Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Playing, Practicing, and Experimenting and thought you might enjoy seeing the results...............

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good week so far??

Mine has been fun so far.................
A few weeks ago just before I worked on my new dining
room curtains,  I had spread the curtain panels on the table
to cut it in half,  and thought before I cut this I should try it
 as a tablecloth first........thinking it would make a perfect
 backdrop for my cream colored dishes.  So decided to
play a bit and make a lil dish vignette and practice my
photography skills as well.

With posterized affect

Always have to do one of these posterized affects cause
 they are so neat......................

. but then  as I edited pics I decided I hadn't experimented
 with affects in a long while, and decided now was the
time.............cease the moment............lol

Both of these pics are colored pencil,
  just changed a color

Thought this was really different that it made the dishes blue too!

The above is a gradient map affect.

This shot and the next two are normal pictures

This one has what you call and equalized affect just 
making it a deeper color with more light.

This is what you call a Cut Out Affect.

This has a soft omni affect

This picture and the next 3 are normal shots again.

Again with an equalized affect

2 more normal shots.

and ending with my fav a posterized shot!  I love the pink
irredescent looks it gives..........

To do all of the photo affects, I use photoshop 18,
and am still learning to use it, after probably 5 yrs.
or so.................It does some cool stuff,  but it 
takes a long time to learn how to use it, at least
for me anyway...........lol  I bought a book years
 ago to help me,  but it is pretty much useless
really..........should have gotten photoshop for
dummies, if they had that.....lol

Well, hope you enjoyed my play, practice and
It was sure a hoot for me,  as always............

FYI  and FY enjoyment you can click on any 
picture and it will make them all larger!

Thanks for coming by,  and I will have the rest
of the pics on my Thankful Thursday post  this
week,  tried to break it up some.............lol
I discovered some new affects I hadn't used
before on some of those pictures.  Pretty neat
too,  I have to say.

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Am so happy you came and hope you
will stop and say hello,  cause I really do love
hearing from you!!

Love,  Hugs,
and  Pretty picture Blessings,

Just in case you would like to see Part 2


Rebecca said...

:) You certainly have fun with that, don't you? (There are many special effects with Picasa editing, too. I'm more familiar with that--just don't always use the results...

So, will you be hanging those curtains soon? They have an interesting pattern. I like them.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So many pretty photos Nellie! Love your curtain fabric, the pattern and color are so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY, hope you have a GREAT week...

Sister Susie Says said...

Your curtains are soooo pretty! I really like your special effects on the picture with the herb garden box! It looks like the plates are gold plated! The iridescent rose is really pretty against the material background!

I've noticed my camera has settings to do the same effects. Then I just save it to my picture file!
Love you all, Susan

Sister Susie Says said...
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thepaintedapron.com said...

I always forget to play with different effects Nellie! I love all your experiments, and especially the cut out effect one! Thanks for such great inspiration, I am doing this today!

Entertaining Women said...

I have photoshop, too, and I remain fairly intimidated by it. Have you added any of the Rad Lab effects and filters? They are pretty cool, and the filters are quite easy to use. Just go to rad lab.com. The curtain panels make a lovely tablecloth. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay


How pretty the photoshop you did, wish I knew how to, lol!Your setting is gorgeous and the white dishes are stunning! I love it all, along with the fabulous flatware! I just followed you...hope you want to do the same, if you 'wish only!'