Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tablescape Thursday - last winter tablescape - Happy Birthday Susan

 Hello Sweet Friends,

So what cha up to today??  Anything fun??

I decided to drag out my spring stuff and
get decorating, got the mantle and fireplace
and a couple of shelves and 2 walls done,
so it is looking a lil more springy,  really
don't like to start until it is spring, but since
Easter is so early this year, I wanted to use 
my Easter stuff, so decided it was time,
plus it has been like spring since Feb. 
anyhow, so might as well look like it

Well, this is my last Winter table for
2013,  it was for Susan's Birthday.
We celebrated on March 1st, the night
before Megan went to the hospital.

So here it is..............

Was trying to figure out what I wanted to do,
had decided to knot the napkins, but wasn't
sure where I wanted to put it.

So tried on the plate and on the table.

 then thought maybe I should use bowls for the
salad and the salad plates for dessert.  So tried

Then just for fun I used one of these plates that
I use on the wall just to see how it looked.  I only
have 4 tho................

I was having trouble coming up with a centerpiece
so I went online to look at tablescapes done in red
hoping to get some inspiration....and lo and behold,
I came across my own centerpiece, I did 2 yrs. or
so ago, with this crock full of fruit.  I thought that
was a riot................
So this is the new rendition !!

egg cups can make nice tealight candleholders

same pic done in Colored pencil


This is the backside of the vignette

Decided just to use the plates only
as it is just easier when we do buffet style,
which is all the time really............
then I just put the salad bowls by the salad
and we used the salad plates for dessert
this time......................

and use the napkin differently at every place

didn't use this one 

cause I liked the rim of the plate showing better.
It is definitely prettier when I use the salad plates
with it tho..................

This is from the right side of the table

 This is from the left side

 an overview from above

 From the opposite end of table.

another overview

same pic Posterized.

Well, hope you enjoyed your visit,  and hope your
spring decorating is coming along well..........

Takes some time,  but well worth the fun of it all.

Guess I best get busy making probably my last
batch of beef stew until the Fall at least...........

Am linked up to Susan 
over at Between naps on the porch,
so if you want to see more tablescapes

See ya tomorrow!

Hugs and Early Spring



Sister Susie said...

What a cute little creamer!

I'm ready for spring things too. I hope this is our last "cold" spell. I didn't realize Easter was so early this year until you mentioned it! (I had to go look at my calendar!)

Thank you for my birthday tablescape. You always have a neat way to display your cloth napkins! Your centerpiece was absolutely "delicious!"

It is always such a joyful time when we have our birthdays in your home. Thanks so much, Nellie!
I love you all so much, Susan

xinex said...

Beautiful table! I like the white plates and adding the red and white accessories made them even prettier...Christine

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

You can never go wrong with a bowl of fruit! I can just picture you moving those napkins around and around...aren't we all a little silly when we do our tablescapes? Everything just has to be "so so" for the blog pictures and then we just grab a plate and serve ourselves off the stove!

Nothing exciting here today. I always clean my house on Thursdays, so that took the morning and I've been doing some computer stuff since. We have sunshine today but it is really cold...enough already!

Marlis said...

Love the white dishes.. so pretty. I agree, when we do a buffet, it's a one plate deal! always. Your centerpiece is always a good idea.. Happy St. Pat's and may all blessings come your way.. xo marlis