Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 8, 2012

Whoops I posted and then realized I forgot my greeting!! lol
Hello Sweet Peas............

Truly hope you are all doing well, 
 and having a good week.

Ours has been good, and I will
share that thru my Thankfuls.


I am thankful
for my hubby,  we celebrated his 64th birthday
yesterday,  just the 2 of us.  Since Dee and Jerry
are in the middle of a move,  we decided to wait
on the family get together till they get moved in
as she wants to host it for him.  Also, thankful for
 these pretty roses you see above  that he brought me
 last Friday  You all know how much I love flowers!!
 I  thought they would look pretty in one of my cream
 pitchers, so I cute them short,  shaped them into
a bouquet, wrapped a rubber band around them
and stuck them in,  and they are still going strong.

I am thankful
for a stockman in Walmart on Tuesday, that shone like the light
 of the son,  and I do mean SON.  As I turned onto the aisle I
 encountered him within just a minute or so, he accidentally stepped
in front of me, and was so polite, gentle, and humble that there was 
truly something so captivating about his spirit.  He was probably
in his 40's I would say,  and maybe had some American Indian in
 his heritage possibly, and he wasn't a bad looking fellow, but not
 drop dead gorgeous either,  tho it truly  had nothing at all to do with 
his looks but everything to do with his  warm, genuine, courteous and
 kind way and humble attitude. He literally stuck out like a sore thumb
 but in the most fabulous of ways.
 I was so captivated I  purposefully pretended to be shopping, just 
so I could continue to watch a bit as he spoke to other shoppers.
 He had something kind, nice or polite to say to every person he saw,
 and not really bringing stride as he worked,  it was amazing to watch 
and hear,  He was bending 
down putting stuff on a lower shelf when a lil girl came dancing
 by with her dad,  and he spent a few minutes of sweet con- 
versation as he got down on her level.  I had absolutely NO
doubt he was a Christ follower, in fact, I almost wondered
if It might be Jesus himself,  it was so remarkable.  I just
couldn't leave without saying something to him, so I waited
for his end of the aisle to clear, and went over to him and
 said" It is clear to me that you are a believer and so am I,
 and I just want you to know you are doing a great job,
  and he said well, the Lord has me hear for some reason,
 and I just think everyone needs a lil cheering up, and I 
said I couldn't agree with you more and you are doing 
a fantastic job of  it,  keep up the good work.
He thanked me profusely for the encouragment.
I walked away thinking Lord.........I want to impact
people like that..........I truly do!!

I am thankful
that I got my porch all back together and have pretty much
 spring cleaned my whole house, got a few things left,
 but that is such a great feeling.  A few asked to see it
so I will probably show you once our company leaves.

I am thankful
that hubby seemed to really enjoy his birthday even tho
 he had to work,  I tried to make it fun, at breakfast he got
 to choose one of his gifts to open along with his card,
 then at lunch another one,  and then the other just before
we left to go to dinner at Longhorn's. Dinner was great
 but we wound up not going out to the movies cause there
 wasn't anything he really wanted to see, so we came home
 and watched a movie we had from Netflik called
 "The Shunning" while we exercised.  We are behind
 on that, so trying to catch up before our company
comes in.........which leads to my next thankful.


I am thankful
that we are getting company this afternoon.  Our
previous Pastor and wife, that stayed with us last
year.  So I am sure we are in for some great
fellowship and fun.....................

I am thankful
for running water and wonderful warm showers
especially after we have been working hard
out in the yard...............they are so relaxing
and help with those sore gardening muscles. lol

I am thankful
that we get to go see Dee and Jerry's new
house tomorrow night and this lead me to 
my next .......

I am thankful
we get to keep Rosie while they are doing all
the moving,  not sure how long we will get to
keep her but however long is always a joy.

I am thankful
for all the wildlife we have seen lately.  We
have had visits from Cranes and Ibis lately,
that has been a new thing for us these past
few years. Never used to see them here
before that..................

I am thankful
for Yankee Candles.........I am burning one 
now in our guest bedroom,  and it is starting
to smell wonderful in there,  the fragrance is
called "Beach Walk".  Truly a wonderful

I am thankful
that God loves me just because I am his,  not because
 of what I do or say.  that is such a comfort because
 many times we don't always feel like we are preforming 
very well.......yet He is always there to encourage or
forgive us if we ask.

I am thankful
I am all dressed and ready  for my company, they
could be here any time now, and have hopefully, a 
few minutes to just finish this post.

Hope you have a great weekend,

See ya next week,

Love, Hugs, and 
Special Blessings to you all,


  1. The story of the Walmart stockman is so inspiring! I'm with you. I want to be like that, too!

    Enjoy your company (I have no doubt that you will - AND that they will be blessed, too.)

    I look forward to the promised pictures...

    ♥ and hugs to you, Nellie.

  2. Nellie

    Happy Belated birthday to your hubby.

    You are such a great example of a Christian. I love how you see it in other people and tell them. This morning it happened to me when I was getting gaas. A very nice young man treated me with kindness and respect. He visited with me while my car with filling. I could tell what kind of a guy he was. What a great way to start my day.
    I can't wait to hear all about the house. How exciting.

    Have a nice weekend and enjoy your family.

    Blessings & Love

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  4. That was an inspiring post! Glad your hubby had a nice birthday! And the stockman sounds really nice. Always nice to see someone enjoying their job! Hope you had a nice visit with your company and that Dee's house is beautiful!! Enjoy your time!

  5. You are so full of gratitude, Nellie! You take nothing for granted. Reading your post today was like a breath of fresh air!
    Blessings, Beth

  6. Beautiful roses. I love the idea of cutting them short. I'll have to try that, too.

    I think you have to have the SON in your heart to see Him in others. I love it when God's servants cross my path, too.

    Have a blessed Sabbath,

  7. #1. Happy Birthday, Jim!
    #2. GOD's WORD says that we have at times been entertained by His Angels.
    #3. I cleaned mine up, but still ocassionally it needs hosing off!
    #4. Enjoyable days are such a blessing from the LORD!
    #5. I praise the LORD for his recovery of the stroke he had!
    #6. Sometimes it runs too much, ha. I have a leak on my garage side at the hose. I mentioned it to George that I'd pay him if he would fix it. He's been unable to as yet.
    #7. It is so exciting. I remember when we moved in after our house was built. It did become a little overwhelming since we had 30 to 50 years of collected belongings, ha!
    #8. Rosie's going to be surprised when they let her loose in the new house and she has so many places to explore!
    #9. I hear the cranes clatter just after they land! I'm glad the feral cats don't bother with them.
    #10. I like their smell! I'm glad I won't need them as much. Gary came and measured again to replace the carpeting with laminate flooring. I'm waiting for him to get back with me on the cost and when he can install it.
    #11. I'm glad too that our works are not connected to His loving us. I've slowed down a whole lot!
    #12. Sorry, I'm so late posting. I haven't been on the computer for 2 or 3 days.
    Love to you all, Susan


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