Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kitchen table change, and playing with dishware and photo affects..........

Afternoon Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy, 
and enjoying summer....if you can!
It is swelteringly hot here.....

We are doing well...... but  a bit sad
 as our sweet kitty Molly is  not
 doing well at all.  She has not been
 eating/drinking for over 2 days now.
Took her to the Vet yesterday,  and
 they did some blood work, but said
we wouldn't get results till today,
haven't heard anything yet, so will
call soon. The Vet is leaning towards
the diagnosis of kidney failure......
They gave her a shot and a pill to help
 her be thirsty and have an appetite, but
it only worked on her thirst, but not
until this morning,  she drank a few 
times but hasn't anymore, and she 
wants no part of her food, and is
very weak and just laying around
not moving much.....So it isn't look-
ing too good.  We have accepted it,
 but we really hate it for our lil darling 
cause she loves Molly, and that is
typically the first thing she does 
when she comes is go look for her.
Just called to get the report, and
they said her thyroid, diabetes and
kidney test came back fine.  That
is strange............makes me think
she must have cancer or something.
and the Dr. I saw yesterday is off 
 the rest until Thursday..............
Course, she is so bad I don't think
it really matters, cause think she is
not long for this world.

Thought I would show you my 
kitchen table changes,  made this
arrangement with the scones box
about a month ago and had it in
this vignette you see below here.
See that post here.

Then decided to change it up a bit by
 adding the cake plate full of scones
and some reinvented lemon curd (out
of food coloring and milk).  For 2
people who never had scones before
this year........... we have become all
 about scones..........lol

With posterized affect

Gotta have something to spread it
 on with....right??

with photocopy affect

Just love some of these affects!!

Cutout affect

With lighting affect

Then decided to play some and make a 
breakfast tablescape.

I love these scalloped plates,  they remind 
me and hubby of the old restaurant plates,
 as they are heavy.  Got them at Target
about 4 years ago on clearance. 
 Only have 2 tho.......

Added the bread plate and then thought
 it looked like a flower so it needed a 

So I added a muffin paper and 
put a thin
lemon cookie inside.

With posterized affect

With Lens flare affect

We wound up using it as a dinner
 tablescape, the fun outcome of my
 earlier playing!!  lol
See nothing ever goes to waste!!  lol

Happy you came by...........and hope
you will stop and say hello.

Hope you all have a fun
evening, chit chatting, eating and
having fun with your dear ones.

Love, Hugs and
Happy Summer Blessings,


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Carla from The River said...

I will be praying for Molly. Our Boston Terrier is named Molly.
I will be praying for you too. xx oo

I love all the fun photos.

Kathleen Aherne said...

I like the gluten free scones. That looks charming and well done with the photo fun too. Thanks for bringing it to the #HomeMattersParty