Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tablescape Thursday - Spring look Birthday Table for my SIL Susan

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are you this fine Wednesday?
Doing very well,  I hope!

Seems like ages since I have posted, but it hasn't been
 quite a week yet.  We still have our company and we are
 just having a great time,  so that is why you haven't heard
from me for awhile. Will tell you more about it for Thankful 
Thursday hopefully.
 I have a lil time to download some pictures right now,
 so thought I would show you my SiL Susan's birthday table. 
 This was a few weeks back,  and can you tell I am way 
ready for Spring,  actually, I did these colors cause I figured
 I would use my new porch bouquet for a centerpiece in a
tablescape before I put it outside to get dusty on the porch!! 

Used my basketweave plates,  and yellow and 
blue paper napkins,   I rotated the colors by putting
the yellow of the blue and then vice versa the blue
on top of the yellow.  Also used clear Gorham

 Done in colored pencil affect.

Here it is with the blue napkin on top of yellow.
 added some egg cups and lil square dishes with lemon drops.
You know how we like candy!!  lol

Stacked them so they looked like flowers.

Here is one done with the yellow on top of the blue.

Yellow candles in clear votives and goblets

Same picture with grad map affect.

colored pencil affect

Flowers are white hydrangeas and yellow tulips.
Silk of course....................

 This pitcher with the flowers was my goodwill find a few
weeks back.  Love how the camera caught the wonderful
glow off the candles.

Posterized affect

Love this pic for some reason!

This is from the opposite side of table.

Paint daubs affect

A look down the table from the birthday girls seat.

 Shot from above the table.

Same picture posterized!

  The Party's over!! Lights out!
Love this shadow shot of the candle!!

Now.... did this get you ready 
for Spring???
It sure did for

Thanks for coming by, hope you
 had fun, and look forward to 
hearing from you......................

Have linked up to Susan
over at between naps on the porch
and if you want to see inspirational
tablescapes just click here!
Thanks Susan, as always, 
for hosting hon!

Love, Hugs, and 
 Hydrangea and Tulip Blessings,


Rebecca said...

What fine, gentle, spring-like calm and quieting. I'm glad you're enjoying your company, Nellie.

Janet said...


I have been missing you but I am glad you are giving your time to your company.
What a beautiful tablescape for your beautiful SIL Susan. I bet she enjoyed it. Love the pictures. Very elegent but simple. I think of butter for some reason must be the lemon drops.
I can't wait to hear all about the house.

Love & Blessings

Sister Susie said...

Your pictures turned out great, especially the star effect on your goblets! It was beautriful in person too! Thank you for a wonderful birthday, Nellie!
Love to you all, Susan.

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

This is a very pretty lemon-fresh table! Such a sweet softness created by the yellow and white together. Love those basketweave plates!

CAS said...

It's a simply elegant and very sweet tablescape, & I'm sure your SIL appreciated it very much.