Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tablescape Thursday - Playing.....First Spring lunch and breakfast table

Happy Spring Sweet Friends,

Finally,  it has arrived, how wonderful,
hope you are as happy about it as I am!

So how ya been???  Celebrating???
Decorating??? or just plain enjoying
the weather and season???

I am gonna start decorating today!  Was gonna start
 yesterday but just never got around to it for some reason.
Guess I am just know it is just the
getting started thing............I am still thinking in my mind
about things,  but once I get the stuff out it comes together,
I should know that by now.........right!!  lol

However, a few weeks ago when hubby gave me the
roses I thought I should make the best of it and do a
tablescape with them as a centerpiece,  so was feeling
creative and  decided to do a lil playing and
 here is the results.

This tablecloth was on the table and I was gonna
just use it,  then I thought NO,  I am ready for some
spring colors,  so..............

 I broke out the green and white check one, and did a lunch
or dinner table first.

Love the peach with the green and white.

peachy pink glasses with pale green napkins compliment the
 rosebud plates.

Roses from hubby, wire basket from my SIL turned
 upside down to set the flowers on to give them
 a bit of height.

Little green pots I found at Target and used as candle
holders on my porch before our redo this year!

 A Colored pencil affect.  I love these pics.

An overhead shot,  with the candles blazing...............

watercolor/posterized affect

 Always love some candlelight day or night.
With lights out.................

put the lil white dishes inside the pots with a candle.

Then I decided to play some more, and change it
up a lil and make a breakfast table.

Added my favorite mugs

some candlelight too,

posterized affect!

Added some yummy looking faux food!!   lol

got to have some cream and sugar
for your coffee, of course!

Same pic with Gradient map affect

breakfast is you see the smoke rising
from the freshly blown out candle.
This was an accidental photo

Hope you enjoyed my play ground!!

Have a lovely spring day,
Look forward to hearing from you!

Am linking up to Susan over at
 between naps on the porch,
 so just click here to see more
 fun tablescapes.

Hugs, and
Lovely Spring Blessings 


  1. So beautiful, Nellie! Even your wallpaper coordinates with your "rose scheme".

  2. You do such a beautiful job on setting a table! Lovely! Enjoy your day!

  3. That looks so Springtime fresh! Your wallpaper is a great backdrop for those pretty rose plates. Your roses are beautiful and look great in the white container on the basket. The tablecloth is perfect for it.

  4. I like the picture you took looking from your fridge toward your window. It showed half of the table, but a close shot of your beautiful roses! Love, Susan

  5. Thank you, Nelli, for your kind visit.. and this tablescape is just the sweetest! I love the whole composition! I agree I love the wallpaper and the sweetheart roses ... perfect pairing!

  6. How sweet! I like the idea of showing your tablescape for dinner and for breakfast - the candles give such a warm glow and the dishes are one of my favorites. It all says stay awhile and chat! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nellie

    Love the tablescape. My favorite are the rosebud plates. I could get lost in them.

    You also do such a wonderful job!

    Blessings & Love


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