Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - August 29, 2013

Just figured I would use some pictures I haven't used before.

I Praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
your works are wonderful and I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what kind of week have you had??
Lackadaisical, busy?? or both??
Know a lot of you sent your children
back to school this week or last.  

I remember those days: Call me crazy, but I hated
 to see my kids go back to school,  yet I loved and 
longed for the idea of being on a schedule again, 
cause we had very relaxed and fun summers, and 
didn't accomplish much of anything but shopping for 
school clothes and rearranging and/or organizing 
their rooms. lol    Anyone, know what I mean!!
  Oh, how you miss those times when they grow up! 
 But, then there are other fun things to watch and 
do with them, as they grow into awesome adults. 

My week has been a good one, a bit busy and wishing
 for some......... lackadaisical (ness)! the dictionary
 said, that was not a word), but it is for me!!  lol
 Maybe tomorrow, I can kick back with some coffee
 and really peruse a Fall magazine I told you about....
So looking forward to

So.....without further ado............
I will just get on with it!!  lol

Same pic as above but with a Gradient map affect

I am thankful
that my my hubby and son both work in 
a career field doing what they love to do,
and my son-in-love is about to do what he
has always wanted to do as well.
In fact,  I think most all of the people in
my family including myself,  love what
they do as their life's work.  It has got
to be the worst thing in the world to go
to a job daily,  and hate what you do,
especially if you are the breadwinner 
of the family.

I am thankful
that we are getting to have Dee, Jerry
and Rosie with us just a lil longer.......
as the buyers did not qualify for the FHA now they are just in the waiting 
mode to see if the people can find another way
to get financing or if they are gonna have to put
 the house back on the market.

Update: Talked with her today and looks like

the buyers found another way and they will be 
closing on Sept. 23rd, or maybe even sooner,
 if all continues to go well.

I am thankful
for Iron's,  ironing boards and steamers, cause 
I don't like wrinkled clothes.  lol  

I am thankful
for a good check up at the dentist on 
Tuesday, and what a nice hygienist I had.
They are all the sweetest ladies in that
dentist office, they are all christian
women and they pray together every
morning,  how cool is that!

Breakfast with a friend....Does anyone else like Apricot bear claws
as much as I do???? 

I am thankful
for a fun day out shopping on Tuesday as well.
  Needed to get a baby shower gifts for this 
weekend, and exchange those tan placemats
 for more blue ones, go to Sam's and of course,
 reward myself with a smoothie for being a 
good girl at the dentist office!  lol

I am thankful
for 2 fun and unexpected finds on my shopping 
expedition.  One was a white ceramic silver-
ware holder,  that could also be a nice flower
holders as well,  and a $25.00 pillow I just
happened to see at Bed Bath and Beyond.
It was originally $25.00 and it was on sale for 
just $5.99 and in mint condition...........
so she came home with me.

same pic as above but with posterized affect

I am thankful
that we were able to get together with the
couple we will be working with in the young 
marrieds class,  cause we are working on
details and getting to know each other.

I am thankful
that I am just starting to get the feeling of
Fall even tho it is still so hot out,  but am
seeing the long shadows and just a sense of
excitement about all the fun and wonderful
celebrations that Fall holds.

film grain affect

I am thankful
for the nice fellow (that we have never 
even laid eyes on before) that was mowing 
our neighbors yard at the same time we were
doing ours. The fellow finished over there
 then came over and blew the grass off the 
street in front of our house and then blew 
off our front porch and sidewalk and the 
driveway.  We just couldn't believe how
nice and thoughtful  he was. Just gives 
you a warm fuzzy feeling.......that there
 are still a lot of  really nice people in the
 world. Hope the Lord blesses him real 
good for his random act of kindness.

I am thankful
for the Fall Cottage Magazine I got on Tuesday
at Sam's.  I love this seasonal magazine, it is
 just the neatest.  A great curl up with a cup 
of coffee and read this fun magazine type of 
enjoyment,  also great decorating inspiration,
which I need for starting my Fall decorating.

I am thankful
for the fun time we have been having with
our lil darling today.  Haven't seen her since
last Wednesday, so seemed like ages since
we have seen her.   lol
Had Rosie since last week,  and Megan dropped
 Brooklyn off and Scott picked her up,  and Dee
 picked up got to see almost the 
whole family today accept for Jerry and Susan,
 and did talk to her on the phone.
So it always makes it a good day when I get
to see my family members especially so many
in one

I am thankful
I just realized it was Wednesday, not Thursday,
somehow lost a day in there, which means I could
have posted, but since I had been working on my
Thankful Thursday Post already decided I will just
 be early or at least on time for a change!  lol

same pic with colored pencil affect

I am thankful
for this great thought that just came to me, con-
cerning those apricot bare claws.
Hubby had gotten me some gluten free almond cookies
 a few weeks back and think I told you they reminded
 me of almond bear claws from Publix, and I just thought 
what if you put apricot preserves on top of the cookies
ahhh the taste of apricot bearclaws without the gluten 
or the bad oils. Oh yum,  and hubby just told me this
 morning he is going to fresh market today to get 
some coffee he discovered there and loves....
and guess what he is gonna get for me!!
So will tell you soon.........if it actually tastes like 
apricot bear claws or

Update: No... they don't taste like Apricot bear
claws, altho they taste good, but the almond
cookies seems to override the apricot.  Poo!

Well,  that's it folks, another week
 in the life of
Nellie's Cozy Place............

 Hope you enjoyed your time here.

Always glad when you can stop in 
for a visit

Have a Really Great.........
 Rest of the Week!!

Love Hugs,and the Last of August 
Blessings to you all,



Sister Susie Says said...

#1. I praise the LORD I had a job for 34 years straight with the cutest cutie pies you can get in Kindergarten! I really loved those 5 year olds! I thank the LORD too that I can now be retired and just enjoy myself with doing what I want...or just not doing anything, ha!
#2. All in the LORD's timing!
#3. I thank the LORD for polyester!
I remember when they used to iron the sheets on the beds!!!
#4. I surely have always enjoyed Adrian all these years!
#5. I haven't been out of the house since Sunday! I've been so busy running off the photo albums for Alice, Brenda, Jane, and myself
#6. Wow, you did get a good buy. I didn't realize how ceramic can be dangerous. My kitty's bowl slipped and I caught it, bumping it on the counter. It broke anyway slicing my finger! It was deep, but I ran it under the water and put bacterial cream on it and bandaged it tight. I'm thankful it is okay today!
#7. Praise the LORD for your witness in their lives.
#8. I'm hoping the rain slacks off some. My grass is growing like wheat stalks, ha! I see Lillian's brother is here today. He mowed her yard yesterday. He may do mine today.
#9. I'm thankful Lillian's brother is still doing my yard since George passed away. With all of the rain, I hope James will soon bush hog the back property.
#10. I need to get with Jerry S. to see if he will fix my garage door. If not, I guess I'm going to have to get one of the "box stores" to do it. It was beyond Jeff's ability.
#11. It is such a joy the LORD has blessed us to have with our families!
#12. I have finally gotten back on schedule with my blog, e-mail, and phone calls! It only took a week and a half. ha!
#13. I just finished some of the almond bear claws from Publix! We know what's good, yea we do!!
Love to you all, Susan

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Hope all goes well with the sale of the house this time. I know it is hard for you to let them go! Those bear claws sure look good and I look forward to hearing more about this new coffee!
Have a GREAT weekend sweet Nellie!

Cinderella Moments said...

It's already Thursday! It's just whizzing by! I haven't been to the beach yet.That's coming up next month. Everything sounds like it's going very well in your neck of the woods. I'm always glad to see that. Have a gorgeous Friday!

Sandy said...

Hi Nellie,

What a way to start my day; a heart filled to the brim with gratitude! I loved reading your gratitude list. I have a sign on my kitchen wall that says there is always, always, always something to be grateful for and their truly is always something to be grateful for. I try to always think in terms of abundance rather than lack. I know what you mean about having a magazine for a treat to read while savoring a home brewed cup of coffee. I'm savoring every last drop of summer and although I love fall, I get a little sad to see the long days of summer disappear. Fall doesn't officially arrive until September 22 so there are still plenty of days to enjoy the fall show in my garden. Your blog is delightful and uplifting.

Donna Heber said...

I'm glad you are going to be able to spend more time with your family Nellie. I wish I had family - some days are just so darn difficult. Blessings.

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Love your list of thankfuls.

I hope all is working out with the sale of the house for your kids.

All is fine here. Thanks for coming by my blogging, I am be slow at blogging. I read others but I am slow to go back in and comment. My diet is going well. I have lost 31 pounds. I still need to lose more. I will do a post about it soon.

Blessings & love