Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summery Coastal living room - Part 4

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

How are you?? Hope you had a nice

 Independence Day Celebration...
Can't believe it is July 8th already!!

We had a very enjoyable and fun time with the kids
 talking and catching up, playing with the baby and 
eating Lasagna, and watching a Batman movie.  
The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, and rainy
which was fine with us, cause we got a lot of rest to
ready us for the week ahead.

Am a bit late posting cause decided to make a run
to Wally World this morning and so glad I did cause
it is a blazingly hot 103 degrees here at 3 this after
noon. Shew!  Just came in from sitting in the sun!
So trying to cool off..........lol

Well, here is the 4th and final post of our Coastally
(don't know if that is really a word, but it is for me!  lol)
Decorated living room.

This is where we left off..........just to the right of the
etagere shelving is the table you see in the header picture.

The lil starfish dishes were a gift from Dee
and Jerry when they went to the Bahamas.
Think they are so cute........and they have
gotten a lot of use....

This shell on the left is actually a resin soapdish shell,
but you would never know it.

This cute tag with my initial on it was made for me by
 a dear friend of many years, as a Thank You card
 a few years ago.  She does amazingly creative things
 all the time..........love everything she does..........
She does things at church and I immediately know
when it is something she has done,  she just has her
 own special unique and exquisite look to everything
she makes or decorates.

 With posterized affect

Here is a closer look,  Forgot to take a shot of the other 
side cause she did it differently, it is perfect for a 
white spring time room.

These metal posts use to go on the end
of the bed we have in our guest room
but we didn't want to use them,  so I
decided to press them into service here,
for a lil architectural interest.

Directly across from the table
is this chair and wall,  there is an
open area in between that leads
to the dining room.

Here a close up of the picture.  This is an 
actual photograph from our beach vacation
 year before last,  so just printed it on card
 stock and put it in the frame. Used what
was a pillow embellishment last year to
hang on the frame. You saw another one
laying on the table above,  and in Part 1
on the wreath..........

Here is the shelf above the chair, this was how I had it
 to begin with............

Here's the other half.

and the whole shelf.  You will be able to see what
that lil tag in the center is below and then I had
some puka shell beads so just hung those on there too.

See the tag was a starfish.  I got a bag of those a few
 years back in the Target $1 area,  and have really gotten 
a lot of mileage out of those.  Did you notice.......??
 I changed out the pretty pitcher for my lil paper sailboat.

Thought she looked rather cute,  but have to say I am
having trouble keeping her on the shelf,  Sometimes when
 the a/c turns on she drifts on down to the floor.   lol
Hubby found her on the floor the other day and propped
 her up next to the sailboat picture,  which looks nice
 too,  but she doesn't stay put there either..............
Think I need to find a way to weight her down a bit.

With posterized affect.

Well, there is the last of the Coastal Living room....
Have to say I have enjoyed it and so has Brooklyn,
  she likes checking out the shells and Mr.Leggy
 (from Part 2) and playing with the beads in the
 fish bowl (from part 1)
 and also playing with the plastic Easter eggs  in
 the pool...........lol  They have hidden yogurt
 drops in some of them, and she enjoys the

Was just looking at the posterized picture above
and it has an optical illusion in it.
Can you see the shadow of a skinny necked, big
 headed looking creature looking like it is gonna
 eat something??

Hint: Maybe he is drinking from the pitcher!!  lol

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Well, You have a delightful Day!

Beautiful shell Love and
Dreamy Drifting Sailboat Blessings,



Sister Susie Says said...

Your living room is definitely a "Cozy Place!"

Very nice "coastal look!" I remember your sailboat! Could you use a little bit of 2 sided tape to lightly hold it down?

You have a restful, cozy place!
Love you all, Susan

Sandra Lee said...

Love your Coastally room Nellie! The seashell soapdish fits perfectly as do the metal posts, great save. Thanks so much for paying me a visit today!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh i love your coastal room. So pretty and what a cool and inviting space. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love all of the wonderful coastal touches!....and those are some really cute tags!!!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Your coastal touches look great Nellie. So happy you and your family had a nice Independence Day. Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Nellie,

I'm glad you had a nice 4th of July. It was pretty dreary here, but at least it didn't rain. Your coastal living room looks awesome for the summer time!

Rea T said...

i love coastal decor nellie, i've recently updated my powder room to have that feel...

your living room looks beautiful and relaxing♥
you did great!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love the combination of white pottery and coastal accents on your wall shelf.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Love your new coastal look. The shell details and the ironstone pieces on the shelf are adorable!