Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warm Fuzzy Tuesday #5

Hello Sweet Friends,

Did you have a good weekend??
Hope it was good.........

Mine was good, fairly busy, but a good busy!~
Scott and Megan came over for dinner Friday
night,  then Sat. was Dee's friends wedding
shower.  Megan and I went together and it
was a very nice, lots of good food,  and it
was decorated really cute, and I was so mad
at myself......never thought about taking
my camera.  Anyway, Dee was happy that it
 turned out well, as she was not feeling too well, 
 cause she had caught a cold during the week.
Sunday was our usual day for the most part,
accept no smoothie,  we are boycotting, lol
cause the price went up too much, we feel 
they are already high enough. 

Have been preparing all day for my SIL, Susan's
 birthday celebration tonight, as she and the
 rest of the family will be coming over for soon.  
Looking forward to it, as we haven't all gotten
 together as a whole family since the first 
part of Jan. for Jerry's birthday.

Dee and Jerry got some very good news 
yesterday and are so excited, and we are
excited for them. I will tell you about it
 on Thursday.

Well,  on with my Warm Fuzzy for Today!

It is doing something to make someone feel
special,  and knowing you have accomplished
your goal!  Am hoping I can accomplish that
Warm Fuzzy this evening  with my SIL.
and that it will especially give her a 
Warm Fuzzy................and make her
feel very loved!!

Well,  there you have it folks!!

So tell us about your
 Warm Fuzzy
for today!!

Thanks so much for stoppin' by,

Have a really great evening,

Love, Hugs,
and Warm Fuzzy Blessings,

Happy Birthday Susan!!

Had this all ready to post for 6:30, when my 
SIL got here, cause I  didn't want her to see
 it beforehand,  and I totally forgot to
 post it until now!  
I actually came to check for comments
and then realized I never posted it....lol


Lois Christensen said...

I've done that before...forgotten to post! Hope you had a nice party! Haven't been feeling too well, was actually in the ER yesterday. Seems I have the flu or so they say! Enjoy your Wednesday! Looking forward to your news tomorrow!

Cinderella Moments said...

Happy birthday to Susan! Love parties! I hope you had a great time.

Jess said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Susan! Please give her our best!

My "Warm Fuzzy" on Monday was the looks on my siblings faces when I handed them each a yellow gift bag that said "Happy Spring Survival Kit!"

I had filled the bags with goofy gifts from the dollar store and included chocolate and bubble gum. We only get together every couple of years or so, and I wanted them to know how much I love them! It was fun through and through!

Sue said...

Hi! I just wanted to stop by for a quick visit. I'm trying so hard to find time to sit and read a few blogs every day. Since we got the puppy in October, I seem to spend so much of my day putting one of the dogs on the leash and going outside! Between the two of them, it is like having children home again!

It sounds as if things are going well at your house...happy for that! We are having a gorgeous, warm day but just a couple hours south of us they had tornadoes with deaths last night and this morning. My prayers are with those families, my husband is down there accessing damage for the power company he works for.

sistersusiesays said...

My warm fuzzies (at home) are my dogs, especially when my 99 pound mastiff decides to lay across my lap, ha! Thank goodness, the chair arm holds her weight. She likes to lay her head on my shoulder!

I really enjoyed my warm fuzzy visit with you and all of our family! There's nothing better than family (and friends!) Thank you for making my birthday special!
Love, Susan

Janet said...


Oh I feel so bad since I missed wishing Susan a Happy Birthday. I need to jump on over to her BLOG and tell her. She is so lucky to have you and I am sure you made her feel special.

Can't wait to hear the news.

We have been having snow and slick weather here. I am ready for spring.

Have a wonderful day!
Blessings & love

Sonny G said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Susan~!

thanks so much for coming to see me. You know it always makes me feel better to see your smiling face in a comment.

I have been fairly quiet lately only because I am never sure what its OK to say.. I have wonderful, miraculous news but so many are hurting so I always wonder if I post about it- if it would hurt someone.. umm did that make sense..
I got a job a few months ago- didnt post about that- wanted to see how it worked out and if I'd be staying. 90 evaluation was last wednesday-- got the news on the 29th- I got a promotion and a raise I was not expecting at all and far beyond what I would have dreamed of.
I have heard it said God's gift to You is far bigger and better than any you could dream for yourself and this is so true. I feel so blessed- so awed by this that its difficult to even express and I havent said a word to anyone till now. Last nite I just sat and cried and keep repeating- Thank You God.
I want so much for everyone in the whole world to feel as good as I do right this minute. I am no better- no more deserving than anyone else but it looks like maybe my angels think I'm ok. still, I want to be Better in some attempt to show how very grateful I am..
sorry, didnt mean to babble on..
thank you for your friendship and your prayers..

sistersusiesays said...
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sistersusiesays said...

Thank you to all who wished me a Happy birthday; Cinderella Moments, Jewels for the Journey, Janet and Marvin's Life, 155 Dream Lane. Nellie had a great birthday dinner for us all. I so much enjoy being with family!
Love to you all,

Scripture Sunday

Have a still and restful day, Hugs, Nellie Sharing with: Between Naps on the Porch A Stroll thru Life