Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 1, 2012

These are all pics of the new floral I did for my porch.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you
 teach and admonish one another with all wisdom,
 and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs
 with gratitude in your hearts to God.
Colossians 3:16

Morning Sweet Friends,

So what have you been up to
 this week???
  Something you're thankful for???

My oh My,  I am just so amazed it is March 1st already,
yet I am so thankful, cause it means just 19 more days till
 Spring officially hits.......I am sooo ready, cause it has been
 like Spring here for quite some time now. Guess this could
be my #1 thankful.......................

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry finally got the news
that they are going to be new home owners.
They had a bid in on a home that was a for-
closure and all was going well until they found
out it needed a new roof,  so they requested
that the seller do that, and have been waiting
for an answer for about a month now. So word
finally came on Monday that they will do the roof,
 and that means they will close next week,  so not
 much time to prepare, but they are super excited, 
 and we are very excited for them. We will finally get
 to see it the house next Saturday, we have heard all
 about it, of course, but  it will be a delight to finally
get to see it.

I am thankful
for my Sweet SIL, and that she is really enjoying 
her retirement, and that we had a nice evening as
 a family celebrating her birthday.  Everything turned
out nicely.

I am thankful
that my hubby continues to enjoy his new job so
much.  He is working on a new project and has
been so excited about it......and so is his boss,
which is always nice.

I am thankful
that hubby was able to get some much needed
 work done on our sprinkler system and put down
 fertilizer in our yard last Saturday while I was at the
Wedding shower my daughter was involved with
 for her friend. The weather really thinks it is already
 spring here,  and the trees and bushes and grass are
 all greening up, and the fertilizer and rain we got 
over the week end is definitely helping the grass.

I am thankful
that our Pastor spent the month of February 
preaching about Family.  A very good series.

I am thankful
that our Pastor is going to spend the month
of March preaching on marriage,  a much
needed topic in our world today.

I am thankful
for a new lil job I am starting this Sunday at 
church...........greeting newcomers and giving
 them a gift.  I love talking with folks and meeting
 new people,  so it is right up my alley. 
 So I am excited about it!!

I am thankful
that one of my past church family members,
and now bloggy friend is coming to Florida
again in April.  She came last year and we got
to spend some time with her,  so really looking
forward to that again.  Some of you might know
her Patti from over @ they don't make them
 like they used to..........

I am thankful
that we got to spend some quality time with
Scott and Megan on Friday evening.  They
came over for dinner and we had a nice time
catching up.

I am thankful 
for a nice evening out with hubby last night,
running some errands and then having dinner
at Olive Garden.

I am thankful
for you my bloggy friends.  You bring
joy to my life with your blogs and your
comments, and prayers.  Thank you for
sharing your lives with me and others.

Glad you could come by for a visit,

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Love, Hugs and 
Mild Winter Blessings,


  1. opps. I just commented my thankfulness on your other post.
    those are beautiful flowers.

    thank you again for always being such a kind faithful friend and for all the prayers you offered for me and my family. I wont repeat everything I wrote a few minutes ago on the other post..
    love hugs and all good things to you , my friend.

  2. Makes me happy just to read of all YOUR "happinesses"!

    My week has been a pleasant one, and I'm looking forward to my brother and sister-in-law visiting ever so briefly.

    Carless (one of ours is in the shop), I'm being creative with my planning and scheduling. I don't mind. There's plenty to do.

  3. What a great list! The new house sounds wonderful. I have a childhood friend who lives in Florida, near Orlando, and her son and his fiance just purchased a house as well. So happy for all the young people out there being able to make owning a home a reality! Enjoy your new job at church. I'm sure you'll be great for the position! I'm thankful that after 2 days I am finally feeling a little better. Having the flu is NO fun! Enjoy! Oh and Olivia comes home on Saturday!

  4. Hi Sweetie!

    YAY for the kids getting the house! I know they're thrilled!! It will be fun seeing it! The house Britt and John are renting is a real cutie here in Debary.

    You will be a fabulous greeter! The perfect ministry for you!

    Love ya...will talk soon!

  5. Oops! I posted on the wrong blog (yesterday's!) Ha!
    #1. My first thank you is to all of the lovely ladies at: Cinderella Moments, Jewels for the Journey, Janet and Marvin's Life, and 155 Dream Lane! Thank you for my birthday wishes! Nellie did a wonderful arrangement and dinner for my birthday!
    #2. I am so happy for DeeAnna and Jerry! Congratulations on your new home!
    #3. Thank you, Nellie for all of the joy that surrounds our family!
    #4. Fantastic, Jim! The LORD greatly bless you and Nellie!
    #5. It came at a good time since the rain came afterwards!
    #6. Praise our GOD for our pastor. The LORD is surely blessing through his ministry to us.
    #7. Strong marriages, strong families!
    #8. I will look for you and say hi! I know there will be others you will be talking to!
    #9. How wonderful! GOD bless your time together!
    #10. It is so great they live close to you and can enjoy spending time with you.
    #11. Isn't it fun to go out shopping and eating!
    #12. Again, thank you, Nellie. For it was you who got me started in blogging! What a joy to share the happiness in our lives.
    I love you all very much,

  6. Hi sweet Nellie, I love your thankful list; of course your flowers are beautiful too. I am thankful that through you and Becky, I've gotten to know Jess pretty well and so thankful I did. I'll have to see if your link for you friend will take me to her blog. Have a great day!

  7. Nellie

    I love your thankful posts so much.

    I am so excited for Dee and Jerry to get a house. This is a great time to buy a house.

    I am glad that Susan and you get to spend so much time together. You two are such a Godsend to me.

    I am so ready for spring here too. Yesterday while at the Dentist office I saw the birds and a squirrel enjoying the feeder. They put on quite a show for me.

    I am looking forward to the weekend to get some things done around the house and of course the sermon on Sunday.

    Have a great weekend! and thank you for always being there for me.

    Blessings & love

  8. I'm so glad everything is going so great for all of you. It's fantastic to know good people are rewarded with good times. You all sound very happy. I'm so grateful this winter has been so mild. We're also in full spring mode here. And I just booked my May vacation to Florida. :) You know I love your state and truly feel at home there. Somehow God managed to free up a house that had been booked. Imagine my surprise when the owner emailed that it was available. Praise God! I'm happy for these vacations until I finally get to move there. I leave that in God's hands too.

  9. Your flowers made me smile and your gratitude list blessed my heart. Such beautiful praise I felt my own heart praising with you.


  10. Just "found" your blog and its title is certainly fitting! Your words and photos - and your grateful heart are warm and inviting. I have so much to be thankful for on this beautiful, cool day in Louisiana.

  11. What a nice post! Taking time to think about what you're thankful for makes you appreciate those things so much more.

  12. I am happy for Dee and Jerry! What a blessing home ownership is! Have a glorious week, Nellie!

  13. It always leaves me feeling good to read your thankful also makes me think about my own. Have a wonderful day!


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