Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 29, 2012 Happy Birthday to me!!

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you have a had a wonderful week!!

I have to say mine has been great!! Today is my birthday
but we have sort of been celebrating all week,  and this
will pretty much be what my post is all about.  Some of
you love hearing the details...........  so here are some.
I wrote most of this on Wednesday cause my heart 
was so full of joy I could hardly contain it............
 so I wrote about it, which leads to my......

I am thankful 
for a lovely lovely birthday celebration at  Dee and Jerry's 
on Tuesday night.  We all had such a great time,  it actually
 felt like it was my birthday,  and they had to remind me I 
wasn't quite 60 yet, and that I had a few days left still.
Being with my family is the best treat you can give me.
Took the camera,  but once we all get gabbing and
having fun I never think to use it!!

I am thankful
that Dee and I had some one on one time together
as she was doing my hair.  My love language is
quality time, so spending time one on one with a
loved one or friend really rings my chimes. and
my hair looks great to boot!!  lol

I am thankful
for a delicious dinner of grilled shrimp and scallops,
 baked potatoes with the works,  a lovely salad and rolls.
A birthday cake made by my sweet girl, with yummy yellow
 funfetti cake with chocolate frosting, along with moose
 tracks frozen yogurt.   Um Um!

I am thankful
for the precious and lovely cards they gave me, and
for the Wii system all the kids gave to me and hubby, a
 few weeks ago for both our birthdays,and we are really
 having fun with it. I told them we can't wait till they come
over on Easter so we can challenge them to a game of
 bowling!  lol  We will be really practiced up by then!! lol
  I also rec'd 2 pretty cotton nightgowns, some adorable
 blue earrings and a new book called "Captivating", a 
Kohl's gift card, and some plants, one of which looks
great on my porch.  

I am thankful
for 4 birthday cards I rec'd from ladies in my bible study 
group, so unexpected, 1 card from a friend, and 2 lovely
 ecards from friends, and1 facebook wish,  and gees,  it isn't
 even my birthday I am beyond blessed!

I am thankful
for my sweet hubby and all the sweet things he has done for
 me and given to me this week. He has really put on his thinking
 cap,  and done an amazing job I have to say.

I am thankful
for my wonderful children and their wonderful spouses,
 and am blessed to be their Mom,  they truly are all such
sweeties and such a blessing to us as parents.

I am thankful
I am turning the big "60",  as I am rather in awe of it.
Can't believe I made it here so quickly, yet,  am so
grateful for all the Lord has taught me, and all I can still 
do at this age.  God is good!

I am thankful
that I still have a birthday dinner date to look forward to
 with a dear friend in April   It will be a wonderful time to 
catch up as we haven't seen each other for over a month.

I am thankful
for all the healing that is taking place in my body thru doing
 these breathing exercises,  I could never have imagine this in 
all my wildest dreams.

I am thankful
for a wonderful movie we saw last night called "Octoberbaby". 
Wow, it is quite a movie,  and has such a very interesting and
 unique story line and is very moving and powerful. 
 We highly recommend it....don't miss it if you have the 
opportunity to see it. Bring your hanky tho!
But it has a great ending................
it just came out in Florida theatres last Friday.
We would give it 5 stars or more for sure!!

I am thankful
for what a terrific morning I am having, cause this is my actual
 birthday, so far, hubby gave me another sweet card,  J'lo perfume,
that smells wonderful, and some drinking glasses (that I requested),
 and this was on top of his gifts from Tuesday. I have had an email
 from Dee,  and about 13 facebook wishes,  from old friends and 
church family.  I am feeling  like a celebrity and the day has hardly
 begun.  Tonight we are getting take out from Carrabbas and hubby
 is picking up Rosie our grandaughter dog,  she is coming to stay
 with us for the weekend since her Mommy is in an out of town
wedding................So I'm happy!  Rosie always puts a smile
on my face too!
 It is now afternoon and I just got off the phone. My sweet
SIL Susan who I am very thankful for as well, and our friend
 Becky (from over at Junk to Joy) called to wish me a Happy
Birthday.  Was great to get a chance to talk with Becky as I
haven't seen her much cause of all the wedding adieu, naturally!
It is coming very soon!!  She is gonna run by in awhile so
 looking forward to seeing her, as she like all my friends are
a tremendous blessing to me,  as are you my bloggy friends.

Sometimes the Lord's blessings are simply overwhelming!!
I got 5 more phone calls,  and 19 more facebook messages,
two more cards and another gift, and another ecard, and 7
 wishes from my bloggy friends.  What a day,
 someone pinch me,  I am just undone by all this!!  lol

Thank You to Everyone who has just made my birthday
the warmest and most loving birthday ever.....................
Yall are the just the greatest!!

and last but definitely not the least........

I am so thankful
for my relationship with the Lord because I have no
idea where I would be without Him, but I definitely
know it would be NO PLACE GOOD!

Well, there you have it!!
Hope this in no way comes across as being bragadocious,
because that is sincerely not my heart at is just so
 hard not to share joy with your friends,  and so many of you
have truly become just that,  and I would indeed want to
hear your happy moments as well.  What good is joy
or sorrow if we can't freely share it with others..........

Thanks so very much for coming by, 
 I always love hearing from you.

Am hoping you have a Fabulous Friday
 and a Wonderful Weekend,

See ya next week!

Love,  Hugs, and
Joyful Blessings, Nellie


Bonnie said...

Oh I ma so happy I looked at my blog roll today and realized I didn't miss your birthday after all. Happy birthday Miss Nellie, wonderful,loyal,amazing friend of mine. I did my very first post today since march 17th. Honestly my life is nutzo and when will it gt better. We have been in Utah for some time, especially Jim. but things are looking up for our sweet daughter and family at last.

I am going to have Lowell help me get a volume two of my blog going hopefully. This one just has so many posts on it that it is getting really cumbersome.

Love you, sweet lady, have a wonder-filled day.

Love B

Cinderella Moments said...

WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Birthday!!
I'm so happy you shared all the details. Oh boy do you have it good or what! I can feel you happiness through the post. Happy Birthday!
hugs and best wishes

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Nellie. Your "birthday cup" overflows and spills all over me as I read! I pray that you will continue to have blessings to count all year long.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. I'm thankful for the LORD's blessing of your birthday. What a great time we had!
#2. I'm thankful for directions by Google! It was my first time going to Jerry and DeeAnna's house on my own. What's so funny, is I got every turn right, but passed by their house when I got on their street, ha!
#3. A birthday dinner set for a Queen! Yummy, yummy!
#4. More blessed to give than receive (unless it's your birthday, ha!) I always love to give. We need to give a list of the gift cards we like the most, so when that may be a gift, we know what you like the most!
#5. Wow! You did get the cards! Usually the "extra" cards I get are from the A/C company, my house ins. company, etc. ha!
#6. Yeah!
#7. Children are a blessing from the LORD.
#8. I felt the same with my 40, 50 and 60th birthday. Looking back, time has gone so fast. It's funny when you look forward it seems to be forever getting to a point you want!
#9. Dinner dates with friends are GOD's sweet blessings to us all!
#10. I can testify to that!! You told me about it this morning and I started it! My back felt so much better within a few hours!!
#11. I hope to see it soon!
#12. You can sing, "On the twelve days of my birthday my true love gave to me..." Count yourself as pinched, ha!
#13. My happy moment is that my flooring is here!!! Now the joy of waiting for it to be put down soon!
I love you all so much, Susan

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Lady!

Lois Christensen said...

Your birthday sounds as wonderful as it should be for YOU!!! May the Lord bless you as you continue to be a blessing to others! Happy Birthday!

momto8 said...

happy birthday! and lucky you!!
Happy Holy Week.

Sue said...

It sounds like such a wonderful week! Happy Belated Birthday! It is fun to be fussed over isn't it? I have a Wii and what I use all the time (every day) is a game/program called Walk It Out. It is a fun way to get in good walking time while making it fun. I walk and hour a day and I no longer use their music (I've been doing this a long time) I just turn down the Wii sound and play my own now. You might check it out. I wish they would come out with a second one as I'm a bit bored after doing the entire thing many times now.