and I thought
I should use it for something,  so I put a pad and
Pencil in there and just fastened in around the arm
of the chair.  Thought about matches but they would
probably get to damp.

Got any other ideas?????

I'm kinda of a take what you have and do the best
you can with it girl,  so this re-do probably cost me
about  $50-56.00,  The only new things were the rugs,
for either $30-35.00, can't remember for sure,  the pillow
cases came from wally world for $6.00 or less, the flowers
 were on sales at Michaels as well as the rest of the stuff I will
 mention below, so got all of the flowers for $7.50,  and then the
 lil bottle and candle cups were $2.50 for all of them,  and the
 ribbon on the bear $1.00 and I have some leftover. Oh yea,
and 2 new bowls for Molly for $3.00.
Already had everything else.

Usually what I do when I am gonna do a project like this,
 I decide what I want to do,  for instance with the porch
 I found rugs I liked at a good price, then I start collecting
other things I need over time,  that will go with the rugs,
 which affords me time to visit lots of stores in search of
what I need on sale, then when I get most of the things
 I need purchased,  I start putting it all together, that is
when I bought the cat bowls, and the lil bottle and
candle cups and ribbon.  You can wait on those lil
touches till the end if you want, cause sometimes you
don't really know what lil extras you will need to
you get into the project.

Anywho,  that's my soothing and 
relaxing new porch.

Thanks for stopping in,  and for all 
your sweet comments.

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Have a Marvelous Monday!!

Love,  Hugs, and
Relaxing on the back porch Blessings,


Jess said...

How pretty and fun!
Sure hope you are feeling better today. Have a great week Hon.

Cinderella Moments said...

I do love those rugs. They are quite sophisticated. You'd find those at Ballard Designs. I like them! And the touches of blue you put around the room are really beachy. I especially like the glass bottle. Adorable porch! Now don't do too much today or your fever will come back. Take care, rest and feel better quickly!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Thats so pretty Nellie. what a wonderful place for you and your family n friends to relax and enjoy your time together..Love that swing~!
I sure hope you get better soon..

sending you healing thoughts and good wishes..

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

It looks so pretty and relaxing! I love the rugs. I'm using the bright colors outside on my porch this year and I'm looking for a new door mat. Your old one is more what I need! I love the bouquet...I'm all about sunny yellow right now!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your back porch is beautiful! I always enjoy seeing other back porches and how people decorate and think to myself that your pretty decorations wouldn't last an hour up here with our wind! That pretty tablecloth would be all over the place! Some days the wind can be really fierce! Glad you're feeling better! How horrible to be so sick! Hope you're enjoying preparing for Easter!!!

LDH said...

A very sweet and inviting porch! I love all of the details especially the blue vase and the gorgeous flowers!

Hope you are feeling better!

So nice stopping by to visit with you!
Kindly, Lorraine

momto8 said...

you must just love it!!! looks perfect!
Hope you are better too!

CAS said...

It's so very inviting, Nellie, & nice and spacious to accommodate lots of family & friends. I'll bet you enjoy it alot.''

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Hi again Nellie.

My daughter had a terrible cold/flu like thing for 9 days and I was so careful to spray lysol and use bleach water solution so I could do everything here without her help so she could rest as much as possible. She went to work on wednesday and wednesday night I started to feel funny.. Like, sorta off balance. It worried me a but, ya know.. Then 2 hours later I had 102 fever and I knew I hadnt dodged that cold bullet after all. I'm doing all the usual stuff- vitamins / lots of water/ chicken broth/ warm showers-- I still feel so bad. I have a landscape crew scheduled for Monday- yikes. If I cant go to the nursery and choose my plants and trees- goodness knows when the landscape folks can work me back into their schedule- so sick or well I am gonna have to go and do it. Even if I come home and pass out afterwards lol..
if I dont get back for your next post its cause I'm in bed..

I hope you get well soon- I know you've had more of this than you can stand..
I hope you and yours have a Blessed Easter.

Paula said...

This looks like the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful spring day!