Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Foyer and Living Room Decor

Warm Blessings to you
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you cozy and warm,

and not too frustrated with this
seemingly long and cold Winter.

We were at freezing temps right

before the weekend and now we
are in the 80's, such crazy weather
you never know what to expect,
but hey, think it is warm enough
and dry enough to maybe start
getting some sealer on my front
porch and walkway hopefully.
So that would be nice......

Figured I would show you my
 Winterized Living room today.
and guess what???  

There is no red in there. lol

     I will start in the foyer....

This wreath is the first thing you see when I
open my dooor, so wanted to put a nice greeting
on it..........
Made the card stock greeting on printmaster.

 Just threw some pine cones and a bow (that was
 already made) on there then added the sign
 and some faux snow.

This area in my foyer is very hard to fit much, 
 so this lil plant stand works well there, but
always trying to find what to put on it.  lol
So plants and........

pine cones won out this time. Had this lil
crock so decided to dress her up a bit.
Had some burlap ribbon so just wrapped 
it around and taped it,  then I found.....

this great shiny gold braiding in my
 sewing stash, so just tied it on...........
liked the touch of Gold.

This is the first table you see to your left, as you enter 
our living room, it is full of family pictures, so added
this heart tray with white candles and pearl beads.

I pretty much used all neutrals in this room,  accept
for just a few touches of blue.

With posterized affect

Love how the light streams in this room.  So pretty!
This gives us the most natural light of any room
 in the house. Every since I did this room in neutrals 
over 3 years ago, it has become one of my fav rooms
 in the house.  We used to hardly use it,  but now I
come in here all the time, and the baby really enjoys
it too.................

It was easy to just tie on some burlap ribbon and a pine
cone ornament for some texture.  This is one of my fav
pillows too..................

Happened to see this lil tree Christmas
ornaments back at Christmas time in the
dollar tree store,  but they looked more
like Winter trees to me than Christmas
trees,  so bought them with that purpose
in mind........for when I decorated my
Winter room..............and since I only
had the 2 ornaments, but 3 windows, 
 I bought the ornament below for the
 3rd window,
and put it in the center.

So Joy to you this Day, 
 Sweet Friends,

Very happy you could come by
 for a visit..........hope you
enjoyed your time here.

Love, Hugs
and Warm Joyful Blessings,
especially for those of you 
in that Super cold weather.


our Winter coffee Table


NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, Love seeing your winter touches. Love the wreath and each detail you've thought of. I heard that folks in Florida are freezing because it hit a low of 42-which makes those of us in snow country giggle. You have a way of decorating your home that makes it so welcoming.
Hugs, Noreen

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Many joys to you sweet friend. We have had chilly nights and beautiful spring like days. The wreath is lovely. I have hopes of creating one soon. Blessings, Linda

Sister Susie Says said...

I like your tree ornament! It looks like it is growing right out of the ground, ha!
Love you all, Susan

Doreen@househoneys said...

Hi Nellie, I've been having fun perusing your lovely blog, and I particulary love your wreath! Your home is full of personal, pretty touches and looks so warm and inviting.

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again!

Maria Brittis said...

Love your blog, love if you share this pretty post