Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 3, 2014

that my heart might sing to you and
 not be silent, O Lord my God I will
give you thanks forever.
Psalm 30:12

Happy Independence Day
 to you and yours, Sweet Friends,

Hope you have a good day, full of
good food and fellowship, and lots of
Sweet Celebration and Remembering
 This Wonderful Country that we love
get to enjoy so much.....and no matter
 how bad things seem at times, it is
still the best country in the world!!

 I am just gonna jump right in.....

I am thankful

that Hobby Lobby won their case.  It is great to see
some of these court cases being won that protect our
religious freedoms, cause it has seemed that we are
 losing them very quickly. Keep on praying folks,
  it is working!!  and was thinking too,  what a great
week for them to win this victory...........

for seeing parts of a Joni Erickson Tada movie
on Monday. It showed the movie then it showed
 her talking now about her situation and what she
went through when she found out she was going to
be paralyzed for life. The movie is called "Joni"
and it was made in 1979.
 Joni is an amazing lady.............because of her
relationship with Christ.

for all the freedoms we have as American's,
we are sooo rich in so many ways,  that aren't
material or like my Dad used to say, in ways,
that you can't tack a dollar bill too.............
It is a wonderful thing to have religious freedom,
and be able to go to any church any time you 
want  or to be able to read or watch whatever
 you want without fear of reprisal.  Not so, in
 so many countries today,  and for years now.
We are so blessed........................

For a sweet and precious video we watched
on Monday night of these Russian men trying
to free young cat from under a man' s car.
Just about made me cry it was so sweet!
All you could see was their hands and you
could hear their voices, and they of course,
were speaking Russian but were working
 together very diligently and at times they
would laugh and joke,  just like our hus-
bands would in a situation like that.
Once they got the cat out it showed one
of the men really cuddling the kitty and
being so tender with her.

This, the header pic and the flag pic are compliments

that the Tropical storm off the coast of Fla.
is gone away from us with no problems,
now praying for the folks of North Carolina.

for a new sandwich I decided to make. Hubby
 is always talking about a Baja turkey sandwich
 that  he gets at work, that has avocado on it,  so I
decided to see what I could whip up since I had
some wholly Guacamole, and Deep Fried Sliced
Chicken breast (by butterball)  and good tomatoes
and great fresh bread from Publix supermarket.
It is called "Italian 5 grain bread" and is baked
on site. Now you have to know....I am really
not a cold cut sandwich kind of girl.............
but............all I can say is yummo!!

Just spread the bread with the guacamole, I spread
it pretty thick, then, put 3 or more slices of chicken
 breast on, and add sliced ripe tomatoes,  put bread
 on top and slice and eat!!  absolutely delicious!!  
quick and favorite.......

Some crispy bacon would probably be awe-
some on there too............

that I got 1 pillow and 1 cushion slipcover made
on Tuesday.  1 cushion down 5 to go..............
Actually they were easy cause I made them what
I think they call envelope style,  that way I can
just pull them off and wash them easily if need am happy with them, so far!
Think they are gonna look great on the porch
furniture which is white.

for a nice unexpected visit with my SIL Susan, she
 was having computer problems and had to have
 hubby work on it,  so while he was working on it
 we were having coffee and dessert and visiting!  lol
 He did join us for dessert

for the gift of laughter...........nothing like a really
funny comedy or just having fun and hucking it
up or children or grandchildren who make you
laugh..........Brooklyn has been a riot today!!

we are going to Scott and Megan's for the 4th.
He is gonna make us Lasagna,  since he has a lot
of tomatoes and herbs he has harvested from his
garden that he needs to use. Sounds good to
me............ and looking forward to it............

that Jim's Father's day card from DeeAnna
was finally returned to her.  It had a gift card
in it, and we really thought maybe someone
had taken the gift card and threw his Father's
Day card away.............It was just sent back
to her.... and she mailed it 5 days before Father's
day. It was sent back, get this....  because the zip
 code was wrong.........unbelieveable, because the
 zip code is in our town, just not in our area of
town.  That is a new one on
But we are thankful she got it back,  guess it
 took awhile since they had moved in the
 meantime, as well.

that we finally took some things to Good Will
today that have been sitting in the garage for
just too nice to not have that in
the way now.........and that  is a big thrill
 believe it or not!!  lol

So glad you could stop by,  and look
 forward to hearing from you!~

Have a Patriotic and Thankful 

Happy Birthday America!!

God Bless the USA

May God shed His Grace on Thee!

Hugs and Blessings


Sister Susie Says said...

What a great picture of the flag and fireworks!
#1. Praise Almighty GOD for His intervening and bringing about His Truth and purposes!
#2. She is surely a great witness for our LORD GOD Almighty! I have had several testimonies of her from YouTube on my blog.
#3. The freedoms we have in America is just a touch of the freedom we have in Jesus Christ!
#4. As so the movie I watched about a dog called in the movie title, "Because of Winn-Dixie."
#5. Praise the LORD it has mainly brought rain. It surely will assist all of the grass that had gone to seed before I mowed, ha!
#6. I am trying this recipe right after I finish you blog! I have that particular meat, fresh avocado, and this crisp Melba bread! I don't have the tomatoes!
#7. You did a great job on the envelope pillow I saw! It is great because it is a slipcover you don't have to worry with sewing in zippers!!!
#8. I so enjoyed my time with you too, Nellie! I love you with all my heart! Oh and yes, thank you Jim so much! My computer is working great!
#9. The LORD also made laughter to be healthy for our bodies! I think comedies will be the next bunch of movies I'll watch from Netflix! What an influence for Brooklyn to be around so much joy (even though she's the center of the joy!)
#10. Scott could have been a chef!
#11. The LORD had it delivered to her!
#12. I really need to get in gear to do some of this with books to the libraries, and other things as well! It's amazing the things you collect over the years!
Love you all, Susan

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Wonderful blessings that you shared here!!

As a cancer survivor, I am thankful for each and every day!!