Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Don't have Fall dishes ?? An inexpensive solution!

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you are enjoying November!
and maybe some cooler weather 
as well......

Got up to 62 degree weather this
morning.....what a saa- weet surprise.
So it was a fun morning on the porch!
This is our first cold snap here in Florida
and I feel a bit like a frisky squirrel....lol

So much to look forward to, this time
of year,  at least at our house anyway.
Two of those things to look forward
to.... have alread happened for us on
Friday and Monday.
Our Son's birthday and our 46th
Wedding Anniversary.  We actually
brought our baby boy home from the
hospital on our 7th anniversary......
He was our best Anniversary gift 
ever!!  and he is like the gift that 
 keeps on giving all year long... 
every year!

Since I always like to set a special
 table for those I love , I am always
on the lookout for ideas, particularly
for the guys, as it is a bit harder to
do a guys table that doesn't seem
too frilly.......or feminine.

So last week I was able to visit
the Christmas tree store, and found
something that I thought fit the bill
for a guy and the Fall season all
at the same time..............

So want to show you the out-
come of my christmas tree
store visit.

Thought this would be a
  perfect table to show for some
one who feels like they don't have
 any tableware that is festive for
 Fall or any occasion really, but 
you do have solid colored or 
white plates. And best of all
it cost a whopping $2.00,  yea,
 you read that right.........and
just used things I already had
around the house.

Used the white tablecloth to 
compliment the white dinner plates,
  my everyday corelle ware......

Sometimes it is fun to combine
 normal dinner ware with paper goods,
as it can give you a whole new look.

Had the gold pumpkins on the table already
but with a green tablecloth and a different 
cake stand, that I made by using a candle
 holder and that small gold plate you see
on the white cake stand. Used the white
cake stand to add more white to make
things blend more.

Also changed out the candles, borrowed 
these from the mantle and replaced them
 with the ones that were on the table before.

A nice overview

Just set the pretty paper plates on
 top of the white plates....we used 
them for salad.  If you look closely
you can see they actually have a
little white on them too.

 With Cut Out Photo Affect

It was either clear or dark brown glasses,
so went with the brown since  there was
some brown in the plates and napkins
and since it was a guy table.

With Posterized Affect

Wanted you to see how pretty the 
napkins were too.....just used them
 like placemats to add color............
Loved the orange, white and
brown colors together.
Fresh but Fallish and Guyish!!
I so appreciate the artistry that goes
 into paper goods and packaging,
as their are some talented people
behind them.  

Used modern/ unadored

Had to have some candy,....leftover Twix
Bars from Halloween went well........

Then a few days later............
 it became our Anniversary Table.

Changed up the centerpiece just a little
and put it going across the table, so I
could set a table for two.

then just used the white plates with a 
napkin on top, and also changed out
the silverware for my wedding silver
for sentimental reasons.............

With colored pencil affect

and used clear goblets for our
sparkling grape juice. Dinner
was delish..........

Well, hope this inspires some
one to try something new.

Glad you could drop by,

 have a great rest of the week.

I am going back to watch the

election returns now.

Love, Hugs and
Exciting Cold Front Blessings,


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Tammy said...

Happy Anni to you, and Happy Birthday to the boy, lol.
Love your table, and I think the pencil effect is my favorite, very artsy.

Happy November/Thanksgiving!

Sister Susie Says said...

Hi, Nellie.
A beautiful table, even more beautiful in person! I surely enjoyed my time with you, Jim, Scott, Megan, and Brooklyn! It's always a joyful occasion to be with family! I love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Tammy,
Thank you for the Anniversary wishes for us, and Birthday wishes for my son.
Always nice to hear from you, thanks for coming by and for leaving your sweet comments,

Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Susan,
Enjoyed our time with you as well.....and will do it again in a few weeks.......lol
Thanks for your sweet comments and your visit. Oh and thanks for helping with the dishes,
many hands make the work light as the old saying goes........lol So thanks hon.

Love, Nellie