Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 2, 2012

Evening Sweet Peas,

So how has your week been???
Very good,  I hope......

Been good around here!  Always,
always something to be thankful for.

I am thankful
for Thursday's......going to bible study and seeing
everyone,  and it is a very good study,  learning some
new things, which is the whole purpose.  Afterwards, I 
usually go looking around or run to the grocery store
 and get a smoothie.
Always a fun day out...............

I am thankful
for the freedom to vote.  Although, my candidate
 may not always win,  at least, I feel I did my best
 to help make it happen.

I am thankful
that no matter who wins............God is still on his Throne and
in control of it all,  what peace that brings to my heart.

"The Kings (or President's) heart is in the hand of the Lord; 
 he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases."
 Psalm 21:1

What a reassuring verse that is..................

I am thankful
that our new exercise equipment came in and we have the blessing 
of using it.  We think it is kinda neat that we actually wore our other 
gazelle out,  rather than having to sell it at a garage sale!!  lol

I am thankful
for a fairly new movie that is out,  and we watched it Tuesday 
and Wednesday night.  It is truly a great movie.  It is called,
 "Courageous",  it  has something for everyone, and carries
 a whopping message of faith.  Run.... don't walk to your
 nearest video store and rent it,  or get it as your next
netflix movie.  You want be sorry!!

I am thankful that Dee has gotten to work all week in the
mammography dept.,  so that she is getting a lot of her 
qualifying tests done. They have her do the mammograms
 as they teach, assist and observe, and after 25 or so tests, 
 then she can do it on her own,  but will have to do 75 more
 to be able to take her state boards.

I am thankful
that I found a blouse just like one Scott and
Megan gave me for Christmas,  just in a different
color, of course.  It was a 100% cotton button
up blouse in lavender, and it was a perfect fit, and
looks so great with jeans,  so thought it would be 
great to have another one,  and found one in a med
chambray color.  Would have preferred another color
but hey,  it looks and fits great with jeans too,  so I am
a happy girl.................especially since I really do not like
 clothes shopping, so this made for very easy shopping,
 since I already knew the store, the Brand name and
the size...........Just love that!

I am thankful
I finally got some of Dee and Jerry's wedding pics
printed and in a frame.  A friend gave me the perfect
frame for Christmas, so was glad I waited.......

I am thankful
that I have slept all night for 3 nights in a row, cause
I only slept half the night 3 nights before that,  so I
am catching up finally.............

I am thankful
Dee and Jerry are coming over this weekend as we have
 not seen them for awhile,  other than for a few minutes 
or so,  and I am having withdrawal symptoms!!  lol

I am thankful
for God's watchcare and protection over our family
 every day,  no matter where we are!  Especially
since Scott and Megan are flying tomorrow and

I am thankful
for a divine appt. that I had this week at the polling place.
  A man that is looking for a new church for he and his family,
 as they moved here awhile ago, but it is getting to be a very
 long commute to their old church,  so I invited him to come,
and found out that someone else from our church had too, 
and that is the same way we got there!!
by invitation!!  lol

Well, that's my list for this week,
Hope you have a nice list yourself.

Glad you came by, and look forward to hearing from
you...... as always,

Have a Sweet Weekend,


Sue said...

Nellie, I am always moved by your TT, you have one of the sweetest spirits and thankful hearts of anyone I know, and I am always so blessed. Your flowers are so lovely.
The movie, Courageous, we have wanted to see, and have heard so many great things about it, thanks for the heads up.
Enjoy your week.

Rebecca said...

I love it that YOU love your life :)

Jenny said...

What a wonderfully heart warming thank you list!

I make a blessings list like this whenever I'm feeling down. It's always amazing how much wonderful things are in our lives, even when things are grim!

Thanks for the smile! Happy Friday.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice list! Heard about that movie, but haven't seen it yet. Too funny about wearing out your machine!!! And my mom and you share the same birthday!! How wonderful! I hope I'll always remember! She's going to be 80 this year and we're planning a small party at our house here. Just need to get moving on everything. Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for the comments on my dad's sermon!

Sister Susie said...

#1. Yesterday was my Bible Study
group. I know what you mean by it being so encouraging for the mid-week!
#2. I agree in both cases, ha! But, GOD knows what He is doing!
#3. As so with us all!!
#4. I've been thinking of getting me another stationary bicycle, but with the bigger seat (for a bigger seat, ha, ha!)
#5. I watched one the other night on the Hallmark station that had to do with a High School football team whose coach brought them to a state win by prayer and teaching the guys what it means to do it all for the LORD! I forgot the name. It had "Titan" in the title.
#6. Good for her!
#7. Shopping is a hard thing to do (even for myself!)
#8. I have had mine done for Dee & Jerry as well as Scott and Megan's. I want to hang them by my chair on the wall in the den.
#9. I have found I sleep better when I stick to the schedule when I worked. No matter how early or late I go to bed, I'm always up by 6:30! At least I'm sleeping an hour later, I used to get up at 5:30!
#10. So much involvement over the holidays!!
#11. Amen! I thank the LORD everyday.
#12. The LORD fills you with joy when He prompts these invites!

I'm thankful my printer is working again. It has some "quirky" print every so often, but is working!

Love to you all,

Beth said...

Hope you are having a nice wknd, Nellie! We are getting a snowstorm. It looks pretty!
Hugs, Beth