Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday June 25, 2015, and random scenes from Cozy Place

 Those who know your name 
will trust in you, for you, LORD,
 have never forsaken those 
who seek you. 
Psalm 91:10

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how did your week go??

Mine has been like a roller
coaster ride of emotions as
I mostly have just been playing 
nurse maid to our sweet kitty,
and bringing her in and out, and
trying to get her to drink or eat,
 and putzing around the house, not
 feeling all that great myself, a bit
queasy for some reason, and
NO, I'm not pregnant!!   lol
Wondering if it could be this
 heat + my own tropical 
summer symtoms.

Thought I would just throw 
in some pics from Cozy Place
I took this last week.

As usual, I am late again...
so just gonna jump right in,

I am thankful

for the opportunity to share
some of my life story over at 
Junk Chic cottage this passed
Just in case you missed
it and would like to see it.
Just click here.

that the book I ordered for
hubby for Father's Day came
in last Friday and we have already
read 13 chapters (they are short)
but it is really a great book.  The
book is called "Heaven changes
everything".  It is sort of a sequel
to "Heaven is for Real".

for a song they talked about in
the book by George Strait called
"I  saw God Today.  I had never
heard it before, but it really is
a great song.

or type in

floral arrangement I did for our dinner
 hostess last week.

for a really fun trip out with Megan
and Brooklyn last Friday to a place
called Lucky Monkey.  It was great!!
Such a nice clean and safe place for
 toddlers to play, with fun things to do,
 like ball rooms, things to climb on and
 under, things to play with like giant
 legos and magnetic pieces,  a few of 
those big rubber bounce houses,  some
 slow but fun rides, and it wasn't over-
crowded but just right, all the Mom's
 and children were very nice and well
 behaved and best of all it is reasonably
 priced with air conditioning, so you
 are not out at the park with these
 100 degree temps. Lil darling loved
it.........and I sort of wish they had a
place like that for adults.  lol
Oh yea, and they were playing songs
from when I was a kid like "An itsy
bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot
bikini" and "Lollipop, Lollipop"
So that added to the fun for me.
Then we had a nice lunch at Olive
Garden, as well, so it was all a very 
fun outing, and so sweet Megan
invited me.

Here you can see a lil bit of what the place
 looks like.......

and these 2 pics are of a satisfied customer
Our lil

that lil darling is doing well with
her swimming lessons,  today will
be day 3, and Mommy will get in
the pool too,  so know she will
like that even better.   lol

All the rest of these Pics are from our
 guest bedroom

that our sweet kitty seemed to be
doing better.  They have tested
her for Leukemia, which she has
been vaccinated for, but they did
say there was one type they have
no vaccination for......or it could
be her heart or cancer.  Should
get the results back today.
Note:  The results were negative
 for the leukemia.

that one of our church leaders
called last night just to see how
we are doing and if there was
anything we needed prayer for
and I told him about kitty.......
and not even 10 mins. after his
call, miraculously Molly came
in the kitchen looking for food,
hubby offered her water and she
did not want that, so we had 
just bought a can of Tuna for 
her to see if we could get her to
eat it,  so I quickly opened it
and gave it to her and she ate
it, we were shocked ......cause
if you'd seen her the last few
days, you would have been too.
We definitely believe it was
an answer to his prayer cause
this fellow loves cats.
She also came and sat on my lap
last night (Wed.), and was acting
 more normal, and she hasn't done
 that all week, and she did that
again on Thurs. evening...
So things seemed to be looking
 up some...........

that Molly does not seem to be
in any pain, cause today she is not
 doing well again, hardly drinking
not eating at all, just very weak.
Just decided to leave thankful #7
in so you could see what has been
happening, and if she does pass
at least we had a few sweet times
with her beforehand.  The Vet
said today she was reviewing
everything and thinks she 
probably has cancer.

for a really good rain last night,
we really needed it.  Our grass
is now burned in the areas that
used to be shaded by our big tree
 out front.  Remember I told you
 we had it trimmed back quite a
I am thankful too, we didn't have
 to have the tree taken down or we
 would have no lawn I think!!

Note: Got some more rain
 tonight!! Even my faux flowers
outside look better!!  lol

for McDonald's new steak burgers.
They are delicious, and I love me
a good hamburger!!  That's a left
over from when I was a
grandparents and Dad owned and
operated a Diner,  and my Dad 
made the best burgers...............

for tennis shoes, cause when I wear them,
 it makes my back  feel so much better.

for a nice clean fridge.... that was
one thing I wanted to accomplish
today (thurs.), so was quite happy
 about that.

I am tickled pink you came by 
and hope you will share some-
thing you are thankful for, 
with us!!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Hugs, and
Last of June Blessings,
(Can't believe we are only 5 days away from July)


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Sister Susie Says said...

I'm surely praying Molly is on the mend.
#1. Isn't it amazing how fast life seems to go when you look back on it!
#2. I have been reading Randy Alcorn's book, "Heaven."
#3. Wouldn't it be great if we could keep our eyes on GOD 100% each day!
#4. It's great places are thinking of the younger kids today. I think the format has been changed again. It takes me a long time to get them copied into my files and then I find they have been added to a file of their own. Then I have to go and delete the extras!
#5. That is great! Dad taught me to hold my breath when he held my face in the water.
#6. It is so hard to see our older pets struggle. I'm so thankful Jim helped me with Sammy and Gracie when it was their time. As well as with Sarah.
#7. The LORD does love His creatures too! I've had plenty of experience with that too.
#8. That is definitely a pestilence that crosses all barriers, except eternity with GOD!
#9. That was some storm. It almost blew out my front window. I heard the wind and rain in the living room. Walking in, I saw the smaller bay window on the right tilted open with only the handle keeping it from hitting the floor! I guess when I had opened it last, I didn't close it inside of the railing. I got it closed, but the handle popped off!
#10. I love them too, but I have cut way back on meat. I'm surprised about my cholesterol count!
#11. I walk better when I wear mine.
#12. Hopefully there won't be any cleaning to do in Heaven!
Love you all, Susan

Cinderella Moments said...

:( I'm so sad about your kitty. It was just in December that I lost my Mia. She also would not eat or drink in the end. Drinking water was her favorite thing in the world. So we knew something was really wrong. We waited 2 days to make sure she couldn't get better. We suspect she had a stroke. The really weird thing is that when we told the vet we had decided to let her go she started to purr! She hadn't purred in 2 days. Even weirder- right before she past she started making drinking noises. I just felt that she was with God and finally able to drink again. It was an amazing experience. But very hard and heartbreaking for me. She was so happy to go to heaven. I'll remember that forever.
Then God sent me Gigie. And oh my! What an incredible gift! She is like my Mia but even more loving, even more social, even more everything. It's like God said you lost Mia and stayed with her till the end(because that's such a hard thing to go through seeing them go. I had told my Mom I didn't want to go through that. But I knew I had to stay with her. She was such a good girl.) now I will repay you 10 times over with this new kitty. God is good!
My prayers are with you and your cat. I hope everything turns out for the best.
big,big hugs♥,