Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday and TableTop Tuesday Feb. 6, 2012

Happy Monday to You!!

Hope you all had a delightful weekend!

Our's was very good, and Sunday was delightful!

Friday we got take out from Outback Steakhouse, and
 watched a movie, called "Marriage Retreat".  It was
pretty good,  funny at times,  but not a 5 star rating,
but did have a good ending,  and we always love that.

Saturday we were up and out fairly early for us, as we
 had a Memorial Service for one of our church family
 members.  She was 93 years old and way ready to go,
  so not such a sad experience since she finally got her
 promotion to Heaven .... a few weeks back.
 It was a lovely tribute to her life,  cause
 she was surely a sweet lady.

Afterwards,  we ran a few errands,  came home and
had lunch,  and took a nap,  then got up and worked
in the yard.  Got some much needed cutting back
done in the backyard. Our forested area was just
 encroaching too much,  and after cutting looks
 pretty sad right now, but we are hoping that when
 spring comes, it will all fill in and look pretty again!!
If not, we are gonna hate ourselves!!  lol
We still have more to do, but isn't the yard always
just a never ending story,  course,  so it is with
a home too,  but would never change it really.

Sunday of course, was church and we are so happy 
to see our Pastor is doing a series on the importance
 of family in February, and then a series on Marriage
 in March.  So we are delighted about that, as it is
 a much needed topic for sure.

Then after lunch and a nap.....our other delightful
thing was Dee and Jerry came over to watch the Super
 Bowl....course, hubby and Jerry watched most of the
game and Dee and I got to sit and catch up for awhile,
so that was certainly a delight for this Mom.
  They brought pizza from a place called Papa Murphy's, 
 I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago,  do any
of you have one near you??  Not sure if they are a
chain store or not.  Anyway,  you can customize your
own pizza, with whatever you want and how much or
how lil you want of each topping and then you take it 
home and bake it, so it is hot out of the oven fresh.......
they are truly wonderful pizzas,  and they are only $8.00
 for a large. We don't have one where we live, but they
 have one right up the street from them.  We are hoping
 they put one near us
It really was a fun evening!!

Well, guess I better hush and get on with Table Top

These are pictures of my coffee table.  We are still dressed
for Winter around here,  altho it seems like spring outside.
But I have learned that when I get the urge to decorate
for spring, to not give in,  cause as soon as I do..... it gets
cold again,  and the spring decor somehow seems to 
 makes you feel colder!!  So I have learned to resist
the temptation...... until spring has really sprung!!  lol

Did my coffee table differently this year,  I usually use my
big white rooster Boureguard there but gave him a place
of honor on the fireplace this year,  hopefully,  I will show
you next week.  Am gonna retake the pics, cause am
having trouble with glare because of the pic with glass.

Decided to use a blue tray I have had but never used here,
It was in my bedroom for a long while, and had been exiled
 to the garage for a bit, so decided to press it into service again.

Notice my new rooster made of wire,  his name is Lucas,
because he came all the way from St. Lucia,  with Dee
 and Jerry after the honeymoon.  Isn't it so cool that
he can read

I really enjoy using the dark reds during the Winter
months and love burning candles then as well......

Lucas says Bye Bye Now................

and Me too!

So glad you could stop by for a visit,  so enjoy
hearing from you.............

 I am linking up to Marty over at a stroll thru life,
so make sure to check all the great ideas.

Have a Wonderful Day!!

P.S. Making Southwestern White Bean Chili for
dinner,  it is very simple yet really delicious.
  If you are interested in the recipe.
  Just click here.


sistersusiesays said...

I stopped by publix after church and got me a sub. I didn't watch the game, instead I watched some movies on cable. I was also updating my blog books (since my printer is working again!) So,I don't really even remember what I was watching, ha!

I need to do some work in my front "flower" beds. I think I'm going to get rid of the pebble rock and bricks and let the grass grow up to the house. Of course Xena has a big hole dug where I back out on the "grass." She's not out that long, but that's the first place she heads. I don't know how she can stand laying in that hot sand!! I guess it's her sona, ha!

I just love your rooster,Lucas! I got a solid blown glass rooster from Cracker Barrel. It's about 8 inches tall and 5 inches round. It's clear with black that looks like feathers with red on top! It is so pretty! I have it sitting by my tv screen. Its head is looking up with its mouth open like he's crowing! I need to give him a name.

My friend Soraya has a new blog! We were able to connect again! She is just as happy as I am! You can see it by clicking it in my blog list!

My Love to you all,

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh it sounds like a great weekend. I love getting some of the yard cleaned up, we got a tiny start on ours, but boy, there is a ton to do. Love the pizza, we have one near us and they really are good. So glad you got to visit. Your coffee table tray looks fabulous. Great Roo and he is so smart to read. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Abby said...

Your rooster is so cute! I love your vignette! I have never heard of Papa Murphy's before. It sounds yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog, so I could find yours!

Unknown said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting me So happy to meet you, Bouregard, and Lucas. I'll have to intro my fellas! I'm your newest follower! Have a great week. Sunny109

Unknown said...

It makes me laugh that you guys are working in your yard! No one around here even goes out in the yard until the temps come back up! Love your sweet Rooster! XO Cindy

Janet said...


I love the red checkered cloth. One of my altime favorites.

It sounds like you had a joyful Sunday. Spending time with family and Church family are my favorite things to do.

We visited our favorite shut in Hazel a couple of weeks ago. She is 97 and so delightful.

Thank for coming by and visiting me too.

Blessings & Love

Pat said...

That rooster sure caught my eye! SO cute! The red check on your table really sets things off too.

Jenny said...

I love anything with red happy and festive and warm and cozy...all at the same time.