Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summery Coastal Living Room - Part 3

Happy Tuesday
 Sweet Friends,

What cha' been up to??  Gosh haven't
 used that line much since I was
 in High School..........but I always
 liked it!  lol

So what have you been up to??

I have been up to doing curtains for my dining room last
Friday, (think I might have already told you that, sorry
if I did, too lazy to go check.
Am liking the new curtains quite well.......

Then on Saturday we cleaned house, did the yard and
did the yard, trimmed our big tree out front and washed
our dining room window, and finished up the organizing 
of my cards on the computer...........So that was great!

 Sunday was Sunday School and Church, of course, and we
 were delighted to have a full house in S.S. class (course,
 they call it Life group now) we are of the old school and
 are having a hard time breaking the habit.  After church,
it was Yomii frozen yogurt time and a run to Target to
 pick up a few things, then home and a nice long nap,
  Then we watched quite a few Sermons on TV and
 retired about 10:30 for the evening........
Those Sunday afternoon naps and hust resting really
 get us ready for the new week, especially my hubby.

Monday since the house was all clean already, I baked
some cookies cause I have been putting it off cause
of the time it would take, made a card and sent it to
my daughter, worked on a this post, and  started trying
 to catch up on things that sometimes get pushed aside
or put off because of more pressing issues; like going 
thru mail, matching socks, and washing things that
don't get used often.  

and today..........I will be doing some of those lil 
tasks again.  Am hoping I am in the mood to start
making slipcovers for my cushions on the porch,
I have had the material for ages,  and since the
sewing machine is out, I am hoping to seize the
moment!!  lol   But honestly,  I have to be in the
mood for sewing........anybody, else know what
I mean???

Oh, and my other sofa pillows finally came in
yesterday,  so really liking how it looks.  They
are fat pillows,  so need to work with them a
little, and see if I can make them look not so
stuffy and fluffy............lol
Maybe if I just sit on them for a few minutes
that might do it......... lol  Think I will seriously
 try that..........it is a good idea!!  lol

Now....... on with part 3 of the summery
Coastal living room..............

Remember last time I told you I would give you
some close ups of our shelving............

This is the bottom shelf on the Left side.

With posterized affect

Most  of these shells I have had forever.  

with posterized affect

This is the middle shelf,  with Mr. Leggy,  that is what I call
him for Brooklyn,  she loves seeing and holding him.
He gives her kisses with that nice long beak of his.......lol
and her fav shell is the pink sea urchin shell  you see above.

Does anybody have any idea what sea bird he is??

Loved this cute card with this beach scene from yester year.
It is a card that was made from an oil portrait from an 
American Artist named Edward Potthast in 1915.
Sorry it is blurry but it sort of has an ethereal quality to it.
It was actually a Thank You card from my son-in-laws
Mother after their wedding reception,  so it also has
sentimental value.

    IN The Good ole
In the Good ole Summer Time................
I had wanted to put these words right on the picture but just
could not get it to do that for some reason.............Poo.......

What's a beach scene without some pretty bottles from beach
combing, right.......well, might aren't exactly from beach-
combing, but............they could be...........lol

This is the top shelf
not the greatest picture but thought I would throw it in anyway.
Not easy getting good shots on these glass shelves with or 
without the lights sometimes...........

Now we are gonna see the shelves on the right side.....

My daugher loves this sign cause it says what she feels,
"The best place to be is at the beach"

 Meant to put some starfish on the bottom of the picture
 frame to make it look a bit more beachy, but then wound
up using them on the wreath in the foyer.

Anyone remember the story of Jonah and the whale??

So.......do you see Jonah in there???

These are 2 of the bottom shelves on the right side
With Pictures of our Moms who are in heaven now.
Mine is on the right....Jim's is on the left.  like I say
hard to get pics on these glass shelves without getting
the other shelves too............lol

and His Grace truly is enough....
Even tho there are times we don't feel like it...........
It is true....
cause his strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Cause when we are weak..........we learn to lean on HIM!!
and that is a very good thing.............

 the pretty shells dress the sign up a bit...........lol

Well,  just one more post to go after this..........
next time you will get to see a close up of the table to
your right and then come on around the room to the
other wall across from it.

Just in case you are interested in seeing them......

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Thanks for breezing by......
and hope you will let me know you
were here.

Until next time..........

Big Sandy Hugs and
Ocean Breeze Blessings,



Sister Susie Says said...

My dear, you two did enough work to last more than a week (to have to do it all over again next week!) LOL I still haven't gotten my tractor battery yet! I've got to get myself "in gear!" The grass isn't waiting for me!

After church, I went by Wendy's and got a chili and frosty! A good fill up for 5 dollars!

Monday, I had a dental visit and an appointment with Frank. All is going well with my retirement.

This morning was vacuuming the bird's room. I had Max (my macaw) in the den with me yesterday when he decided to take flight to the other end of the room! He landed on the desk. As I picked him up, I told him, "You're not suppose to do that!" To which he relied, "I know it!" (That's his new sentence he is using on me now, ha!)

I know what you mean on sewing. I can't say how long my sewing machine has been in the closet!

Mr. Leggy is the best! I once had a sea urchin shell, but it was purple.

Your glass whale is adorable! I didn't notice Jonah until I read your next line! WOW! A great artist in glass blowing!

The LORD surely says, "My grace is sufficient for you!" 2 Corinthians 12:9

I hope next time you will have pictures of your new drapes and pillows! (Are the pillows and drapes in the den?)

Your shell arrangement is so pretty, I had to save it to my picture file! Have a great week!
I love you all, Susan

Cinderella Moments said...

Your room is well put together. Everything is thoughtfully placed. I love the whale! That's neat!!
big hugs♥,

Carol said...

You did a great job on the shelves, Nellie. Even though we live in the desert, I have added some shells around -- they just look summery! I think the bird might be a Limpkin. They have those extremely long skinny legs with joint mid-way down the leg -- they truly look like they could snap!