Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great Salad Recipe - My Rendition of BHG Succotash Salad

Howdy Sweet Friends,

How are you doing this week?
Well, I hope................

I couldn't sleep........neck problems from
yard work again!!  lol  So decided I might
as well make myself useful.

Don't know about you, but as the temperatures
are warming up considerably, I love finding
new recipes that help keep my kitchen cool.
So thought I would post my rendition of a 
lovely salad I saw on a BHG email I received
last week and told you if I made it and liked it,
 I would share it with you.  so I did make it,
  and we did like it.
So here is a link to their recipe.

Loved the picture on their recipe and how it was
 made on a platter, thought the presentation was 
wonderful, but as I was thinking about it....
 didn't think it was practical for us, so I just
 did a plate for each of us,  since there is 
just 2 of us.  Also changed some things in
the recipe as well.  The first time I made
it I used their buttermilk avocado dressing,
and we enjoyed it,  but the 2nd time I used
Ken's steak house dressing in ranch flavor an
 liked it better.  Was thinking ranch mixed 
with some avocado might be great, so just 
added the avocado to the salad instead.
Anyway here is my easier.....
at least I think so.... rendition of it.


1 head of Butter lettuce
you will probably only need half the head,
so you will have some left to do it again! 

!/4  to 1/2 a bag of frozen niblets yellow corn, 
cooked as package directs, then cooled.

1/2 a bag of frozen green peas, thawed and
uncooked (know it sounds terrible but you will 
see how good they are, and lima beans 
somehow just didn't sound good to me.  lol

4 slices of Hormel Bacon, crisp-cooked and
crumbled (the one with no nitrites or nitrates
 It is delicious, I promise!  (I can only find it
at Walmart or Target supercenter)
Of course, you can use any bacon!  lol

Red onion,  I just sliced them and then 
quartered the slices.  Add as lil or as
much as you desire.

1 avocado, seeded, peeled and sliced
1/2 on each salad

1/4 - 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
(or as much or as little as you prefer)
Just not into blue or feta cheese myself  lol

Grilled or Rotisserie Chicken
(again your desired amount)

Ken's Steak House Dressing - Ranch flavor
Your desired amount.

This recipe should make 2 plates of salad.

Arrange on each plate in the order I have the
 ingredients listed.  I just used a tomato for
a garnish,  but this salad could easily taste
great with tomatoes too,  next time I might
just add tomatoes and black olives.

If you don't see any chicken in this pic, that is because I made it for
 lunch to go with something else and left the chicken off, this time.

Enjoy!!.........think you are gonna love it,
I certainly did.........

I am linking up to Lois over at Walking on sunshine,
for Foodie Friday, go on over and check out 
all the great recipes,  just click Here

Have a great rest of the week,

Thanks for stopping by, look
forward to hearing from you.

Yummy Salad Blessings to you,



BECKY said...

Wow Nellie! This looks absolutely scrumptious!! That is a full meal for sure, and I'm sure it's delish!!

Hope your week is going well. So sorry to hear you're having back problems again. All four grandies were here for most of the day yesterday, and I did something in my upper body that now hurts my lower back. May go see Dr. tomorrow to get it before it gets any worse.

Be in touch soon! Love ya lots!

Sister Susie said...

Looks yummy for the tummy! My favorite salad was Chili's Southwestern Cob salad. However, they don't make it anymore :-(

However, you got me "stuck" on 24 hour salad! I love it and could eat it everyday!
Love to you all, Susan

Cristina Garay said...

Oh, it looks so delicious! I love avocado, no wonder this salad is talking to me :)
Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

That salad looks yummy. I am going to try it. We are still having cooler weather but soon it will be a lot more salads.
I have been eating a lot veggies already.
Hope your neck feels betters soon.

Blessings & Love

Walking on Sunshine said...

This looks like such a delicious recipe!

I'm sorry your neck is bothering you! Hope you can rest and it will feel better soon. Hubby is still in Texas but heads back to Ft. Dix on Sunday. He'll be there training until June 10th when he leaves for Afghanistan. We're hoping he can get a 4 day pass before he heads overseas. Michael is away this weekend attending college preview days up near Boston of all places! Olivia finishes up her classes and will be home in 2 weeks.

Enjoy your weekend!