Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday Sweet Peas..........

How was your weekend???  
Pleasant and fun, I hope!

Ours was fun, pleasant and productive!  
Friday evening we went out to get a Wedding shower 
gift for one of Dee's best friends, Heather,  the wedding
 shower is next weekend,  and Dee and Heather's Mom are
 hosting it over at Dee's apartment complex in their club
 house.  The name of their Apt. complex is "Notting Hill".
When I first found that out,  I teased her and said, now
you can tell everyone that I am getting married and
moving to "Notting Hill" doesn't that sound
fancy smancy!!  lol

While we were out I ran into Michaels and they had
 most of their flowers 40% off,  so got some (as you
 can see from my header picture) to make some new
arrangements for our porch.  It has been mostly
hot pink for many years,  but this year the color
are gonna be blues, gold, yellow and white.

Then came home and watched an old movie called

 "Shop around the corner",  with Jimmy Stuart.  This is
the moving that was the inspiration for "you've
got mail",  it was really good,  and we recognized
a lot of the verbage was the same.  Good movie,
but not as good as "you've got mail"

Got some more yard work accomplished on Saturday,

  course, we aren't done yet,  but then are you ever done
 with anything???  lol

Played some cards, and watched some Discovery 
Animal videos (Dee and Jerry gave hubby for Christmas
 - he loves things like that),  we watched the one on the Arctic.
How interesting and beautiful,  and so amazing when you
 realize how well orchestrated our world is, once again.  God
 is just so amazing with his creativity and knowlege. Beautiful
 scenery and beautiful creatures as well.  They had these
 wonderful white whales, I had never seen any before.  
The whole series is really wonderful.

Sunday was our normal routine,  accept we didn't
get a smoothie after church,  we got whoppers for
 a change. lol

Today I have just been finishing up the guest room
as far as getting things out of there that don't need
to be there,  so am finished with that,  so washing
the bed linens,  then started working on one of my
arrangements for the porch.

No, this is not it. Well, it sort of is,  I am cutting the pink
 flowers off and sticking in new yellow gerbera daisies.
  As you can see the pink ones are pretty faded.
Did you notice their is one yellow one amongst the 
2 pink that are left!  lol
See all my tools there........whatever they had the
originals stuck in there with was not about to
come out,  so I had to pound some holes to stick
 the new daisies in..............
and if you look real closely you can see my
unmade bed in the background!!  lol

Actually,  I did finish it,  but forgot to take a pic
before I uploaded these,  so will show you the
finished product tomorrow.

Today was a day for flowers I guess,  then I 
noticed that my Valentines flowers are starting
to go..............
thought it was interesting how this flower
fell out all on it's enhancements
all I did was take a picture!!

Thought that was sort neat,  course, guess I am
easily entertained!!  lol

Then did you notice my new blog face!
I am happy to see a new color!

Well, hope you have.........
one grand evening!!

Thanks for your visit,
See ya again soon................

Love, Hugs and 
Awaiting Spring Blessings,


Cinderella Moments said...

I love The Shop Around the Corner! But my absolute hands down favorite version of this story is "The Good Old Summer Time" with Judy Garland. It's soooo good. Way better than You've Got Mail. Trust me. It's such a cozy movie. You have to watch it.

Bonnie said...

Oh Nellie, I have missed you. Your blog looks so beautiful...just love it. It was like dropping by to chat to come for a visit. So fun. It sounds like all is well for you guys and that makes me so happy. I read my Jesus Calling book every day and just love it. Are you reading along on the current days as well?

I have been buried in my work but enjoying it. But I need to take more breaks and I think blogging is the answer. I have missed you all so much.

Hazie broke her leg, we don't know how a week or so ago. She is getting better but the cast is horrendous and she is in a bad position. Only five weeks to go though. If you look on my blog a few posts back you can see her and the story. Also Jen is going to be having surgery soon..hysterectomy. so I have a feeling that we will be heading for Utah in the not to distant future. Well actually Jim is going at the end of February and I will probably trade places with him when Jen gets back from visiting Laura for a week.

Laura and the boys are doing well and keep very busy so the time is passing more quickly. Robert is doing fine too. Taking it one day at a time and keeping the faith angels are surrounding him.

Chris and his family are good too. Well we are about to go to some friends house for dinner so I'll quit for now. Love to all of you and Susie too!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

It's always fun creating some new florals, especially for Spring, because you can do so many fun things. My wheels are starting to spin!

Lora said...

Wow.... you were very busy & productive. I'm feeling motivated already!

Thanks for the inspiration (and the kind comments you left on my blog).

Hope you have a great week!


Lois Christensen said...

I hope you post pictures of the front porch with the new flowers. I love gerber daisies! I remember the first time I received them was when our son, Michael, was born. They've been my favorite ever since. Things were good here for the weekend, except I was sick again. Michael had his 15th birthday and was gone all day for our church's Fine Arts Competition. He had so much fun and the groups he was in have advanced to the district level, which will be held right before Easter. Last year they went to nationals out in Phoenix, Arizona. We had my family over on Sunday to celebrate his birthday along with my sister's birthday that was a few weeks ago. Hope you're having a nice Tuesday!

Sonny G said...

Hi Nellie.

you;ve been busy.. love the florals and your new blog background.
it's gonna be spring before we know it and I can hardly wait..

so much yard work I want to do, especially new flower beds in front.


Janet said...


My daughter Holly and I were just in Michaels. I bought some baskets for my room. It was good to have her visit. She likes my room the way it is.. I still have to get a rug and some pictures and to finish it off. I am enjoying the decorating.

I have been cleaning closets and so it is wearing me out.

I love your new blog face. Someday I hope to have the energy to update mine.

Have a great week!
Blessings & Love

sistersusiesays said...

The flowers are BEAUTIFUL! The gorgeous things the LORD has put on earth for our enjoyment!

I've got to get myself on the move and get my front flower beds changed out! I need to check with George and see if my tractor mower is still working. He used it for years to mow my acreage, but then switched to his professional mower. I have a wagon I can shovel the rocks into and dump them on the back property. I think I'm just going to put the bedding that you have around your mailbox in place of the rock.

I think I'll be more motivated when I get this carpet out! I'm going to contact Gary again to see how soon he can come and do it. If he can't, I guess I'll go with Lowe's doing it.

Thank you for the website for templates. I saved it to my list!

Love to you all,

Unknown said...

Oh my I love "You've Got Mail". I must see its' inspiration! Thanks for the tip!

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