Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good Morning there
Sweet Peas...........

How in the world are ya??
Hope you all had a great labor Day 
weekend and got to do whatever 
it is you wanted to do!!

Have to say ours was great......a lil busy....
     but a fun busy!!

Friday I watched our lil darling for about 3 hours,
then we decided to get Outback take out and
 just watch a movie,  a very good movie I might
add.  Downloaded from Netflik,  It was called
"It's our time now",  a very good and  thought
provoking movie,  a lil sadness but well worth
watching the movie inspite of it.

Saturday morning at 11:00, I had a baby shower
to attend that was fun and lovely,  and didn't get
 home till almost 2 or after,  then we left at 3:30 to 
go to Dee and Jerry's for the evening,  we went out
for Mexican food,  it was good,  but not as good
as some we have had, but the place was nice
and the service was very good,  and most 
importantly we all had a good evening.

Sunday was Sunday School and church, and 
after church we got a surprise text from our long 
time friends that stayed with us a few times back
 in Feb ,  they were in the area for the afternoon with
 her sister and brother in law, (that we know as well)
 so they wanted to know if we had plans and could
 go to lunch with them, fortunately,  we had no plans 
so we got to go.  We went to a German Restaurant
that we had heard good things about,  but have to
say hubby and I were not too impressed,  course,
we used to live in Germany about 40 yrs. ago 
and have had real german food, and have made
it as well,  and we thought there food was yuk!
and the service was not great either, and I had
also envisioned a german looking place too, but
Nada...........but inspite of all that we were totally
thrilled to see our dear friends as always and 
had a great time with all of them.  My friend
Arlene had some laser neck surgery about
10 weeks ago,  as she had a pinched nerve,
so we are rejoicing with here that the surgery
was a great success, and you would never
know she ever had a problem.  God is good!

Then we came home about 4:30 or so and  took a 
nice 3 hour nap,  and watched our pastors the rest 
of the night on TV.  I was worried about that long
nap............thinking I might not be able to sleep.
but sleep I did............really well all the way to
the next morning till 8:30.  So that was nice!

Labor day was a quiet and do whatever we
wanted to day.  We did get some sealer put
on a door we plan to put on our shed,  so we
accomplished stage 2,  next will be stage 3
to get it painted white,  then stage 4 to hang
it and be finished.......looking forward to that.

We also went to yomii for our fav frozen yogurt, 
they had sent us a buy one get one free coupon,
so just couldn't pass that up.  Afterwards, we
 got a french dip sandwich from Arby's..........
Ever had one of  those?
 They are actually pretty good, they taste very 
similar to the once at Perkins Restaurants
accept they are a lil smaller, and their market
 fresh salad with Marzetti's buttermilk ranch 
dressing  was pretty good too.  Will be looking 
for some Marzettis lite ranch next time I go to
 Publix,  as I have been looking for a Ranch
dressing I like,  cause they have quit carry-
ing the one that was heart healthy that we
really enjoyed some months back.
We played some cards and read some too.
So it was a nice laid back , restful day, just
what we needed..............since  we have 
another meeting tonight,  and the our
lil darling will be with us tomorrow.

Can you believe it is Sept. 3rd already??

Mind boggling how we got here so fast......

what did you do this weekend?

Have a great day..................
 and do something nice for some
one else..........it'll make you feel
great, thus making you have a
great day!!   lol

Hugs & September Blessings,

Can you tell I am getting in the
mood for Fall.............lol


Rebecca said...

Yes, September is here and will be gone before we know it! Though it is dry up here, the temps are really nice. Monday, we "holidayed" by working on some furniture we're refinishing. Then we cleaned up to go to a baby shower for a niece. It was fun - and mostly family from both her & her husband's side.

After a few days spent with my mother in the hospital and wondering how all would turn out, I find myself rather lackadaisical here myself! I DID get a couple of loads of wash done and made some apple dumplings for our supper. Hope the energy returns by tomorrow. I have plenty to do.

Sister Susie Says said...

September has started out well for you! Me too, other than Alice had a negative reaction to the chemo she had on Monday. She's been so sick. She thought it was due to being tired out from the 2 week trip! She called and asked if I could pick up her med for it. Boddy can't get around to well with his shrapnel-ankle problems.

Sunday was our S.S. ladies out to lunch time. We went to Bob Evans. They have such a delicious Wildfire Chicken Salad! (I got one at take out today!) Monday I took the photo books (I put together for the trip) over to Alice's house. It was good I did, Jane was leaving that afternoon. Yesterday I cut back my Night Jasmine bush.
Today, Lillian called me and said I had a bubbling pool down at the roadside! Thank the LORD it was on the road eave's way and NOT on my meter! I called and they came out and fixed it.

I'm getting things ready to go back to our W.O.W. Bible study Wednesday week. I've run off some copies for Gloria. Well, that's my past few days. Love to you all, Susan

Donnie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely, peaceful weekend and we were blessed like that too. Had dinner Monday with #2 son and his family then kept the grands for a few hours so they could do some running. That is always fun since we miss them now that they have gone back to school. Take care.

Walking on Sunshine said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Ours was a little crazy as my son had a football game on Friday night and then again on Saturday. Then on Sunday my mother and I made the 255 mile trip into NY and then back home again. I was wiped! I got home around 8:00 and by 9:00 I was out cold! And slept till 8:30 the next day. How is your daughter doing with her move? Did they sell the house? Hope you're doing well!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

we had wild thunderstorms the whole weekend and 1 huge oak tree was struck by lightning.. I cried:( its made it thru so many storms but not this one..

I did some reading and cleaning and my sunnday morning meditation, that always improves my mood and helps me thru the week.

Glad to hear you had a good time with great folks and made some sweet memories.

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Nellie,
Sounds like you had a pretty full and fun week end. Glad you were able to meet up with old friends. How fun when it is spur of the moment like that and it all works out. Happy September to you too.

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Is that the movie about the college graduates that go off to find their way in the world?

We had a very dull weekend and were pretty happy to do so. My dad and his "friend" were here last week, so after they left Saturday morning we just regrouped. We puttered around the house and the yard, I've been working for hours and hours on all of our photos. I so dropped the ball on writing dates, putting in albums etc. I now have about 40 years of pictures that were in a huge tub and I'm putting them in some kind of order in albums. I may never get done, but a little every day and I'm making some progress.

We did go to Cracker Barrel for lunch on Monday, just to get out and do something. It was nice and quiet and just what we needed.

Diane said...

Seems that you had a lovely long week-end, except for the food :-(
We took our granddaughter back to boarding school in a different state. Sad, but when we left, she seemed happy and ready to be back.

Beth said...

Hi Nellie, So good to catch up with you again. It sounds like you keep very busy and that you are filled with gratitude as always! Bless you, my friend. Hope your kids' move goes well and that you aren't too far away from your grandbaby.
Hugs, Beth