Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday - February 19, 2015, and Floral Pictures

Because your love is better than life,
 my lips will glorify you.
Psalm 63:3

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Are ya having a good week
so far??  Hope so, and hope
you are staying warm
and cozy.

Mine week has been good, it's a bit cool here this
week, in the 40's today which is cold for us here in
Florida, suppose to go to freezing tonight. Course,
know that probably sounds like nothing to most of
 you. I know Dee and Jerry are below 0 today in
Asheville, and have had ice and snow this week
.  It was there first experience with ice this year.
 Dee almost fell a few times, till Jerry called the
 HOA and they came out and salted, like they
 should have already..............They have a friend
in her 30's that fell about 6-7 years ago on ice
and broke her tailbone, and it has taken her
years to recover as much as she has,  but 
unless the Lord heals her,  she will probably
 have to live with the consequences of that the
 rest of her life.  Hence the call to the HOA
I am sure................

Well, not much else to say since I said what
 is going on in my post,  thought you might
like to see some pics that might make you
think of Spring, at least........
So here you go!

I am thankful

for a really fun and relaxing Valentines weekend,
 just enjoying each other's company.  This was
 our 45th Valentine's Day together since we met
 and 44 years of them while being married.

for the lovely red roses hubby brought me on
Friday night, and his lovely card on Saturday.

that DeeAnna and Jerry have finally found a home
 they want to buy, and can afford (as homes are
astronomical there compared to Florida)  and in
 the area that they really want to live in, and it looks
 so much like the wonderful home they had to leave
here in Fla. to go to Asheville,  so they are pretty
 thrilled, and we are thrilled for them, and hoping
it all works out,  Lord willing!

that we have workers here today (Mon.) pressure 
cleaning our house, getting it ready for painting.
  It is looking great already.........I am particularly thrilled
about our sidewalk as it had a lot of mold and mildew
 and looked terrible, but looks awesome now, and 
hopefully we can get it sealed this week since it has
 a nice decorative finish on it.

for the Bible and all it has to tell us about the things 
that we see happening in our world today,  and that 
so much of it is prophecy about the return of Christ.
He is coming back folks,  we just don't know the
 time or the hour,  but we can tell by the signs the
bible gives us that it might not be a long time off.

This pic was taken almost a week later. See the change
in color in the centers of the flowers.

that Scott and Megan offered to do an early family 
birthday dinner for my Sister-in-law, Susan this year, 
since they will be out of town and visiting Dee and
 Jerry on her day.

Thought that  was really sweet and thoughtful.....

that it looks like Dee and Jerry may have found a
way around a situation they came up against with
this home they want to buy, so hopefully it will all
work out,  but either way they have a good attitude.
and feel if it is meant to be...... it will be.

with watercolor affect

that the painters came back today (Wed.) and finished
 our house. I really didn't expect them until Friday due
to the weather.  Rainy and cold,  but it turned out to be
 a sunny day,  so they finished it, and it looks terrific, 
and we are so happy with it.

With photocopy affect

for the folks that did our painting, they were both
really nice people, and did a really great job, every
thing looks perfect as can be. Which has not always 
been the case when we have had someone else do
the work, which is why we do most of our own stuff,
so very grateful about that too.  Definitely not a
 helpful or fun  thing to spend $$$ on something
 only to have it turn out badly, and also nice to
be able to give business to such nice folks.

for our warm cozy bed on these colder nights.,
and  for our heating as well.

for a school crossing guard I saw today that
put a big smile on my face.  He was an elderly
man waving at everyone when they went by
with a big smile on his face......he would wave
with his right hand then bring up his left hand
and wiggle his fingers as if he was tickling you,
and look right at you as you passed, and he was 
just having such a good time, and I am sure he
 put a smile on more faces than mine. 
Just cute!

with posterized affect

that my hubby did not permanently hurt himself,
as he was dreaming and was close to the edge
of the bed, and in his dream a huge snake was
 after him, and he fell out of bed trying to get 
away from it........Funny,  but he fell right on his
 tail bone area too,  he was hurting some right 
after it happened but took some ibuprophen
 and it is much better other than a lil soreness.
  Thank the Lord.  Now that was a first!!

Well,  here's to another week 
at cozy Place.

So glad you could join me today, 
 and hope
you come back soon.

Next week, 
 it will be off with the red.........
and I will show you my White living
room all decorated for Winter and
before Spring gets here.  lol

Warm and cozy ,
Loves, Hugs and Blessings.



Rebecca said...

Rejoicing with you for all the good things in your life (and that of your family)! Have a fine weekend, Nellie.

Sister Susie Says said...

#1. What a great reason for happiness on Valentine's Day!
#2. You two were made for each other and GOD knew it before He created anything!!!
#3. If DeeAnna is her own agent, I'm sure it will work out great!
#4. I'm so glad you and Jim don't have to do it! Is the house still going to be blue?
#5. The Holy Spirit is stirring His Church to proclaim this message to the lost!
#6. That is very thoughtful of them indeed! I love being with our family anytime I can!
#7. I'm praying the LORD has it in store for them!
#8. Looks brand new!!!
#9. Don't you know it. I hope to get my den done down the road, soon ha!
#10. Oh I say amen to that! I had to get a hold of Xena (my 100 lb. Bull Mastiff!) She jumped up and nuzzled next to me! I need to get their beds put back into the room! I've got the birds all covered up again at night and their room is the first to get the heat, mine's last burr.
#11. I bet I know where that was! I've waved back at him a couple of times myself! (Garfield)
#12. Oh! LORD, I pray all is well!
I'm glad you have carpeting! I think if I had fallen on the grass instead of on the driveway I would have been okay. Praise the LORD for His care for us! I love you all, Susan

Diane said...

Nellie, you do have much happening right now. Isn't satisfying to complete a project at home?? The roses are beautiful. It looks like you had a very good Valentine's Day.

Maria Brittis said...

You have such a pretty blog and its great for exploring and getting inspired, so glad you stopped by Fabulous Friday.. Keep in touch and I
sure will to