Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Table for my Daughter DeeAnna's 29th Birthday!

Happy Tuesday Morning to you
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you feeling well 
and full of vim and vigor............

I am feeling so much better today.....
Yesterday I felt like I was getting a relapse, so was
not to thrilled about that but today I do feel like I have
 some vim and vigor.......which is very exciting to me!!!

We had a great weekend......went to Dee and Jerry's
on Friday  then Sat. we  were just getting ready for
her birthday celebration most of the day,  other than
the 3 hr. nap we took in the afternoon,  which made
me stay awake all night long...........lol (the reason 
for my relapse on Monday, I think)
Then Sunday was church and  her birthday celebration 
so the whole family was here,  and we had a great
 time and some good eating........

So thought I would show you her birthday table today.
Since I was sick and couldn't get out,  this was 
do with what you have on hand table.  Hoping to
 get some white carnations if hubby and I could
locate them.

I try to find a theme if possible that the person
likes, color scheme or whatever.  I know that
Dee has said lately she likes topiaries,  so
thought okay what can I do with that.  So put
one in a pretty white planter and did a sign
on printmaster to hang on it.  She also loves
this shade of green too.

Then I remembered I had these 2 lil  green urns
I bought several years ago at Old Time Pottery for
$2 each,  then stuck a yankee candle lid (repur-
posed as a candleholder) inside them to use
them as candles for the table.

If you would like to know how to repurpose 
your candle lids....just click here!

See the empty egg cups.....I was gonna put a
white carnation in each one for the girls.

This was a girl place setting.  I remembered that I had 
played around with some napkins some time back and 
made lil clutch bags but had never used the idea yet,  
so decided to do that..........then I found these adorable
lil plastic shoes in my china hutch drawer....I had gotten
3 of them at someones wedding reception, so that made
me really excited cause a purse and shoes,  what girl
doesn't like that.................and it look like a glass slipper,
so Cinderella comes to mind.............

Then decided I should use these silver banded dessert
plates, for salad plates,  to add a lil bling.  So coming
along fine,  had the table mostly set,  but still looking
for white carnations.........

 Then Sat. we had to go to Publix to get food items
so they have a fairly nice floral shop so looked
there and they didn't have white carnations either, 
 but they did have green mini carnations in the
 perfect shade of green.  The Lord always helps,
and the green probably looked better than the
white anyway................

This pic was taken the morning after with the 
lights out,  just thought it was a neat picture.  lol

So this is the birthday girls place,  I decided to put her
flowers in a silver punch cup and then gave all the girls
 goblets and the guys reg glasses.

Looking down the table from the end,  our special
person always gets to sit at the head of the table.
Just another way of honoring them on their
special day.....................

Now did you notice that the lil green urns are not
being used for candles now..........I did lil florals
with the green carnations.  Looks so much

These were the guys place settings.  Made some ties 
for them,  and put candles at their place setting. 
Also got the andes mints for the candy of the day!!  lol

I sort of wishes I had not put the candy in the shoes cause
the shoes were so much prettier without it,  but oh well!!
Live and Learn.........that is why taking pics is a good thing,
you learn from them..................lol

 Only had 3 shoes,  so gave my SIL Susan the swam since
 she loves animals so..................

 A look from the other end of the table.

A over view

 Overview with posterized affect.

 Liked how the candles and the egg cup with 
the flower lined up so nicely.   lol

 Dee's lil bouquet

View from the other end of table.

Sorry about all the pictures I always take
so many cause some don't come out, then
it is very hard to decide which ones to post,
and I always have too many.
But hope you enjoyed them anyway!!  lol

Thanks so much for dropping in,  always
great to hear from you.

Hope you have a Totally Terrific Day!

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Hugs and Blessings,


  1. I just love the tablescape and will try to use some special touches too for the next birthday we do here. You really thought about all the special touches you wanted to do. So sweet.

  2. I thought you did wonderfully taking the pictures. I do the same thing, take many and then try to find one in focus. I am a terrible photographer. I would like to blame the camera..but it's not MY camera's fault. I don't read the directions. You did GREAT!
    The table is delicate and really lovely. Thank you for taking the time to share. :)

  3. Beautiful tablescape and I love the napkins folded as ties and purses. How clever is that. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. I enjoy seeing the way you think through your table settings down to small details. I'm sure your family looks forward to these special occasions just to see what you've come up with!

  5. How pretty! She must have been thrilled that you "fussed"! The napkins in the purse shape are so clever!

  6. Hi Nellie

    Your love is shining through all your hard work that you do to celebrate your family. Your family is so blessed to have you. I do the green that you picked.
    Hope you get to feeling better!

    Love you my friend!

  7. So pretty. I know your daughter felt loved and very precious with so much attention to the details!
    God bless!

  8. Beautiful tablescape! Thanks for stopping by, hugs Biljana

  9. Hi Nellie! The table looks amazing.Thank you for visiting my site! New follower! (I am not sure what you meant by the pinterest thing popping up?)-enjoy that family!-aimee

  10. What a beautiful birthday celebration table. I love the shoes: my Mom used to collect miniature shoes. My sister has them now. Your table was so well thought out. The carns look beautiful and love the "tie" napkins:):)

  11. I loved the story of the evolution of your table and the special people for whom you created the tablescape.

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I know she felt special sitting at this birthday table.

  13. Hope you are feeling better! I am sure that your daughter had a great birthday being treated like Cinderella! The shade of green that you used is so lovely and I really like how your arranged the centerpiece. Also, those napkins are so clever and cute!

  14. I think this is one of your most prettiest table settings! I loved the colors and especially my swan!
    The food was great! Grilled shrimp and scallops, yummy yum! Best yet is the being together with everyone! Happy Birthday, DeeAnna!
    Love you all, Susan

  15. That is so pretty! I just love how you did the napkins, that little ribbon adds such a delicate touch!
    I am sure your dd loved it!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Let's Dish!

  16. What a neat table! Love the little purses and ties! Your little sweetheart is a doll, Nellie.
    Blessings, Beth


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