Sunday, November 6, 2016

Are you still confused about voting ?? - This might just help......

Happy Sunday
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy,
 and having a good morning.

As we all well know this years
Presidential election has been a
confusing, unheaval of craziness,
to say the least, and I know we
have...... or maybe all have been
 struggling with, on that note, 
 I decided to share with you about
 a wonderful program hubby and 
I watched last night from
 "My Faith Matters, My Vote Matters",
 that Dr. Ben Carson is involved with
and it was very good, very positive
 and  very informative.  There were
a number (8 to be exact) of great
speakers and we really enjoyed them 
all, and altho, we have already voted, 
it just help solidify our decisions.
   Just thought you might be interested 
in seeing it thought I would
 give you the link to it, just in case!

Just Click here or type in

Just so you know there is no mention
of any candidates, their main objective
is to get people out to vote, and to give
people an idea of what we should be
looking for in a candidate and to be
praying and seeking the Lord about
who we should vote for, and they also
  talk about living out our faith in the 
workplace and every place really.
 If you go to the sight it will also tell
 you about the speakers, many we
had never heard of, but they were
really good.......the only ones we were
very familiar with was Dr. Carson
and Rev. David Jeremiah.

Am hoping this might be helpful to
even one or many folks.

Have a Blessed Day,
Hugs, Nellie

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  1. I am glad it's almost over too, whatever the outcome, I'll leave it in God's hands. I voted already overseas two weeks ago, so did my daughter Sofia from here and daughter Alexandra who lives in Madrid. We three are Americans.
    I'll keep praying for the USA, to always be free and to be the one free, exceptional, unique and with justice for all and under God.
    Have a nice week my friend.

  2. Dear Nellie, this is an important post I think. We, in Australia, are following your elections closely, as of course, what happens in one part of the world, affects us all. I'll refrain from commenting on the candidates, but I will say that voting here is compulsory, and that as young people, we all look forward to being able to have a say in who governs the country on our behalf. After all, if you don't vote, you can then hardly complain about the outcome! I encourage my American friends to see voting for the privilege it is, one that we as women, fought long and hard for in other parts of the world. Pray for guidance, be informed and exercise this important privilege! Nellie dear, I hope the week ahead is lovely for you. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Hope your heart guides you for the better option dear

  4. Hi Fabby,
    So nice to hear from you............
    yes, I am very happy it is almost over too........and very true that we just have to leave it in the Lords. as none of it takes him by surprise, for sure.
    Good for you and your girls that you got out to vote. It amazes me that so many choose not to go and vote. You must feel the same as us, that it is a wonderful priviledge to vote and also one of our rights and duties as a good citizen of the USA. I think somehow people just think
    one vote isn't gonna matter, but you never know when just one vote can be a deciding factor.
    Yes, we all need to keep praying for the freedom, justice and restoration of our country.
    Thanks that you care enough to do that.........

    You have a great week to Fabby and thanks for coming by and your sweet comments.


  5. Hi Baili,
    Nice to meet you here in blogland..........
    and thanks for coming by and for your kind comments.
    Thankfully, it already I have already voted,
    so now just praying and waiting for the final results.

    Have a lovely day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. Thanks Mimi,
    and thanks for the encouragement for everyone to you are so right it is
    an amazing and wonderful priviledge that we have to vote, and we should not waste it....and
    like you say how can we complain if we refuse to vote. but I am sure their are some that do!! lol
    Have to say I am thankful our voting is done and over with........and now just praying like crazy and waiting on the results.....
    Hope this finds you doing well hon,
    and have a really great week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. It's great to have people come together to share this information that we know in our hearts to be true. Truly I pray, "GOD bless America." Thank you for sharing it. I love you all, Susan

  8. Morning Susan,
    Yes, I thought it was an awesome presentation........and very helpful.....
    and may the Lord particularly Bless our country's election today...............
    Thanks for dropping by......
    Love, Nellie


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